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  1. Mejulie


    Hi mil,I have a 2019 wagon and it’s a standard feature on the car that I still haven’t had a chance to try out today (so damn busy running around the kids),I’ve just installed the app on my phone and after reading the reviews I’m a bit apprehensive if I’m even going to bother to be honest.
  2. Mejulie


    Will try first thing tomorrow 👍
  3. Hi guys needs some help with connecting my Huawei p20 to carnet,doesn’t seem to find my hotspot,what am I doing wrong?
  4. Mejulie


    Currently have Cadiz 18inch alloys on my golf r 7.5 estate(white) which I really like, thinking of changing them to either, veeman vc 540 veemann 1av zx1 bola b1 wheels ispri csr2 vintage gold ispri csr10 vintage strom ds 15 satin bronze 8 or 8.5j What do you think guys? Just waiting for the Pretoria backlash 🙏😔😔😔
  5. I thought the same when mine got delivered but I’ve totally fallen in love with the car and colour choice albeit some of my so called friends saying why the hell did you buy an estate? Err two young children,pram,trykes,bikes,pushchair etc!
  6. Mejulie

    Tiguan R

    Pay backs a bitch😆😆
  7. Mejulie

    Tiguan R

    So many of these in Berkshire and one pulls up next to me at the lights,guy looking all cocky full of confidence music blaring and I think this could get embarrassing getting thrashed by an suv bearing in mind both my kids sitting in their child seats(aged 2&3),so I let it him go ego a little bruised! Just got home and done a little research and how stupid do I feel😩 it’s an R line ffs 178bhp,note to one self I will find you and embarrass you my friend!
  8. Mejulie


    Just incredible 😳
  9. Mejulie


    Where do you live if you don’t mind me asking?
  10. Mejulie


    Sorry that wasn’t meant for you mate! Feel your pain!!
  11. Mejulie


    Quoted me £1450
  12. Mejulie


    Yes you do make me want to choke on my dinner! Just amazing!
  13. Mejulie


    Wtf! Where do you live mate?
  14. Mejulie


    Just wondering what you guys are paying for on the r? 43 years old with fncb and my previous insurance company refused to insure me not mentioning any names (RAC) but I had crazy quotes ranging from £2.6k to £650 from various comparison sites,went with Hasting direct(£650) and a private gap insurance policy for 2 years (£199) as the car is on a lease so basically it’s £750 for the first year. forgot to mention my postcode is sl3 Berkshire.
  15. Mejulie


    It’s on sale at £409 atm and £150 cheaper than the racechip,will keep you posted once fitted👍
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