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  1. Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was, if you get a Stage 1 tune from them, and then later decide to go Stage 2, you get the upgrade at a hefty discount @Roodyatt @993BOY
  2. It's not this issue in particular. The gearbox has new software on it, I'd expect it to be fully tested and for the developers to know exactly how it worked
  3. I'm too far away to realistically come to you guys, but I read "I haven't tried it but I'd expect" and it makes me feel a little nervous for buyers...
  4. Well a remap is changing the ECU software, so yeah I guess you could say that 🤣
  5. Yes, that mirrors what I observed. Did strike me as odd - the virtual cockpit is LITERALLY infinitely customisable (at least in principle) and then they don't change this?
  6. Does that change the dial? Or just the readout in the middle? I tried to change it while driving along and the dial didn't change... but maybe that's because I was driving along!
  7. Maybe the R works differently to the GTI.. mine only says LC active WHEN I push the throttle
  8. While Revo isn't free upgrades, they are heavily discounted (70% off, IIRC) Just throwing it out there to anyone reading here
  9. In your last post you said you got the message? Did you mean the TC warning? And yes, you have to wait for the messages to disappear. My GTI (yes, I'm an imposter) will say launch control active whenever I touch the accelerator once the other criteria are met
  10. This is what I'll say when I tell her I'm getting a remap. Bloody horse costs her a fortune. Unfortunately I know full well what she'll come back with.... "We're supposed to be planning a holiday! 😠 " or... "Well I won't be getting an engagement ring any time soon then "
  11. yeah I get that. I'd be tempted to get a bigger spoiler, with a touch of black vinyl to fill in any noticable gaps
  12. Do these actually add that much that it is worth it? How much did it cost? I don't know if it's big enough for me, but I also wouldn't want something ridiculous. Looks like it would only add about 1cm, doesn't seem like much.
  13. Thanks for that link, looks brilliant. Been looking for something like badgeskins over here that isn't ridiculous on the shipping!
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