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  1. Thanks mate! Well I think the only factory option missing are leather seats. I was looking for a high spec golf R It has been already a month and only 1000 Km even though I try to use it as much as I can. Atm I am running stock, just looking for some visual mods and a res delete. But in a few months I will do Stage 1 for sure. ✌️
  2. Thank you guys! Already posted some pics of the R 😏 See you!
  3. They are kind of matt dark grey. The original color was silver but I think it looks mega in this color. ✌️
  4. Hi everyone, so after a long wait, here is my dream car/spec. It is a 2015 vw golf 7 r dsg, black on black😋 I hope you like it as I do, it has been only a few weeks since I purchased it and so far I am really impressed with this beast. The only thing missing is leather seats but am starting to love the cloth/alcantara seats a lot! Hope you like the pics!
  5. Hello to everyone, My name is Luis and I am a new proud owner of a 2015 Golf 7R. I will be posting some pics Have a nice day!
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