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  1. It does it from drive to neutral mate, it has to be the clutches because when the ignition is on it doesn't do it, it only does it when the engine is on.
  2. Someone sorted it for me fellas, they literally just did the calibration
  3. Has anyone else noticed this? Noticed it tonight, if I'm parked up and put the car in neutral from drive or vice versa there is some sort of clunk noise, not loud but deffo there when there's no music on, what could it be, cars stage 1 and has done 43k miles
  4. Someone else told me there’s does this on their stock cupra but In automatic mode, mine seems to only do it in manual mode, I drove about 60 miles yesterday and it only happened once from 1st to 2nd and that was uphill.
  5. I have a 6 Speed and when I’m in manual mode trying to go from 2nd to 3rd my revs just continue to increase until the car decides it wants to change gear is this an issue others have had?
  6. When I’m in manual mode, sometimes when I try change from 2nd to 3rd the screen says the car has changed to 3rd gear but the revs continue to rise and then the car suddenly changes but it takes a few seconds, the car is stage 1 with an tcu tune and the clutch clamping pressure is 13 bar, what is likely the issue? Thanks.
  7. Actually wondering if my worn front shocks could be the cause. Been told they’re leaking.
  8. no error codes at all mate, i asked on the cupra fb page and one of the lads said when this happened to him his steering rack was on its way out.
  9. for some reason it no longer tells me when ive had a reply,, i actually own a cupra, when i had an fr and changed the steering setting to sport the steering would stiffen up, now in my cupra changing from normal to cupra has no affect. my car feels too light going round corners so i think there is deffo something wrong whether it be the battery possibly on its way out or maybe a suspension part. ive been into individual mode and tried normal and cupra one after the other and nothing changes.
  10. I didn’t mean to reset it and now my angle sensor isn’t set, my park pilot won’t work and my headlights aren’t regulated 😩 does anyone know what to do.
  11. I had my intercooler fitted yesterday and was told my front shocks are leaking, with these cars having dcc could they be the cause of my issue where if I’m in sports mode, the steering wheel doesn’t stiffen up, it feels the same as if it was in comfort mode or eco mode
  12. Was driving home from work yesterday when my car decided to have a hissy fit, the engine management light started flashing and went off then the epc light Came on and the car started to judder and went into limp mode, I stopped the car and restarted it and it was fine, the car has been mapped recently but I don’t think it’s anyrhing to do with it unless the ecu has been told to kill the power if I get low fuel. I’ve put a picture from what obd11 is saying.
  13. Put my jb1 on last night on my cupra, only achieved 320bhp and 325ibft of torque, air intake temp was 22c and apparently was running pretty lean, don’t have a data cable to put map 6 on so was just map 1, anyone here with any golf r Dyno graphs?
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