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  1. *switches off notifications* My email account has been going mental.
  2. Yeah I've been having a gander it's just difficult to do the narrowing down for an exhaust newbie. Not major asbo, I'd like it to remain quite refined on motorway cruises so resonated is the way I'm likely to go. It doesn't need to be particularly shout, just something which offers a bit more growl than the standard setup. The APR seems quite heavily priced for a cat back? Or is that just the going rate?
  3. Can't say I've looked at anything in particular beyond the Akrapovic system. Probably just going to go with cat-back tbh but as it's the first car I've ever considered doing the exhaust on I'm a bit clueless with it all, and the valves add a new dimension that baffle me.
  4. It's been a great few months of R ownership, and there's only one little niggle for me... The exhaust just doesn't do it for me. So, I'm looking for recommendations for an exhaust upgrade to improve the noise. The Akrapovic system would be my go to if it wasn't so expensive for what it is, but beyond that I'm a little devoid of ideas. Car is stage 1 and I've not really got any plans to take it any further, so it isn't necessarily about performance for me when it comes to the exhaust.
  5. Really good in fairness. Fitting was a bit of a sod, and I'm dreading removing it for servicing, but as a performance mod it's made a hell of a difference. Loving the pedalbox as well (although fitting on that was an absolute sinch).
  6. Thanks! I managed to locate an updated version of the install instructions from Burger Motorsports and you're spot on.
  7. So I'm in the middle of installing my jb4 and have got to the part where I need to tap the wire... Every install video I've seen talks about a red wire, except I don't have one on my 7.5. Photo shows what I mean, so which one is it?
  8. Sorry for the slow reply, got mine directly from DTUK. Speak to them first, if you're a returning customer they'll do you a discount.
  9. Not sure about the rest of your questions, but I fitted the dtuk pedalbox+ yesterday and it's magnificent. You won't regret it.
  10. Great walk through. Took me all of 6 minutes to fit and that was including reading this.
  11. Haha well if he is mad and doesn't buy it, please keep me in mind. Would I be right in thinking that you can't do custom map 6 if you don't buy directly from a JB4 retailer? Seen a few mentions of it on here but never a definitive answer.
  12. That's very cheeky. What's also cheeky is charging postage on a £450 purchase. I'm scouting around for some discount codes to make it more palatable but they're not easy to come by.
  13. Daft question maybe, but I've tried the contact us section on jb4 shop and yet to receive a reply... Does anyone know what I need to buy to run a JB4 via custom map 6? Presumably it's this: https://www.jb4shop.co.uk/collections/jb4-systems/products/jb4-for-vag-1-8-and-2-0-tsi But do I also need the data cable? https://www.jb4shop.co.uk/collections/jb4-cables-and-accessories/products/jb4-data-cable
  14. Yeah looks like I'm not able to at the moment, need some more posts it seems. This is the link I used, code should display on the item ad but if not... It was "PERCENT15" at the checkout. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F391945878568 From the ramair UK site both items come it at £150 so it looks to be a good saving, will find out when it arrives I suppose!
  15. I've managed to do it for £101 with a couple of discounts
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