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  1. Hi, were they et45 offset, did they sit in arches ok ? thanks
  2. Hi, anyone used /bought Pretoria replicas from cm wheels, need a set while my genuine ones are refurbished. thanks
  3. Hi, recently got my new R, always used autoglym polish , anyone recommend anything else ? thanks
  4. I’ve just been to the dealers with my hole ! i now feel smaller than the hole 🙄
  5. Hi, does anybody know whether a stoplock fits mk7 golf r please. thanks
  6. R300rs


    Thanks bud, the oryx is a great colour. cheers
  7. R300rs


    Thanks bud, the oryx is a great colour. cheers
  8. R300rs


    Hi thanks Neil 🙂
  9. R300rs


    Hi picked up the wheels from a sound polish guy in Luton, he has a 15 plate r estate, he’d fitted the mk7.5 digital dash into his mk7 , looks like straight out of factory. cheers
  10. R300rs


    Hi fitted them on, has changed the car , drives bit better I think, stuck the old ones on eBay, don’t know about spacers, do they fill it out more. cheers
  11. R300rs


    Hi Had a result, and got a mint set of silver Pretoria’s today, looks the nuts, im happy now 😁 Cheers
  12. Hi very nice cheers paul
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