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  1. Was it my car mate? Reg MU55 AYJ? The wife is a paramedic and used my car for a change. There was a crash on her way to work which would have been around that time. Jon
  2. Yes mate off set 45. bare in mind I’m lowered so the stance will be different if you aren’t. Jon
  3. Hi Josh, The wheels are Judd T311R (matt bronze) 5x112, 19 inch, 8.5 width. Lowered 25mm (H&R Springs) and no spacers. Tyres are Michellin PS4S all around Changing the springs to coil overs in the next week or so. They are sat in the dining room and the wife is nagging! Jon
  4. I am local to you Herefordshire boys too. Being in Newport it’s only 30 mins away. Be good to meet some people so maybe we should arrange a meet up? @Wardy you’re on my insta. What do you think about arranging a gathering?. Doesn’t have to be anything crazy
  5. Welcome mate. can see you’ve started mods already!. Looking great. That’s a deep hole you’ve started heading down! lovely clean looking R! Jon
  6. Great thread, thanks for that. I do like the idea of adjusting them depending what we are doing. Its easily done by the looks of it. I may or may not have wasted £600 extra haha!
  7. VW Dealer has no issues with my car when I took it for its first service. It was lowered 25mm and was extremely load for ramps etc but no comments about it at all. VW Dealers don't service the springs. I doubt they will even notice it at first as they are mostly oblivious/don't care. I can't comment on kits since the T roc is different to start (same chasis I know). Springs have been great for me but I have now ordered coil overs since it has adjustment. I'd say go for springs since the risk of smashing your front end on bumps etc is non existent in a T roc
  8. To throw another option out there, I feel my wifes Beats system in her T-Roc sounds better than the Dynaudio in my R. What settings do you guys have your Dynaudio set to? Jon
  9. Love the colour spec against the prets. Such a clean looking wagon! Welcome to the forum! Jon
  10. Welcome mate, I am in Newport so local to you. The camera was around £130 to spec from factory but is pricey to retrofit. Speak to the guys at GwentVW, They will look after you and there work is flawless (the complete opposite to my experience with main dealer). If you have any questions drop me a message and I will happily help Cheers Jon
  11. Muzza


    Welcome Paolo! The Akrapovic exhaust is rare and sounds great. You will have no shortage of people waiting to buy it from you! Jon
  12. Welcome mate, Nice wagon you have there. Are you looking to modify it or keep it stock?. I always considered the estate for the dog but we use the wifes car instead! Any questions feel free to ask. Everyone is super friendly and will help out. Cheers Jon
  13. Hi, Speaking to my usual garage and was discussing the H&R Spings over coil overs. The springs have been great but on uneven roads can be a little bouncy. They recommended coil overs (Which I wanted to start off with but wasn't sure about lowering so went with the cheaper option). I mentioned the B14 since I don't have DCC (one of 3 options I didn't tick). They suggested the B16 since they can be manually adjusted - which they are always happy to adjust if needed. I've gone ahead with the following: Bilstein B16 PSS10 Coilover Ki
  14. A lot of it makes sense. The issue with that is surely they will cripple the car industry and sales. This feeds the tax and available spending. Why would anyone buy, for example, an RS car that can’t go any faster than a Ford Focus for 30k less. Alternatively they will continue to increase the cost of ‘average’ cars to offset this a bit since they will have a bigger share of the market. Be interesting to see others thoughts on this. Jon
  15. Welcome mate. Glad to see another South Wales member 👍 Jon
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