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  1. Seems as if I am not alone. Although.......... I am really fussy! Hugely disappointed and I definitely bought the wrong car for me. I went out with a lady in town in her brand new R and it was just as noisy on 19s..... she loved it, Race mode all the way, music @ 11 and she couldn't stop grinning. I was reading back over some of the older forums and someone did make an excellent point that if you buy a cheap(ish) hot hatch you can't compare it against a top quality brand. Also complaining that a hot hatch is noisy is a bit like complaining that your Land Rover Disco isn't wonderful on a twisty B road. Long and short of it is that I am selling mine, I can't live with it. The BMW trader has offered a decent price but I'm still going to lose £4k in 3 months! PS Thanks for your comments guys - this is a proper forum with mainly respectful, helpful folk loving their cars! Post edited by moderator: @Shinything Just a heads up - any sale advertising on the forum should go through Classifieds Cars for Sale section. 50 posts needed to submit an advert. Thanks
  2. Disagree with Hertsman. But I suppose each to their own. I have Continental tyres on 19 Pretorias. The tech is awesome. Apple CarPlay. Auto hold. DSG is better than others. Clever cruise thingy. It’s just the cabin noise. Is there a Golf R lover in North Herts/Cambridge area who has a spare half hour to come for a drive & tell me if I’m being too moany and if their car is as noisy as mine?
  3. Thanks again guys. Turned the actuator off via mates Obd11 thing??? Taken most of the resonance away at sensible dual carriageway speeds. Rough roads are not good. Tyre roar is a real thing. 5 door hatch.
  4. Thanks for your thoughts guys. I will try turning down/off the sound actuator. I’m truly disappointed because I always longed for the R. Guessing 19’s without DCC was an error. Perhaps buy a set of 18s and see if this would make the difference? Ps it is much quieter than the Elise!!!
  5. Having come from a line of fun cars such as Lotus Elise, BMW M3 & M4 I had always longed for a Golf R as an everyday driver to replace a BMW 335d xdrive. Cheaper, quite anonymous & quick as f. On a B road when you’re on it the R is awesome. Quick as anything except the Lotus but....... as an everyday car the Golf is rubbish. The road noise is so loud that conversation is difficult at speed limits and the ride is pretty rough. Many ideas before I bin it and go back to BMW land? Thanks in advance
  6. Hey cyclists. I have just bought a 5 door R. What’s the best way to carry my bike? Is there a roof system or do I have to hang it off the back?
  7. What is a JB4? I don’t need a box, I can reach the pedals! 😉 I also don’t know what emoji I just used.
  8. Hope I’m doing the forum right? New black 5 door R coming today. Can’t wait. Test drive was life changing. I couldn’t believe how much fun it was to drive and how real world quick. Why has it taken me so long? Need a boot liner for the dogs Other cars; Lotus Elise Morgan 3 Wheeler
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