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  1. Pikey r600 with turbo technics intake pipe, 3.5" decat to 3" catback, magic intercooler, littco l380x, apr coil packs and ngk r438-8 plugs.
  2. been looking into aftermarket boost hose kits, the mtc looks exactly the same as the forge one, but then ive seen people say they dont fit properly, anyone here used the mtc ones?
  3. according to the dyno dynamics dyno from the other day, the wheel horsepower was 337 and the flywheel power was 396 thats a difference of 18% which seems like a lot.
  4. the thing is, if for example i took my car back to my tuner and it was also 44bhp down on that one, and all variables such as temp and fuel were the same, what could cause it to be that down on power? if the turbo is producing the same boost, then would it not have to be something after the turbo thats at fault?
  5. my tuner does the dyno runs in 5th, this was done in 4th, the intake temps etc were spot on, i had momentum in the car and he also logged it and sent the logs to my tuner. if a turbo is producing the same boost as it was the day it was mapped, surely there is no way the car could be down on that much power unless it was something wrong with compression etc? ive logged it myself and cant see any obvious issues, the only difference from when it was mapped is ive removed my r600 and added another silencer to the exhaust, i know dyno figures dont mean much especially when youre comparing 2 but ive just been sat thinking, surely 44bhp difference means either 2 things, issue with the car or its been fiddled.
  6. just find it weird how my car isnt down on boost or showing any signs of a leak, the turbo on my car can produce 440bhp all day long and has done on many many dynos. so how can i have lost 44bhp from dyno to dyno? according to my dyno graph, the intake temps were 11c, i did notice one thing, he ran the car in 4th when my tuner does it in 5th, when i heard the car ramp up, it didnt sound like the run went on for that long either.
  7. curious to know if anyone here has had their tuned car on a dyno dynamics dyno and compared to another dyno they were tuned on, had mine on today and when the car was mapped in october on a dyno developments dyno it made 440bhp and 413ibft, today on a dyno dynamics it only made 396bhp and 396ibft, seems like a big loss just from a different dyno.
  8. happens on cold start due to idle being high, but when im idling when engine is warm, it feels like the cars misfiring quite bad even though its not misfiring and the entire car vibrates. i remember me and you speaking about it in private message, i have apr coil packs that are pretty much brand new and ngk r7438-8 plugs. i think the drone from my exhaust may be one of the reasons why.
  9. thing is, is overboost on gear change bad? it says its asking for 1.13 bar but its 1.9 bar.
  10. take a look at my link posted for my graph bud, mine is pretty much like this, its most likely due to the low rpms, the initial spool will be low.
  11. hey up bud, ive done a log, wanna take a look at it and see what you think? car only requesting 1.65 bar, air must be really dense. the low pressure fuel seems to be a bit up and down. https://datazap.me/u/arronleeds/4th-pull?log=0&data=4-5
  12. ive had this problem with my car for a long time, when i do a cold start, the car shakes and vibrates through the cabin, can even feel it in the steering wheel and pedals, it continues to do so when i idle say at a traffic light, fine when im on the move, ive had new coils, plugs, pcv, n80 valve and camshaft magnets, mounts dont feel like they have any play in them, i honestly do not know what it could be now. anyone got any suggestions?
  13. ive just read this back, spike on gear change means boost leak? i always get spikes like that and from what ive read online in the past its normal, happens on all autos.
  14. unfortunately as the british weather goes i cannot do any logs as its too wet and fwd life, my car is stage 3, so 1.7 top end is ok,
  15. I shall give it a try tomorrow, cheers buddy.
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