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  1. I looked at the RVO but the Judd ones really floated my boat and I am usually a conservative person. I think the bronze with the blue is an incredible mix but ETTO. I am sure the Revo ones are fantastic too. I just couldn't pass up on the Judd ones. Only took a week to arrive when they stated 2-3 week delivery. Jon
  2. Hi mate, I love the lowered stance of the H&R springs. Can be a little 'bouncy' for lack of a better term when you have humps in the road. I only say this as the one road I drive everyday on the way to work has a huge hump in it. Apart from that one road I don't have any issues what so ever, including the ENORMOUS speed bumps at my work entrance. Jon
  3. Hi mate, Yeah absolutely no spacers on it and it sits perfectly. I'd say better than when I had spacers. Here's the details of what I ordered Hope that helps. She sits so pretty with the 25mm drop but considering coil overs as the next mod. Cheers Jon
  4. Awesome! Will sort them all out when I get some time off work and post them all there. Not ventured into that sub forum to much! Jon
  5. Judd T311R matte bronze. 8.5J no spacers sitting with H&R 25mm lowering springs. Absolutely in love with them mate. Spent forever finding wheels I loved and saw someone on instagram With them and the rest is history. They are well priced too! The R is a concave design allowing bigger brake clearance for a future upgrade - but absolutely fine on the performance pack ones at the moment. https://juddwheels.com/t311r/ Jon
  6. Forgot to post the finished pictures of the car after 2 stage paint correction and 2 layers of IGL Quartz ceramic. Had the wheels fully ceramic coated too along with the glass. Just a couple of pictures they got of the car as part of the package. Won't post them all as the post will be to long. They did an amazing job, and the pictures don't do justice to the colour that comes through now. Glad to see the rugby result too! Jon
  7. Kind of hard to see the black tips (cerakote) but as you can see they aren't tight and sit correctly.
  8. The exhaust fits fine. No issue at all with the tips lining up or not. Was a simple installation (since its cat back). Ill see if I have a photo with the tips in it for reference
  9. Honestly it sounds like they aren't for you. @nige bcs makes some incredible pieces which are cheaper than off the shelf stuff. Check the instagram links he put on here and the forum has dozens of glowing reviews. I had already ordered by the time I got properly into the forum or I would have gone to him! The GPF Cars come res delete from factory to combat the GPF sound reduction. Nige has cracked this problem, and is cheaper!
  10. Understatement haha. I think the Mrs is sick of hearing me talk about it since I know it's just sat there! Around 3 ish tomorrow after we sort the girls out I will be heading over. Just don't want to get it dirty now 😅
  11. Judd T311R concave matte bronze on my lapiz
  12. I also run the GPF Miltek cat back exhaust. Non res and valved ( @marshy showed me how to keep the valves open so it sounds better). I went with the Cerakote tips and have a video I took before work a while ago It's not massively loud as stock downpipes and GPF are still in the car but it does have a much nicer tone as you can hear from my car. Cheers Jon
  13. Well, Not today but it's finally done. Three days of polishing and correcting and then 2 layers of ceramic coating. Not seen it in person yet but stole a picture from there instagram feed! It's looking good on photos but get to collect it around 3 tomorrow when the coating has fully cured Will update with photos when I have her back
  14. Added the Leyo diverter valve with the stage 2 spring. Helped with a bit of extra boost at the top end for sure. Also makes a noise when letting go of WOT at high rpm which sounds quite good (but not to loud). High end boost seems to be increased as opposed to the stock DV. Have to say It's a decent upgrade. I got it for a steal as a friend of mine stripped his car back to stock so got the DV (new spring and pipes), a turbo blanket and the TVS Engine cover for the front gap for £100!. Couldn't say no to that. I need to figure out how to install the turbo blanket now without stripping all the covers etc. Cheers Jon
  15. No mate, been working flat out lately and have other things happening with the car (next week its getting a 2 stage paint correction and ceramic coating). Also done an uprated diverter valve and that has actually helped with a little more boost! @graham090883 where are you based?. You're welcome to come for a spin in min when I have a day off. Cheers Jon
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