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  1. Hello everyone,, Came back to my car yesterday at our local train station car park and found all 4 centre caps had been nicked. Fabulous. In addition, there has been damage caused to the wheels where the scrotes had prised them off. I need to use this car park every week day as I have no other way of getting to work and I am wondering what to do. £88 for 4 x new items from VW or 55 euros to dollars £10 for replicas off Ebay. There is every chance the perps will just keep coming back and stealing them so i'm leaning towards the cheap copies, or maybe just leaving the centre caps off in the week and putting them back on at weekends ! What a world we live in.
  2. Thank you my issue has been solved,...
  3. Hello everyone,, Just wondering if anyone has experienced this whilst on the dyno especially when accelerating through the gears there is a loud hissing noise present which ends up getting dominated by the sound of the exhaust. The car is running stage 2, and im 99% sure it is not the sound of boost leaking as its running pretty good figures with no unusual dip on the graph read out. I have replaced the standard DV with a turbosmart plumback BOV (recirc) and all the standard boost pipes have also been upgraded to the forge silicon ones. My tuner has said they do not think its leaking, just makes me wonder what else the noise can be as hearing other cars on the dyno it isnt the same. Thanks.....
  4. Hello everyone,, tried searching and also tried googling but cant find how to remove engine cover....its REALLY hard!!! anyone done this as i have a pipercross panel filter to pop in from santa claus!!!
  5. Thank you my issue has been solved,...
  6. Thank you my issue has been solved,...
  7. Hello everyone,, Don't want to make this a long post, so I will keep it short. When in to awesome today for a haldex service and stage 1 low torque map. They took the car out pre map to do logs to make sure all OK. Came back and said that the car had timing pull of up to 5 degrees and questioned if I was using 99 Ron fuel, which I was. They said it could be the standard map from factory that could be the issue. So they flashed the 98 Ron stage 1 file, back out for more logs and 0 degrees timing pull across the rev range. Just goes to show that factory or standard isn't always best. Cars a 2017 plate mk7 Estate, no time for dyno figures so no before and after. Night and day difference as you can guess though. 👍 Incidentally, cars oil is cooler now as well by 8 degrees C, not sure why as of yet?
  8. Hello everyone,, At the moment I own a 2008 Civic R18A2 FK2 for like 6 months, and i am thinking of changing it in 2020 or 2021 with a MK3 Scirocco, preferably Scirocco R (which i dont think it is possible), up to 10k euro. Can you tell me what should i look up to? I know that the TSI/TFSI engines have some timing belt extension problems, others say that it eats a lot of oil (which i see normal if you rev it), mostly stuff like "stay away of the petrol VAG engines, better buy a diesel". I tested one that had a little tuning (stage 1, unknown hp, decatted pipe i think) and it felt really nice, but was at under 5k euros and seemed suspicious. Also i want to mention that it will be a daily drive, some weekends will do 500km roadtrips (student in another city), and maybe later modify & tune it.
  9. Hello everyone,, My black 19" alloy's need refurbing,was thinking what colour would be best if changing from gloss black?Mandy did her's in Audi Titanium/graphite which looked fantastic or just redo them in gloss black reverse image search email checker port checker?
  10. Thank you my issue has been solved,...
  11. my issue has been solved!!
  12. Hello everyone, I'm dealing on a 2015 Golf Sportwagon TDI Highline DSG up in Canada and the prices are all way over KBB with very little wiggle room. Are these really all that desirable resale wise or are they just taking advantage of TDI fanfare? I can literally get a Mk6 1 year older for $10K (Canadian) less. I know it's not the same level of car but $10K is $10K and I don' want to be stuck underwater on my car loan when the TDI rage the dealers are creating settles. Not to mention the thought of not having SCR to deal with isn't the worst thought in the world. Thoughts?
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