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  1. No slush or ice down here at the moment and the emblem was clear. I've messaged my buddy who's the service manager for VW down this way. Will see if he will have a look for me if the error doesn't resolve itself. It drives fine but the yellow exclamation mark is driving me nuts
  2. Hi, Was plodding along at 30 driving home after work and got the following message pop up on the dash. Pulled over. Wiped the emblem (was clean but did it anyway). Turned the car back on and the same thing. Tried locking and unlocking etc to see if it reset but it still persists. Drove home absolutely fine but the message is still there (the image shower just power pushed so I could get the photo). Anyone experienced this before? Thanks Jon
  3. So just went to pick up a chinese. Took the scenic route of course. When the car was up to temp I gave it the beans. When Revo claim 400ps.... I believe it. The Torque is much earlier in the rev band and transformed the car again. Still got the pedal box on sport +2 and jesus.... The car shifts. Was skeptical and was an expensive gamble considering how few have done it but worth it. When lockdown ends if anyone is around the South Wales area you are welcome to come for a spin in it. Chuffed!
  4. I did on the way home mate as I had the girls in the car and just pottered down the motorway (after the slip road blast) at 70 until we got home. Will take it for a spin later when the wife is home and adjust it as required. Will follow up when I have given it a good blast and let you know
  5. Spoke to the Dyno guy at GotBoost. Stage 1 he could hold the dyno (at the speed setting it was on) at 3k RPM at stage 1 with no issue. At stage 2, he said it was slipping as the torque was so much higher(and he didn't want to destroy the tyres). He has had to change the speed setting of the Dyno so it gave strange numbers. From my little blast on the motorway slip road (kids in the car so not to crazy) the speed was incredible. It definitely pulls much harder lower down the rev range too compared to stage 1. He did say we can do another session on it when it's had its service and we can start the run at 3k RPM to give it more accurate figures at top end (it's definitely not 277) but he used that to make sure the boost pressures didn't drop and the figures can be tested later if I want to confirm the top end performance. I am happy with that. Just need the wife to come home around 7:30 so I can go out without the girls in the car and get a good feel for it.
  6. Speaking with Revo now. The first image is Revo stage 1 which is about right at 360 bhp. The second image is 277 with stage 2 on it. Definitely not as low as that. Maybe it is an error but the car is definitely much quicker than stock haha 🤣
  7. So got the car back. He was disappointed with the Dyno results. The wheels kept slipping (PS4S with around 200 miles on them) and said he will give me another dyno run (free of charge) once he has investigated why. He did this as a quick turn around since I have work tomorrow. He drove the car on the road and said it is more powerful for sure. I took it for a quick blast before signing it off (with him recommending I do so). The car is quicker for sure. The torque is much higher than stage 1 also. Very impressed. It's a lot more punchier in the lower rev range too which really is a nice feel rather than just a lump of power. Ps. The boost is running at 1.9 now after stage 2 (if that helps anyone?). Here is the Dyno print outs which he said will be better when we have another go and he figures out why it was slipping. He had another car straight waiting to be started and I didn't want to press him since he has looked after me so well. Dyno figures aren't what matters but will take him up on the offer when he has more time. I am sure it's higher than what it shows. Fair play to Revo. Stage 2 is a decent upgrade for sure. Will post updated Dyno' when we both have time and can have a proper play around! (if anyone is good at reading those graphs and can spot anything different let us know! Thanks Jon
  8. Knew there was a reason I keep her around (Certainly isn't her cooking) 🤣
  9. So an update: The Wagner cooler is all fitted, and all the Revo pipes bar one is installed. One Revo charge pipe wasn't long enough (Throttle boost pipe a bit to short and Stef doesn't want to risk boost leak as it wasn't a tidy fit) so Stef has custom made one for me and said it fits perfectly. The Wagner IC is a 70mm outlet and the Revo charge pipes are only 60mm! The car is still stage 1 at the moment but with time pushing on they wouldn't get it on the Dyno in time tonight so will be on first thing tomorrow with the FMIC on at stage 1. The car will then be mapped to stage 2 and then Dyno' again to show stage 2 gains (if any ). Need to figure out a lift tomorrow down there tomorrow afternoon to collect it if they are happy with how the car performs. Bit of a mare but my issue not theres. Why does the wife have to work!?
  10. Stef from Gotboost has emailed me saying the pipes arrived and he’s working on the car as we speak!. Hoping there’s enough times for stage 1 dyno to stage 2 but worst case is I get stage 2 another day.
