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  1. Hello can you please send me discount code fo ezmods also ? Thanks
  2. Can you please send me link which one you ordered (mean the back one) i heard some of them are really bad to fit and quallity isnt good. Your looks awesome thanks.
  3. is it eassy to install ? Looks hard to me I really want to order it but i dont know if im able to put it on. And question to rear emblem is the sticker gonna cover whole logo or just the face so from side you can see chrome spots ? Thanks
  4. there is this one which is pretty pricey https://www.ebay.de/itm/VW-Golf-7-VII-Facelift-Front-Emblem-Schwarz-Black-Zeichen-GTI-GTD-R-Line-TCR-ACC/383465742036?hash=item594856ded4:g:7AgAAOSwrsFd8t8D
  5. Thank you very much im really happy with the car, looking forward to changing exhaust, i thing im going for remus or milltek but leaning towards the remus, sounds better to me from videos, never heard in person only on audi s3 sedan which i think is the same
  6. Yes exactly what you are saying, finally its gone for me, visitted local specialist he took front wheel appart completly and found out the suspension strut storage (dont know in english) i bought everyting number 2,3,4,5,7, oem in VW, put the new one in the noise is totally gone. After we took it appart you could see little dents in bearing from spring , i think when u hit hole hard, or even when you go fast and there is bump you can feel the spring is on STOP (Maximum it can go) i live in slovakia and we have many of them. Happened to me few times. Im really happy now because i was very frustruated about it, first mechanic wich looked at the car said there could be nothing wrong the car look brand new underneeth, so i want to go to VW dealer, but friend recommended me this local specialist and he finally found out, it was really hard we was driving listening the car he wasnt sure but after couple of hours it done, and now im just enjoying the car, and i recommend to change you both sides if ur going to do this job because after we changed one side wich was noticable i can hear other side also but ist really really quiet even unoticable so ill be changing other side also but have to wait because my VW dealer had only one on stock. I payed 92eur in total originall from VW for one side. Maybe if you have magnetic ride price will be different my car is on standard SETUP. Hopefully i halped some of you. And sorry for english Cheers
  7. Finally its home 8/2018 VW GOLF 7,5R 228kw DSG. Bought the vehicle in warranty with 16thousand kilometers/10miles. Color deep black. Cant be happier awesome car, just one thing whinch botters me on new car,i hear some noise when turning or going over big bumps from right front wheel, need to book appointment at dealer, its not terrible sound or nothing but if you listen closely you can hear it. Ill post some pictures if ur interested
  8. giving you update guys, my buyer for my actual car which is a3 saloon 1,8tfsi quattro stronic just backed out, so still stucked with old car looking for new buyer, so i guess i have to wait for golf R hopefully will sort it out as soon as possible, cant wait for new car. Just to keep you updated Thanks everybody for help, as soon as i sell my car im going for R 100% so i will keep u updated
  9. That 2,5litr 5cylinder from rs3 is iconic engine, but i dont know why but im still in that 2LITRE 4BANGER, i love that engine from VW.
  10. i think i will go for nonresonated Remus , if its too bad i can still go resonated, secound mod is eibach springs and maxton splitters front back and sideskirts, most likely oettinger roof spoiler/or maxton but i like more oettinger but price difference is huge so have to decide later, and finally stage 1 thats it. i want to maintain relliability , which tuner u recommend ? Im leaning towards APR, was looking into revon , someone with revo ? how does it feel Thanks boys.
  11. Did u have resonated or non resonated Remus? Because im looking to buy remus as im running remus on my audi right now as well.
  12. There are two options , one is with the medium size screen (dont know the name) without virtual cocpit but with dynaudio, and other option is navi pro (big screen) virtual cocpit. but without dynaudio. Audio is pretty important to me coming from audi a3 sedan wich have bang olufsen which i absolutely love, som i leaning more towards that option with dynaudi with smaller screen and without virtual, but everybody is telling me to go with virtual and big navi instead of dynaudio. so still deciding, im getting sick of it. In my price bracket there is not R with virtual big navi and dynaudio . What equipment do you guys reccomend ? Thex both have DCC ACC Keyless backup camera front and rear sensors , so they are pretty well speced but these are the key differences. And the color i dont mind Rlooks good in ale the colors But i mostly prefer white or red.
  13. Thank you very much for help guys, helped me a lot, som im going for facelift 2017,2018, still considering the equipment what i want to have and what is not that important to me, there is more variations in that price brachet so still not sure but when i decide what i wanna do im gonna kep you informed. T|he car which im looking for are in germany VW gebrauchtwagen plus so still in warranty an max is 30 000km aproximately 20 000miles.
  14. Hello guys im picking up new VW golf R, i have few questions if you can help me, im looking to buy 2017-2018 VW golf R facelift 310 HP but pre WLTP car, my question is as i read some threads is the golf 310 making DSG farts ? Im looking forward to putting non resonated exhaust on it. But im still not sure if the 310 is making dsg fart which sounds stuppid but for me its the key factor dont blame me on that :D. As i read some comments some says 310 with new 7speed dsg is not farting anymore, and some said its farting same as prefacelift Golf R with 6speed dq250. So im really confused right now in i dont knwo if it is or if it is not or if they changed some programing even in the non wltp car, because prefacelift is farting awesome and thats what i want. looking forward to put non resonated exhaust. As i saw some videos on facelift golf R 310 some is farting like crazy and some didnt seems to fart, maybe it was just video. Thanks for makeing it clear for me guys looking forward.
  15. where can i see some of his work ? Thanks I want something loud nice sounding but not too lound for long routes when valves closed Still im a big fan of remus but i would try something new if its nice as you are sayying for +/- same price
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