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  1. Hi mate just an idea. I know some cars require the silver box (usually attached to the back of the light - but the name eludes me as I am tired today) to work. Have you tried using the original box linked with the new headlights to see if they work then?. Check the pins are straight and not damaged before plugging it in. Worst case is you take it to a VW garage or specialist and pay the usual £80 diagnostic charge so you aren’t throwing more money are guesses?. Ive just taken a photo as I’ve parked up at work so people know what I am actually talking about!
  2. I found springs gave a great stance but if giving it some of the right pedal over a bump in the road they were ‘bouncy’ and would unsettle the car if going particularly hard. It’s just the way springs are. I enjoyed the H&R springs on my car but ended up changing to Bilstein B16 coil overs which keeps the car planted even when hooning it around. A lot more cost though!. I have the H&R springs in the garage doing nothing if you’d be interested in purchasing them 👍 Jon
  3. I’ve had this a few times. Usually resolves itself. I noticed when I’m driving in heavy rain/spray it happens after a few hours (when it’s particularly bad). I noticed when I lifted the bonnet that where the catch is there’s a square you can see though to the back of the emblem (where the radar is hidden) and it was wet!. Had to use my phone light to see down it as it’s quite small but it was definitely wet in there. dried it out and instantly the ACC was back on. GwentVW sorted it for me when they did my last major service and not had it since. Jon
  4. My car is a performance pack car. Specced it from new (everything but leather seats and DCC). The discs are in that pack for circa 3k including a lip spoiler (removed and changed to oettinger) and top speed increased (done via tuning anyway) lol. Discs did 30k miles before they lipped and 2 sets of pads so not to bad. Attached are the new ones I put on about a month ago and photo of the box labels if that helps. Jon
  5. I have run the Revo stage 2 GPF software on the stock turbo since they released it. Done around 15k miles or so on it with some hard driving on it (when it’s just me and the time allows). Thrashed a few spicy cars too at the lights which always puts a smile on my face. Not missed a beat *touch wood* and have no issues with the car at all. I have done pretty much everything to the car that I can. No oil catch can though! I service the car every 6-7k miles and drive it literally everyday (just gone 31k miles in total). Jon
  6. Also, mine is a Revo stage 2 tuned car and it goes really well when you do let the car open up. If you aren’t tuning there is no need for a new downpipe. Don’t tempt fate with an MOT or the police - who do have the power to seize the car
  7. Hi mate, Removal or tampering with the GPF will make the car non road legal. A downpipe would also throw an engine code and dashboard light which needs to be coded out when tuning. I have a 2019 car with the same filter and have read a lot on this, discussed with tuners and it just isn’t worth it. It’s also an instant MOT failure. Jon
  8. It’s all overkill in reality. The stock car is more than capable in real world terms. They are more powerful than we actually need aren’t they. I never modified a car before and started with my neighbour talking me into the wing mirrors. The rest is history (and a boat load of cash!). Enjoy the R. If you ever have any questions about subtle improvement mods just let me know. Jon
  9. The A45 was on the shortlist for me when I was considering my car. The interior is definitely a step up but I found it very ‘cramped’ for lack of a better term. The fixings and finishing are superb though so will definitely head back to merc when the time comes (sooner rather than later) to see how I feel now. The sound is brilliant too which the R does lack without spending a wedge of money on top. Enjoy it in good health! Jon
  10. Hi Steve from a fellow South Wales dweller (Newport). glad you’re enjoying your R. It’s my first VW and the car has just turned 3 and flew through its first MOT with no advisories too. It’s been super reliable even with the odd spirited drive. Welcome!
  11. (Yesterday) I picked up my new front discs and pads. Steep but when I had my major service 2 weeks ago they said they are slightly lipped but fine for a while. Rather than risk it I collected new discs and pads (£445 discounted price including VAT). Just the discs are more than that on awesomegti! Got them from my dealer I bought the car from and have always looked after me but still a painful cost! They do looks very nice though. Probably get them fitted next weekend or weekend after as work is a bit busy this week. Jon
  12. My advice is just pay it. It’s a chance we all know and risk. When your caught just put your hands up and face it head on and get it sorted. After your reported for it, if you’re caught again your fine is £1000 - and they have the power to take the plate away from you and give it back to the DVLA without giving you a penny for it. If you go to court I can imagine them making an example of you in terms of the fine. It not only clogs up the court for a minor offence, it’s also clear as day we were wrong. Take your licks, move on, enjoy your car. Jon
  13. Initially yes on the metal clips (can produce a slight rattle which is annoying - and can potentially damage the liner in the door). Removed them when the car had a 2 stage cut and polish and kenzo ceramic added to it. They stuck them in with something else (god knows what with) but they are solid and zero rattle! Jon
  14. I did notice a marked improvement with my Wager comp intercooler and Revo big boost pipe kit. I am a 2019 with GPF with the stock cat/downpipe/gpf in place and got more HP than what your car is showing. You should have more if you had 317 on the same dyno. With the cooler temperatures it’s hard to think the room temp influenced the intake temps by much - if at all. My ‘stage 2’ is from Revo. Maybe worth taking it to @Rick@UnicornMotorDev. It’s another outlay of cash but he has a solid reputation for results. Jon
  15. Had the car cleaned up as I was on a 12 hour shift (he collected from me at work and dropped it back for when I finished). Looks many levels above the cars parked around it but I am biased lol! Nicked a picture from his Instagram Jon
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