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  1. Yes, it`s so easy to use and provides great gloss 😎
  2. I found BSD a bit too grabby. I`ve heard of it being mixed with other products to make it easier to use. Rapid detailer is just so easy to use, gives great gloss and makes and excellent drying aid. Have you considered Beadmaker?
  3. I shouldn`t have looked at this thread - I love the look of the BBS . . . I`m off to get some prices 😄
  4. Kneel

    Hello from Kent

    Hello there @Rkris1 😀
  5. They are just as the day they were fitted, no issues at all
  6. I`ve sent you a PM.
  7. Yes Neil, I`ve seen the pics of quartz silver, they`re a bit more in the right direction of colour but I guess I`d actually need to see them in person. Or for someone who actually has both and can compare.
  8. Hello there @Armand Mk7R 😃
  9. If the price is right I could still be tempted . . 😉
  10. I`ve searched and I can`t find that pic. either. I too prefer the OEM colour.
  11. I`m still looking for a picture of a genuine Pretoria next to a rep so I can see the colour difference. Can anyone help?
  12. 😄 I have some homemade ones on the front already as trying to keep the cow muck off as much as possible but they`re a bit small. It was only the price of `em that made me think twice as my homemade ones only cost a fiver in materials 😆
  13. I`m also considering a set of Pretoria reps and my concern is also the colour. Ideally I`d like the colour to be as close to OE Prets as possible but from the pics I`ve seen the silver ones might be just a bit too bright for me. I`d like to see a genuine Pretoria next to a rep . . of to search now . . For Lapiz I`d go for the gunmetal as I`m not too keen on black wheels but saying that those hyper black look alright.
  14. Even I had a look and nearly gave in but I must have more will power than you as I resisted 😉
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