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  1. Evening all iv got a turbo back milltek and I want to delete the rear silencer, it seems there is loads for the mk5 but none for the 6r. Does anybody know where I can order one without having to go and get one fabbed up?
  2. Hi looking around it seems there may be 2 types of dsg knob for the mk6 r if I’m not mistaken. The rounder type and the type with the recessed bits on the sides where you can fit the carbon sticker/infills. I would like to change to the one with the recesses. Can anyone give me some advise, thanks
  3. Does it throw up cel or any issues with mot emissions etc? I want to remove to make room for a catch can.
  4. Looks like you had an awesome time would love to get mine to the ring at some point!
  5. Car looks great mate what a build!
  6. Estates are cool! And the digital cluster is awesome!
  7. Beautiful car mate I had a mk2 frozen white mountune 420 was a monster!
  8. Clean build dude I’m going for the stage 2+ as soon as I can get mine booked in!
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