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  1. Hello Ian and welcome, your R looks lovely 😀 I recognise you from the GTi forum, I didn`t use it much even though I must`ve been on there many years and several GTi models that I`ve owned over those many years. I stepped up to an R a while back, best thing I did too
  2. Hello @PhilipGolfR, beautiful colour
  3. Thanks @slider09 I might just have to have a pair, I usually use a couple of old scaffold boards on some blocks, a bit dodgy!
  4. When are you back @DustyBones? I`m not that close to any dealer so rang the one closest to me, I didn`t get anywhere really as there was some confusion over the phone. So I actually called into a dealer as I was passing, didn`t get much joy there either as he wanted a suitable reg. no. as he couldn`t make any sense with my reg.no.
  5. Fitting a res-delete? Nice little ramps, which ones are they?
  6. I`ve come back that way many a time, often murmuring "bloody cyclists" Cracking stretch of road
  7. Fitted a pair of Audi S3 front brake ducts. I`ll need all the help I can get while blasting around *the ring, lots of high speed braking usually takes place, stopping / starting, some over taking so my brakes need all the help they can get. Hopefully I can manage a full lap without any brake issues. *the ring - York ring road.
  8. That`s some dodgy looking parking, that R is in the bushes.
  9. Hello there @Underscore_1 😀
  10. Touched up a few small paint chips which were annoying me Now back to doing some gardening 👨‍🌾
  11. When you get back can you let me have some part numbers please. After a bit of digging I have found some part no.s but not entirely sure they`re correct so would like some confirmation. And pictures too, that would be great 😀
  12. I`ve fitted the second one in the pictures but I like the sound of the alltrack. What does the alltrack look like? Where can I get one? Dealers I presume? Part numbers? And finally how much? I`m all for extra protection, I sometimes have to go in to some rough tight holes.
  13. I really wanted those Weathertech rubber mats. The the price put me off. Does anyone know of any similar to the Weathertech at a sensible price?
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