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  1. I think it's just the design of the wheels, adds an extra lip I think the rears will be fine
  2. Tried fitting my new wheels..........dont think I'm going to get to keep them 😭😭 They are 18x8.5 ET40. Really thought these would fit
  3. I have seen people run ET38 or ET50 with a 10mm spacer so why wont these lol 😭😭
  4. Will they fit? 18x8.5 ET40 and they will have 225/40 tyres Lowered on eibach springs Thank you
  5. Following as i have also contacted them.
  6. Wow that's amazing. Who is it by?
  7. Did you also feel sorry for him in any way like i did? lol
  8. No stage one ECU and TCU from Unicorn
  9. So Sunday early morning i was driving to Silverstone and noticed a new Audi S5 wanting to play. We have a good little run with roundabouts and straights included. He lost, i actually felt sorry for him. He even wound his window down telling me that my car must be 400bhp 😂😂 I did giggle like a school girl, this car always puts a smile on my face.
  10. Fitted the Maxton Design rear splitter and side fins. Took about 30 minutes this morning
  11. Thats interesting, as i said its a shame the dont do the Pilot Sport 4s in 18". Well not in this country anyway
  12. From what i have watched and the reviews i have seen they have all said about the wet grip being fantastic
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