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  1. I also have the Milltek catback non res (valved) GPF exhaust. It's great and I get some amazing pops and DSG cracks when the car is pushed. If you're local to south wales you can come check it out if youre unsure. Cheers Jon
  2. I got quoted £1200 for APR stage 1 plus DSG tune (no dyno there) and that includes the 25% off. Is that normal? Seems excessive
  3. Absolutely insane build. Read every post excited like a child at Christmas. Just wish I had pockets deep enough to do this! Beautiful car mate
  4. If you have a good relationship with the dealership ( I used to work for them) I even managed to get everything text to me. The ship had left port in Germany and was almost in the UK before the tracker updated so keep an eye out. It will take some time but I can't imagine it's going to be as long as they say. Under promise over deliver
  5. I was told 6 months when I ordered my factory R in January. Arrived in the middle of March! It seemed to go from no build date to built in no time at all! You can always buy different alloys if you find you don't like them no?
  6. Possibly the latest pictures. They were showing on the original post. Either way, the ipad bolted to the dash is something I expect Ford to do. VW have always had nicer interiors IMHO. The Touareg is similar, but frameless and looks a lot nicer. I presume it's all down to cost and profit
  7. I've seen a golf R stage 3 at my tuners shop and it has a front and rear spoiler on it. It really does finish the car nicely. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures (always feel weird as it's not my property). I had a good look online and the one that surfaces a lot is the Maxton which really does nothing for me (the rear diffuser). Will ask them next time I pop over see if they know.
  8. It can't be the finished product surely. The interior looks terrible now and quite honestly, cheap!. Surely they need to refine the screens so they aren't just cheap ipads sat behind a plastic housing? I can't see me looking at that in the future either to be fair unless it changes a lot
  9. muzza

    Stage 2 Golf R (GPF)

    Hi, E-mailed APR a few weeks ago asking if there's an ETA on stage 2 software for the GPF models. Didn't get a reply. Does anyone know any ideas or hear of any rumours regarding it? Thanks Jon
  10. Hi Scott. I've seen a few R's pottering around. I am based in Newport, South wales. Never done car meets or even mods to cars before getting my R so it's all new to me.
  11. I'm sure it will flag up with different ECU's but I could be wrong. Surely there are a few techs working on here that may know the answer to that. I am pretty sure I am going to void my warranty (stupid I know) when APR stage 2 is available and tested for the GPF models.
  12. A Res delete shouldn't take long at all. Certainly doesn't cost £150+ to do. My local tuners were going to charge me £90 including the pipe but being 2019 R it has a res delete from factory. Jon
  13. muzza


    Welcome to the forum! I am new here myself and everyone is friendly and willing to answer questions do don't be afraid to ask or share your knowledge! Cheers Jon
  14. I ordered the Milltek cat back GPF exhaust and now have it fitted. It's fantastic sounding and the DSG farts are brilliant. The overun pops are much nicer now too but it's still civilised. I am sure @nige bcs is able to offer a better exhaust system at a better price than I paid but already had it sat in the garage waiting. Definitely worth a message to him and the guys to see what they can offer for what you are looking to achieve. Jon
  15. Hi mate, Regarding warranty. Yes and No. It's going to be a strange answer. I don't trust main dealers as far as I can throw them (I used to work for VW - hence one hell of a deal on my motor). The wife and I have had so many issues with main dealer for any work needed including stupid little things like recommended tyre changes during service (when they were changes 2 weeks before with no use on them!!) I always take my car and the wife to Gwent VW (car tuners, insane knowledge, superb rates) if anything goes wrong and they always sort it out in quick time and don't rip me off. As an example Ford wanted £126 + VAT per hour to replace the EGR Valve on the wifes Focus ST2 Diesel. The team at Gwent VW are sorting it for a damn site less. Actually know what theyre talking about and are reliable. Warranty is only useful if something goes wrong and they don't ask you to prove it wasn't your fault. I guess I am naive but after the last year I have decided I'm going to live my life and what happens happens. For now it's been working well! Cheers Jon
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