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  1. Yes, VW have had a price match guarantee for quite a few years; https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/en/owners-and-drivers/why-book-with-vw/price-match.html
  2. I used to get the occasional coolant smell with my last VW - started within the first year. Asked the dealer to investigate at first service and they said everything was OK. Sold the car at 4.5 years old and it was still OK; no leaks, no top-ups to coolant, coolant level didn’t drop. @Paddy1976 - just keep an eye on the coolant level and have a look around the engine compartment for evidence of coolant seepage or leaks as the same time (check it when you carry out other regular checks; oil, tyre pressures, washer fluid). That way, if there is an issue with anything coolant-related, you’ll spot it early.
  3. Agree. And it’s not just VW - plenty of similar or the same issues reported on other VAG forums of the current generation of MQB based cars (both performance and non-performance models) with the same or similar software / hardware. The impacts - financial and non-financial - across the various VAG brands (lost sales, dissatisfied and lost customers, damage to dealer and brand image / reputation) must be significant - and not in a good way. No doubt all car manufacturers will have software issues, but VAG seem to have had more than its fair share. If I was considering buying a new or nearly new car just now, I’d be looking outside VAG. Will VW continue to cover the cost of fixing software issues once a car’s warranty has expired? Will VW even bother to continue developing software fixes for earlier affected cars? A good extended warranty looks like an essential purchase for longer term owners - and important to check the small print to make sure it covers the cost of rectifying software-related issues. Apologies for the off-topic post 😳
  4. Yes, forgot about those cheap lease deals on early mk7 R’s. Unlikely to ever happen again. Also, people’s working habits have changed post-Covid. Those people who are still able to work primarily from home rather than driving to the workplace every day may feel that ownership of an expensive car just sitting unused on the driveway - or in their garage - most of the time is neither necessary nor financially viable.
  5. Supply chain issues is a big factor. Others; Demands on disposable income; increased cost of living and people reassessing how they use their income, prioritising expenditure on such things as mortgage, food, energy costs etc. over a ‘luxury’ purchase such as a £50k-plus car. Increased cost of finance now compared to, say 12+ months ago to fund the ownership of a new R. Ongoing software issues that VW should have sorted by now but seem unable to may have put off some potential buyers. Production backlog and excessive wait times; many are not prepared to wait up to two years so will have considered alternative manufacturers vehicles if they can deliver sooner than VW. Some potential R owners may have made the switch to an EV.
  6. I remember it well. The Allegro was a very stylish car (NOT!), especially the estate - one of British Leyland’s finest 🤣.
  7. VW service plans just cover two basic services; 1 minor (oil and filter change) service and 1 major oil / filter change and inspection) service. Any other work (e.g. brake fluid change) that’s scheduled to be carried out at the same time as the basic service is a separate chargeable item. Agree, it can get expensive if you don’t have a service plan - VW are currently showing a price for a major service (again, essentially an oil / filter change and inspection) on their website of £389 for performance car models over 3 years old. I doubt the cost for a major service for a two year old car would be much different.
  8. The article mentions ‘a mid cycle update for the compact hatchback will be introduced at some point in 2024’. To me, that would mean calendar year 2024 rather than MY2024 from mid 2023. Historically with the Golf, VW has launched new models and face-lifted existing models at the end of Q3 or during Q4. mk5 - Oct 2003 mk6 - Oct 2008 mk7 - Sept 2012 mk7.5 - Nov 2016 mk8 - Oct 2019 Launch is usually Europe first with the first deliveries to the UK a few months later. So if the 8.5 facelift launch in Europe is Q4 next year, I’d expect the first UK cars to arrive during Q1 2025.
  9. Not even a curry? I seem to remember Bradford’s won the title of UK’s curry capital a few times 🙂.
  10. It looks as if P would be Mosel, Germany - VW’s Zwickau-Mosel plant, which now builds just EV’s (last ICE car built at that plant in 2020) Explanation of what the characters in the VIN mean at the link below; https://www.clubvw.org.au/vwreference/vwvin/
  11. There’ll also be other variables that could have an impact on 8R v’s 20R times; e.g. driver’s weight / driving ability, brand of tyres and whether they’re fully warmed up or not, weather conditions and wind speed / direction, whether the car’s a fully loosened up press car or brand new box- fresh straight from the factory. There’ll no doubt be other variables too.
  12. I’ve owned both black and white cars and IMHO white is by far the easier of the two colours to maintain; - doesn’t show swirls, minor scratches or water spotting - easier to wash on a sunny day than black - easier to DIY repair stone chips so they’re not noticeable As others have said, white does show the dirt, but then so do most paint colours; white will stay looking cleaner for longer after washing as it won’t show that layer of dust that always seems to be visible on a clean black car. The main downside I found with white paintwork is tar spots. Black cars won’t be immune from them, but they’ll be harder to see. However, they’re easily removed with a good tar / glue remover and in the absence of a tar / glue remover, WD40 also works.
  13. Agree, cost of car ownership will be a big factor in the current climate, together with households prioritising how their incomes are spent. Also, with work patterns having changed for many since pre-pandemic times and working from home being more common now, I dare say some have just got rid of that expensive piece of metal that now sits largely unused on the driveway or in the garage. As for the low volume of mk8 R’s; the impact of continuing supply chain issues on VW’s ability to be able to build cars will be a significant factor. There are some forum members over on the mk8 forum board who still don’t have their cars nearly two years after ordering them. Understandably, some would-be customers won’t be prepared to wait that long and may have sourced a more readily available alternative vehicle from one of VW’s competitors. Also, buying habits change and some potential R owners may have made the switch to EV’s. VW can also make more profit per vehicle by restricting supply. I watched one of Rory Reid’s (ex Top Gear) videos on YouTube a few months ago. He made the point that many car manufacturers made more profit during the pandemic than they had in pre-pandemic times by building fewer cars and focusing on higher value, higher spec models. Fewer new vehicles meant increased customer demand and no need (or less need) for car manufacturers to offer large - or any - discounts or large financial incentives to customers in order to sell cars which was good news for car manufacturers. In the current economic climate with household incomes stretched for many, the customer demand situation is likely to have changed. However, a strategy of car manufacturers restricting supply to drive increased demand and higher profits will have a bearing on why there may be relatively few sightings of certain models of cars on the roads. Apologies for going off topic……….🫢
  14. @Adam7.5R; did you buy your car from a dealer - VW or otherwise? If so, then as you bought it only 3 months ago, the water pump and thermostat housing ought to be covered under warranty.
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