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  1. I have the B16 on a non DCC car. Don’t have the controller though. May take a punt since we are starting to travel a bit more on our time off together!. massively impressed with the B16 though even if I do have to adjust them manually for the time being! Jon
  2. Away with the wife this weekend without the girls. Grabbing my coat from the car before walking to the restaurant and noticed a nice black golf R park close. Performance pack model, manual (sorry for having a look). Lovely motor. Love the R in black 👍 Jon
  3. I’d be having a word with them if they put it on in September. It’s not released yet to any dealer (called to confirm after talking to them on Instagram). Maybe you got lucky and they let you test it for them?. Seems strange though. Will wait to see how it performs against other TCU tune and if decent I’ll change my current tune to Revo so it matches the software. Jon
  4. Sensible and fair. Fingers crossed they see a bit of common sense. It’s a good chunk over the limit but nothing like she could have been doing!. I’m sure on a decent stretch of road she could have been going a damn bit faster. Just a waiting game now to see what they decide to do. My bet is the course. What odds do I get? 😂. Jon
  5. As far as I am aware there tcu software for the 381 box isn’t released yet. Are you in a 7.5R?. Jon
  6. My wife is a paramedic and I’ve just asked her exactly this. If you sped up and got a ticket, you can appeal it saying there was an ambulance on lights and they can check with control (ambulances are tracked) to confirm which should dismiss it. She also said ambulances aren’t allowed to bully there way through traffic. Even if it’s a red call, in this situation they should have turned the siren and lights off and contacted control to update/see if anyone is closer. The driver did exactly the right thing by staying within the limits as if he hits a road worker,
  7. Here in Wales (South Wales police at least) are in favour of ‘teaching’ over points - within a tolerance. speed limit +10% (+9) so 42 in a 30 they may offer the course over points. You can do it once every 2-3 years iirc. Not done it myself but lots of friends have. Usually 6-8hours over zoom at the moment. It also depends where it was. Outside a school then I feel it would be straight points. a friend of mine didn’t know if he or his wife was driving, even with the photo and didn’t take the locks (he and his wife had no points at all). Didn’t declare a driver
  8. No worries! Cant wait to see the new car mate. Sounds an epic one. Any teasers as to the spec? Jon
  9. I maybe interested in a swap 👍 Jon
  10. Hey buddy! Sorry to hear about your brother. As you said it can be a long road back, that sometimes feels never ending but he will get there. Tip my hat to you and wish him all the best. I am now on Bilstein B16 and running 8.5 Judd T311R wheels. When set to the same lower as the springs I had, the rubbing was awful everywhere (set it at 5 to start). Changed it to 8 and it’s been perfect ever since. Such a better ride than springs but at a decent cost as you are aware. Your car is looking fantastic mate, fair play. Can’t wait to read your write up on stage 3
  11. Did you have your dsg tuned (I assume you’re DSG). The gearbox can drop power to protect itself if a huge spike of torque hits it. A tune would increase the clamping pressures and if that’s the issue, would resolve it. 1.6bar is a middle of the road boost map. I am running around 2bar at stage 2 (Revo GPF). Id definitely take it to a VW specialist and I’m sure they will find the issue in no time for you. They are better than a big standard garage. Which brand of tune/map Did they put on the car for you? Jon
  12. Welcome mate. Looking forward to seeing your R. If you’re on your phone, under where we type these messages it says ‘add file’. That will do the job for you. Cheers Jon
  13. Muzza

    Hi all

    Welcome to the forum. I love the lapis blue personally but lately since I am potentially looking at a new car (shock horror after all the work I’ve done to this one) I’ve been looking at white. Never thought I’d be considering a white car but you hit it on the head!. let us know how you get on! Jon
  14. Muzza

    aw right!

    Stage 1 is the best tune mod for these cars and how it should have come from factory - but that’s my opinion!. Welcome to the forum. If you continue modding, it’s a deep dark hole that costs a pretty penny to go down, trust me!. Jon
  15. They look brilliant mate! Id love a complete parts list of you could as I have no idea when it comes to brakes etc. Thanks Jon
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