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  1. Someone on here is the lucky recipient of it mate. Posting it out on Monday depending if I get a break at work from the 12 hour shifts. 😂
  2. Even with the Performance pack spoiler the dirt was just unbelievable. I doubt this will reduce the crud that sticks to the back of the car. Seems to be the worst area for it. Going to get the car paint corrected and ceramic coated to try and reduce this but not holding my breath!
  3. Sorry if the car looks like it's on an angle. The wife dropped her T-Roc on the drive! Evil woman
  4. So today I finally got my Oettinger spoiler (plus additional flicks/flaps) installed. Went for body colour spoiler and the black flicks to compliment the black accents on the car. Happy with how it turned out! Jon
  5. I will get a video of the SPS switch sorted when I get time off work mate. It really does stop the car moving even if they manage to start it. if you’re furloughed I’d wait until Easter discounts (and any new revisions will be smoother). Not worth it unless you have cash behind you just in case. my thermostat housing failed a few months back and all replaced under warranty. Quite a pricey job otherwise. If in doubt, wait. Tuners and Remap’s won’t disappear and not worth financial worries in this weird world.
  6. if I remember correctly it’s £2950 to option it to the car. I had every option ticked apart from leather seats, dcc and the exhaust. In my opinion of having one for a while (used to work for VW selling cars) they are good, but much better exhausts on the market for less. If it has been an extra 1k on top Of the performance pack which I opted for I would have done it. I’d buy one for sure but not for the crazy prices they go for!
  7. The exhaust I posted about was around 15 months ago in the summer. Maybe they have cottoned on to the amount of them people are ordering. Regarding the 2 different exhausts, you're spot on. the GPF models are resonator deleted from factory due to the GPF muffling the sound anyway. They look brilliant (the Akra exhausts) and sound good. I would not be able to justify the actual cost though!
  8. You can in fact order them through VW. You will need a VIN of a golf R that specced it from the factory though. Otherwise VW (Head office) won't actually take the order. Its only a back box too. Price is well over 2k for it. There are also better exhaust systems for less money. If you're dead set on one - check eBay and facebook market places. They do pop up from time to time. I have a friend who did exactly that (VW using VIN) and sent me some pictures. Hopefully the model numbers etc can help you source one. Jon
  9. I will try and get a video of how the SPS switch works. It won’t be anything flash. The numbers are a bit janky but I’ll show you how to use it (I’m sure they will too). the anti theft mode is brilliant. Even if they nick the keys it isn’t going anywhere. Tried it earlier and in drive or sport it just won’t Rev at all.
  10. Oh you bastard! haha!. Got the new sticky pads but need a break in the rain to stick then on properly! for now she remains with the dodgy plate! The remap is exactly how you put it: OEM characteristics in power delivery just amplified quite a bit. Lovely and smooth with no spikes or flat spots. If you're on a PCP Don't even bother. The car isn't yours until the full balance is paid off. I know people do, but if they catch you they can take the car back. Not worth it! OEM isn't bad. Stage 1 just shows how (in my opinion) the car should have come. Especially with the same power curve Revo offer. You can always look at a bank loan (lower interest so itll cost you less to own the car) or switching to a HP finance. More expensive per month but gives you more flexibility. Jon
  11. I removed it for the map and put it back on afterwards. I drove it for 30 mins (go get some food after) and the pedal felt much better than stock but still a bit of travel so back on it went and perfect. one other thing I noticed. Stop start is disabled upon car start up!. Went to reach for it since I hate it and always have to press the button and it’s already off!. Confirmed the latest map has it coded this way and absolutely made my day. It was a massive gripe with me, even if it is just one button 😂 happy with it and will be going out very shortly to give it another blast now that I’ve slept to feel the difference again!
  12. DTUK Pedal box mate. I hated the dead pedal travel but it's spot on with this and has a ton of different modes https://www.diesel-performance.co.uk/special-offer/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAhs79BRD0ARIsAC6XpaWw7wvvyzvwLfPKD1prbYi-PuvzoSYAU58-SuHAO33pmEXbdMikarYaAoB_EALw_wcB
  13. I had for a while been back and forth about who to do the stage 1 on my car. APR seemed a good company, but the GPF figures are what I was looking for (a more stock feeling with more kick). Revo seem to be leading the way on GPF models and the power curve matched that of the stock file, just higher. I booked in on Friday last week after talking to the guys at GotBoost in Bridgend, South Wales for today at 10am. On arrival, the chap waved me straight into the garage and told me when to stop. The wife and I got out the Car and was greeted by there shop dog 'Mac'. A 58kg german shepherd who straight away came for a good smooth. (we have a german shepherd so we were over the moon to meet him. The wife was certainly his favourite!) And one next to my Wife for a size comparison. (she's 5'1) The guys spoke with me about what I had on the car in terms of mods already, and proceeded to do an initial scan to see if there are any faults and check the car over in detail. All good to go! Car hooked up to power, and remap started to be installed! (this took around 30 mins or so) Stef, who was working on a Focus ST with some god awful welding exhaust job, showed me around the shop after, me being a nosey bastard started asking about some of the cars there. They had a Trans Am, that needed a fair bit of work. A VW Camper and 2 full on race cars (they run a race team) Including a few race cars where the chassis was mangled from crashes and mounted on the walls like trophies! Enough waffling about other cars. The map was installed and ready for testing. I decided against a Dyno run (which they have) as I am not chasing numbers but want to have a car that felt good to drive since it's my daily driver! Since I declined the car, they took the car for a little drive to confirm no faults, or issues were present and that they were happy it had gone without issue. Since speaking to @marshy about the SPS plug in, the Anti theft option really interested me. They demo'd it on my car and showed that the car simply won't move when it's in anti theft mode. Think of it as a disgustingly bad map that chokes the engine to the point of stalling. I jumped on it and I am glad I did. A really good option if you want piece of mind. It takes around 5-10 seconds to switch the modes so won't impact my daily use. The modes are as follows: We laughed the entire time from getting out the car to driving off. They really set themselves apart from the rest for us. We left with a big smile on our faces at such great service and I will be using these guys for all my work in future. I cannot thank them enough. First drive... well what can I say. It drives and handles just like stock and the power curve mimics that perfectly with a god almighty lot more power (running the 99 octane mode since that's all I put in). The wife almost made a mess on her seat but thankfully was OK! It's transformed the car and I am glad I went with Revo, and used the GotBoost team. Cost: With the 20% discount I paid £575.xx (cannot remember the pennies) for the stage one and £118.xx for the SPS switch which is above and beyond what I expected from it. Suddenly, having a GPF Model isn't such a pain in the ass and the car is a joy to drive. The Milltek cat back (with Valve delete - thanks @marshy) and pedal box is exactly how I wanted the car! Thanks Jon
  14. I have said I will happily pay the fine as I am in the wrong. I said I wouldn't contest but he seemed so set on me doing so, hence asking for input. I will just pay the fine and move on. Plates will be swapped tomorrow as previously said. It was quite amusing when it happened and there was no ill temper in any of it. He was a pleasant enough guy, it's just he threw me (and the wife) off by pushing the appeal route.
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