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  1. The saga isn't over for me. According to the dvla, I'm still the registered keeper! I've had to post a letter saying I've not owned her for over 6 weeks.
  2. Congratulations! Looks like you bought my car... I'm sure experience will be better than mine. I spent a good hour making those exhaust tips shine like that. They were black when I picked it up. Hopefully they sorted the scratches on the offside front wing?
  3. It was you!!! I rang up about this car and they said it was sold that morning. Hope your experience was better than mine. I ended up buying one from Harrogate VW and, after two weeks of not driving it because of a gearbox fault, I'm getting a refund. Enjoy the car, it had the spec I was looking for, and was only a few miles from me!!
  4. Well, it's been a stressful few weeks, but I'm getting a refund, mainly on principle rather than not liking the car. The issues where: 1. 30 seconds after putting down a deposit. I'm told I can't pick the car up when I want to, because the salesperson isn't in those days, and they don't do weekend handovers. 2. Pick car up and drive home. 30 minutes into a 2 hour drive and gearbox warning. Turns out it needs a new Mechatronics. 3. Car has been through 140 point check and a service, but spare key battery flat and car reports it needs and inspection and oil service. 4. After 4 attempts at asking for service record, I can see it was serviced and MPC when they got the car in, so not sure why they made me wait 2 weeks to pick the car up. Service record states service plan. Nobody could confirm or deny what that meant for me. 5. In direct sunlight the paintwork looked shocking. Like it had depth and not in a good way. Swirl marks and fine scratches. 6. Vw told me not to drive the car, but drove it 80 odd miles back to their garage themselves. 7. They didn't accept debit card payments, which meant I had to do a bank transfer a week before. In my opinion, too much emphasis was put on what they considered to be a good experience, but just irritated me. Like putting a bow on the windscreen, which left a mark as I drove home. Rather than keep me updated, they would send me little videos telling me how fantastic everything is going. Other observations I made about the car... I realised I missed keyless, even though it apparently makes it easier to steal. Kept jumping in and leaving the key in my pocket. Start stop is a pain on automatics in general. I set it to off automatically on ignition in the BMW though some simple internet hacking. I learned that leaving it in sport mode and turning ignition back on resets it back to normal mode, even though it still shows sport mode pressed is by design. Apparently the car needs to be in the default mode it was tested against. I.e. normal, start stop on etc. I found the steering wheel controls unintuitive, but would probably get used to it. Would I have another? Maybe, but I'm put off by dealer experience in general. As it stands, I won't have a car after Tuesday, but I commute by motorbike, and the Mrs has a car, so I might not bother! Bye for now
  5. Never offered me an extended warranty, so it expires next June. If they wait until it expires, like BMW did, then I'll probably be wanting to renew, unless they quote me daft. Bmw wanted £1600 on a 5 series estate!
  6. Forgot to mention... Once out of warranty, he said this would be approximately a £2000 job.
  7. Service manager just rang. They have spoken to "technical" which I presume is a set of boffins in German, or probably Milton Keens, and they have advised to order a new mechatronics. Will be at least another week before it arrives and is fitted. Hopefully, all will then be well, but there's no additional warranty above the remainder of the existing warranty.
  8. I've received a PDF of the service history and it states a service plan ending in 2021. Does this mean the car will receive free services until then? They never mentioned this previously and have responded yet on my query
  9. You're right, I'm just getting anxious. Can't really fault them so far, for sorting it. Although it does seem a bit sloppy to service a car and not reset the indicator. Some other things I've noticed that also seem to occur on the GTi. If you put the car in sport or eco, and switch the ignition off, when you start it again, it will appear to be in the mode you left it in, according the the screen, but it's actually reset back to normal drive? Is this strange behaviour normal, or am I missing something?
  10. Been to visit my parents, and a couple friends this weekend. They all said the same thing, including a few people at work.... "I hope you asked for your money back". I would imagine if I did they wouldn't be so accommodating. Does anyone have any experience if this? Not really sure what to do now 😬
  11. It's likely they didn't know about it as it only seems to happen after it gets warm and you've been driving for at least 30 minutes. I am still in the period to reject, although having never been in this position before I'm not sure if it is as simple as just asking for a refund. I paid cash. They will likely want me to swap for another car, which they made a thing if pointing out, along with the car having been fully serviced and having gone through a 140 point check. As it stands, I don't want to reject, but it has taken the shine out of the whole new car process. I was also thinking of a Revo map in the future but the car feels a little fragile as it stands and I intended on keeping for a good 5-6 years.
  12. That was my intention, but the GTi has a telematics recording speed, location, driving style and vehicle status, which kind of takes the fun out of it.
  13. No need for arguments. I'm not so bothered about it needing fixing, but I am concerned it needs sorting after only 14k miles and it's what they called a "known issue". How long until it happens again, probably just after my warranty expires? I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt so far. I checked the air filter myself, before it went back, and it was clean and new looking, so I'm willing to believe it has been serviced.
  14. It's just covered 14k mile. The update is on Tuesday they came over to pick up my car and drop off a brand new golf GTi courtesy car. It's actually really nice. Has keyless, a sunroof, and the speed limits in the Nav. Quite surprised they drove mine back rather than a transporter, given they told me not to drive mine. They phoned me Thursday to tell me the gearbox in my car is out and in bits whilst they deal with a known issue!! The sales guy didn't elaborate further, but I suspect it's the mechatronics. They said it should be ready mid-next week. If that doesn't fix it they said it's a new gearbox. They also reset my service indicator and put a new battery in the key. I'm optimistic, but it's starting to worry me a little!
  15. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm told there is no service book, just like the BMW I had before, but they haven't shown me anything either. I've just checked the airfilter though and it looks like new so I guess they are to be trusted.... Being bank holiday I can't get much joy out of them, but I did get hold of a manager who will be arranging collection tomorrow. It does say anything about Park. Just gearbox error, ok to continue. Seems to behave fine, and only seems to appear once it's warmed up. I've already spent 30 minutes making the exhaust tips shiny again too. The inner two where carbon'd up good and proper
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