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  1. My only real concern is that the turbo inlet pipe on the Revo system is rigid, APR state that it should have sum flex in it Still confused, although that is not hard! So still looking at the ARP carbon,R600 and Revo carbon system now. Having said that you pay extra for the APR turbo inlet pipe and coolant pipe, with Revo and R600 system I think these are included.
  2. BTW, I was also at the GPD at Castle Coombe - very goof it was too!
  3. I had my APR stage 1 map just a little while ago well worth the extra performance - If you cab get a discount all the better as at full price its around £800
  4. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had fitted/has experience of a Revo cold air intake on a Golf R mk 7.5, thinking about this or the APR version? Noticeable gains? Noise? Thanks
  5. Maybe, but there is quite a pronounced delay for me
  6. Well two messages really, firstly TC off or what ever the exact message is you get on a short push of the TC button and then LC active ...wait a short while...then hit the throttle
  7. Also having had this issue of only reaching 2500rpm and reading all the possible solutions in the forum I have just been out (as it's quiet now) and completed two great launches - hurray! What was the issue - a well known problem of the nut behind the wheel" - Me. Procedure for me as mentioned previously: 1.Race mode 2.Sport (auto selected for me when I select race) 3.Hold down the brake (hard as mentioned) 4.Traction control off (just the initial short push not long 5 second push). Now at this point I was pushing the throttle to the floor - car would reach 2500 rpm then die. What was i missing - the actual warning that says "Launch Control Active" You see for me there is a short delay until this appears after point 4) only then can I mash the pedal to the floor (4000rpm) and hey presto off we go - with APR stage 1 map awesome. Now i know patience!
  8. And a DPB one for the pot.
  9. Yes I am definitely sure LC is activated as I do get the message on the dash between (albeit after some time its not instant) the two dials. I have tried pushing the throttle to the floor but when doing so the engine loses its revs (in fact sound very much like the engine dies). I do believe it is something that I am doing incorrectly but for the life of me do not know what. In the end I do get a launch but nothing like what I have seen on youtube or heard about here. I will keep trying!!!
  10. I have to say I have a 2017 Mk7.5 and have the exact same issue holds at 2500RPM also seems to die on launch.........
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  12. Cheers Paul I think so too, was so close to going white silver, glad i did not it looks completely dirty when not polished.
  13. Thank NRW, pretty much fully loaded, could not afford from new but a huge saving buying it 18 months old and with this spec and now i can invest in it little by little.
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    Thanks goodbadboy good to know I am in esteemed company.
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