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  1. Overboosts at top of rev range too, have a look, I know they can on a gear change but by this much surely not, its asking for 0.6 and hitting 1.8.
  2. After going back through my logs the cars been overboosting
  3. So to revive this thread is this normal or not? My stage 2 car does this at the gear change.
  4. The Retention nut I had found myself mate, but I forgot to mention it to the mechanic.
  5. Turbo was second hand mate, low mileage is38 off an 18 plate car, the turbo had no play but yeah, theres obviously some factor for it going, my mechanic is anal about cars and he woukdnt let a car go back to a customer if if wasnt right, put it this way, when the first turbo went the retention nut for the compressor had come off and I had it forgot to mention it and he was searching for 2 hours to find it.
  6. The first turbo had side to side play in it but that was because there was no oil in the turbo, I've been told this is normal, the turbo was under warranty but as soon as I mapped it the warranty was out the window, plus the first turbo went bang when my warranty had gone anyway mate, I cant sell the car as it's on pcp. I actually never had any issues until the car was tuned, then they all started creeping out of the woodwork.
  7. Always let oil get to temp before driving fast, uprated turbo is going on this time.
  8. Not pops and crackles it's more like few bangs but it only lasts for maybe 2 seconds if that, still want it removed.
  9. to add to this post im tuned by rick at unicorn, no issues stage 1 but when i went stage 2 thats where all the problems arose, first turbo went bang at 50k miles at the start of april, and then my second turbo which was a low miler from an 18 plate went bang this monday, thats 2 turbos in 3 months/2500 miles, if you ever plan on stage 2 i strongly advise that you swap turbos to an uprated one, it total these two turbos going has cost me around £1700.
  10. I hope so too mate, I'm getting the boost turned down, the overrun removed too, I dont know what it is but it looks like theres black patches on the top of my cylinders, I can only assume its carbon.
  11. Unicorn motor development stage 2, peaks at over 1.9 bar at 4700rpm and 1.5 bar at 6500rpm, both turbos failed at stage 2, I'm going to be replacing the oil feed and pickup
  12. Honestly mate this car has caused me nothing but headaches and stress, its annoyed me that much I don't think il have another vw again, I've got myself an uprated one ordered.
  13. So on Monday my second is38 turbo took its own life, this one was a revision 06K145874F from an 18 plate car with low miles, had no play etc before installed at the start of April, these turbos are truly shocking, stage 2 with all the hardware needed. 2500 miles I've managed to do on it within 3 month. This one blew when a friend of mine went to do a 3rd gear pull, he drove the car back to me and said it had lost boost, it was idling fine but then when I revved it a little it would smoke, I'm just hoping the engine isnt going to fail as he didnt pull up straight away.
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