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  1. I went with Miltek cat back for my R. (Edit) the system is valved and uses the OEM system to bolt on. Open valves in sport closed in eco (never been out of race honestly) its a nice deep tone as others have said and no issues at all. Running stock at the moment as waiting for @[email protected] to reply to my message so I can get booked in for when this madness is over!. I do get nice dsg ‘farts’ off it when in sport and giving it a good run. Also nice pops on overrun during downshifts. here’s some images of it. As you can see I chose the black tips as it sits better with the black trim but ETTO. Nige offers a fantastic exhaust setup which sounds incredible but I was to impatient and pulled the trigger on the day. cheers Jon
  2. Hi, OP said he fitted the revision D DV this morning. This eliminated the noise and said it even pulls better. Not to expensive for this part either and one worth doing to see if it resolves your issue. Cheers Jon
  3. My neighbour got it from German EBay. Cost £200 euro which is around 180-185£? he put it on his GTD as well as a host of other mods and honestly it’s the best looking GTD I have seen. he has even made an air intake for it and it sounds incredible! performance wise. The PP one adds 20kg of downforce from the official blurb. Not that I notice it driving to the shops, work or school 😂 Jon
  4. My neighbour bought the TCR OEM one from German EBay. I’m Sure he got it for around £200 Euros. I’ll try dig out the eBay screenshot he sent me. he then compared it to the performance pack one for fitting against mine so you can see the difference in both. as you can see the TCR one has more of a flick to it where the PP one is smoother. I like the more subtle spoilers but ETTO. cheers Jon
  5. would you say it's sitting correctly? Or do the wheels need to come out more. It's pretty flush when looking down on the wheel. Learning curve is expensive on spacers haha Cheers Jon
  6. Post WLTP cars actually come with the Res delete from factory. If you go OPF Delete it can be just as expensive as an after market exhaust - and isn't legal as far as I am aware and will fail an MOT (We don't have to worry about that right now since its post WLTP). The OPF would need to be coded out or will throw up so many errors and possibly limp mode. I went for a Milltek Cat back Valved exhaust. Not to loud. Lower beefier tone and nice over run on it. Looks better too as an added bonus. Cheers Jon
  7. Just got the spacers fitted. 8mm Hub Centric H&R front, 15mm H&R Rear. The stance is much better now when you compare the original picture (at the garage). I am happy - for the time being! Jon
  8. So the ECS flush kit was around £240 delivered (with £50 delivery). Just ordered some H&R 8mm front and 15mm rear. Hopefully will sit nicely but only Time will tell. will post images when they are fitted and see where things are then! Fingers crossed
  9. I have a friend who could do them but his tools are locked in work. My brother uses a certain garage for his car (big standard mondeo just servicing etc) and they did it for me for £100 (cash in hand). Took around 4-5 hours. They aren’t the fastest but they did a good job and I got to hang with the two boys while there father sat in a chair telling stories of the garage history! a bizarre experience but enjoyable and we had a great laugh while they did it. Absolutely zero tracking issues which is unreal, considering. I got quoted £160 by my usual shop (that does tuning etc but are closed right now) So all in all a great experience so far
  10. Absolutely nothing wrong with Eibach. I was torn and went for the bigger drop as the wheel gap was eating away at me. The ride quality (about 20 miles or so so far) seems almost oem. Tiny bit more stiff but that’s me being ultra picky. the 25mm drop is quite extreme if you see before and after pictures but 100% worth it. Just trying to navigate the spacer idea now to make it all sit right. Im sure you will love the Eibach springs and on 18s you will have no issue at all with them.
  11. please excuse how filthy the car is. Going to have a clean tonight when it cools down a little bit. H&R 25mm lowering springs. Ride is superb and thought it was going to be a lot firmer than it is. No regrets there. So just went to have the tracking done. Absolutely spot on and not needed which is a surprise and a little saving 👍. just need to figure out this confusing world of spacers. Hub centric seem to be the choice to go for but have no idea what I’m looking at from there. any input is massively helpful. (the ECS one is £50 shipping which is madness)
  12. Looking at mine, The front has about 15-20mm from the front arches. The back has plenty of room. when installing the back springs the rubber from the tyre was close to the suspension strut and plenty of clearance from the arch. Will try and get some photos to show this. Thanks for the link! will get some ordered when I understand what I need to order as I have never lowered a car before Thanks Jon
  13. hi mate. just fitted H&R springs today. What spacers did you use? Thanks Jon
  14. I have uploaded a picture of the paddles when they were fitted. I have driven quite a bit with these on now and manual is so much more fun with the extra reach. They work right at the tip and work perfectly imo. Hopefully that helps someon Jon
  15. I bought these 2 seeks ago after seeing that link on this thread. They arrived super quick (2 days IIRC). The fitment on the left paddle was perfect but the right was tight and stuck when pulled. Loosened the gap with some pliers and it fits perfect. They are full metal and feel very nice to drive with. I will find a picture and post it in a moment Muzza
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