  11. So the car is in for the work. The boost pipes were due for delivery to the garage today but hadnt arrived by the time I dropped the car off at 1pm. Hoping they arrived today so they can get the work done by tomorrow or I will struggle to pick it up until next Tuesday which leaves me without a car and work to get to (the wife is working also so.... yeah!) Fingers crossed
  12. Nice one! my car is still booked in for Tuesday, to have the Wagner FMIC installed and opted to go with the boost pipe kit upgrade to so the turbo can breath as best as possible. Waiting to hear if the kit arrives in time or I may have to post pone for a day (please god no). Will also be dyno run before at stage 1 without fmic and after stage 2 with the ic and charge pipe kit. Will see if it makes a huge difference. I’m not sure it will since temps are so cold at the moment Good to hear you feel it makes a huge difference!. Excited is an understatement
  13. I thought that. I did get a call from my boss but I ignored it. I cleared the missed call on my phone too and it didn’t come up for another 20 mins of driving. I assume like you it’s a missed call but I can’t clear it from the dash now haha
  14. Hi guys, just a quick one. Driving to get the girls from my parents after work I got a symbol pop up on the dash. It’s small and under my phone name. Quick google search and can’t find anything about it. No warnings or error or faults or anything. Just a quick one to see if anyone knows what it is? Cheers Jon
  15. I’ll ask the question. Be good to see before and after I suppose although I did decline it last time. I’m more intrigued by the stage 2 figures. I’m expecting around 380 if I’m honest but maybe I’ll be surprised
  16. Hi buddy. Yeah a million times better. The fatigue is what got to me the most. Absolutely no energy to even stand up but only lasted a few days. Headache was constant but not so bad. Got the kids tested (even though I stayed in bedroom with door shut) and they both came back negative thank god. Back at work since 28th. booked the dyno for when the stage 2 is done so will be interesting to see the end results!
  17. My car is booked back in with GotBoost in bridgend on the 12th jan (earliest day me and the wife are off together so I can leave the car with them to do the work). will update with results after it. I’ve also messaged TVS to see if they do home tuning options as the world has gone mad lately. Jon
  18. So my intercooler came Saturday last week. Worked sunday and then Monday morning around 2am I woke up with a splitting headache. Stayed off worked and booked a test.... Freaking positive!. Stuck in the bedroom now so I don't pass it on to the wife and kids. At least I can try and find a garage who can fit it when I am out of isolation and then get the stage 2 done. Bloody sods law! Anyone got it done yet?
  19. Can someone who knows a reputable dealer send me the link?. I’d need the dongle honestly as work etc stops me travelling hours and hours (and I simply can’t be arsed lol). ive seen a few sites that offer it but none of them mention a remote option. From my limited reading stage 2+ is the one to go for. 3 is a bit extreme for the application we are aiming for. Cheers Jon
  20. No DSG tune. Not sure which one will be best for the car tbh. Not read much into dsg tunes either. Any suggestions welcome honestly! My head is in pieces this morning lol
  21. absolutey doesn’t. Any sign of welding or modification of the GPF filter will be an instant fail on an MOT. Unless you know a dodgy mot station it simply isn’t worth it. Even with the contacts I have it’s not worth the risk. It’s not something I would risk honestly especially with how hot the police are with mods and modded car around here. Don’t risk it mate. Jon
  22. So yeah. Finished work tonight and hit the button. Will get this fitted when it arrives and update after the stage 2 is done. ordered the Wagner intercooler 😂 Easy to blame the wife, and her 2 cousins when they force feed you alcohol when you get in from a 12 hour shift as the end result. Her eyes almost blew out of her head when she saw it 😂. Ah well it’s done now. Will book in for ‘stage 2’ when it’s fitted. Regrets may or may not happen in the morning. Cheers lads Jon
  23. Absolutely. Just thought I'd follow up so people know in future if the question comes up. Already plan to mate! It is what it is. Lessons for others in the future if it comes up! Jon
  24. So a follow up on this: Got home from the school run today. Letter in the box. I don't intend to appeal it as previously discussed. It is what it is. In terms of looking chavvy? - not the case. It was a gift from my children for my birthday (including the actual plate). I'll take my licks and move on. Always good to get other opinions on things that happen. £100 is not the end of the world and won't ruin my day at all. This can be used in future for others who may end up in a similar position! Cheers Jon
  25. I love pushing grey lines when I can. This is beyond that line. I get what you’re saying though. Most people would be happy with stage 2 (400bhp ish) which is apparently possible with Revo. Only downside is it’s so new most people haven’t tried it yet. I’m going to take a week or two to think on it as it doesn’t make sense to me how they have managed it but top tuners (unicorn for example) haven’t. Jon
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