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  1. I took mine off and sprayed them back in the end. Was getting very bored cleaning them and polishing them every week 🤣
  2. All it said if i remember correctly was battery low. It is under warranty and going in on the 21st if it will hold out that long
  3. Well mine told me today that my battery is LOW 😒
  4. Added the newly refurbed and colour changed wheels back on 😁
  5. Without a video in means NOTHING 😂
  6. Hi Steve, i have had my car done by unicorn developments. On the TCU map they did change shift points, launch rev hold, auto change up in full manual mode disable and a few other things. So maybe its added options that MRC should be able to change for you.
  7. On the mk7 they are very easy, soft mallet and 2 minutes later they are off
  8. Sprayed the tips black as I'm sick to death of cleaning them 🤣
  9. These look great, how much were they if you dont mind me asking.
  10. I haven't tried many but have stuck so far with Autoglym Car Leather Cleaner as it brings it up a treat.
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