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  1. I prefer Seat’s approach to paint colours; you can have any of the available colours choices you want at no extra cost, as a paint cost is built into the base price of the car. We all know the ‘free’ paint colour isn’t free on a VW - it’ll also be built into the base price of the car. Also the cost of painting a car with the free colour or an extra cost optional colour shouldn’t really be any different (*Oryx White might be the exception), as the painting process should be the same; galvanising the body shell, apply the primer coat, base colour coat then clear coat. So it could be argued that if the cost of the car includes the cost of the ‘free’ colour, then there’s no need to charge extra for any other colour. IMO it’s clever marketing on VW’s part (and other car manufacturers too) to get customers to pay £££’s extra for an optional paint colour as pretty much all of that extra charge will be profit to VW. There might be a small additional cost with a metallic or pearlescent colour for adding a few grams of metal flake or mica particles to the base colour, but I very much doubt that additional cost will be more than a few pounds per car at most. *Oryx White - I believe there’s an extra stage in the painting process; cars are painted pure white and then a separate pearl coat is applied before the clear coat. So maybe an extra charge is justified to cover the cost of the extra painting stage.
  2. @Captjack; Also, need to bear in mind that in January 2021, a 2018 registered car maybe considered by some to be a three year old car irrespective of when in 2018 the car was first registered. That could have a bearing on its value and how much buyers and the trade are prepared to pay for it. Traditionally, January isn’t a particularly buoyant month for car sales, which could also have the effect of depressing car values. As @TheBlondeFella has said, it might be better to wait a month or two and keep an eye on used car price movements.
  3. Yes, the camera angle is the master of deception. The picture has been taken from quite high up as you can see most of the roof and very little of the rear tyres. If the camera lens had been level with the rear lights, then it’d look very different and more SUV-like; more like the rear of a T-Roc R.
  4. Looking at the first post in this discussion, @Geeza mentions their car is on the fixed service schedule - which I understood to be the time and distance service regime - but doesn’t mention whether or not they have a service pack / service plan. If they do have a current official VW service pack then these no longer include the brake fluid change at the third time and distance service. I had a three year VW service pack / service plan with a previous car and it did include the brake fluid change. However, VW dropped the three year service pack around 2016 and the official offering is now a two year pack. VW have two different versions - one for cars under a year old that hasn’t had its first service, and the other for cars over a year old that has had its first service. Both of these service plans basically consist of just one minor service and one major service; all other work is now charged for as a separate serviceable item. So if @Geeza does have a VW service plan / service pack for their car, then it’s unlikely to include the brake fluid change that’s due at the third annual service. Some dealers may have their own version of a service plan / service pack though, and those dealer specific plans may include a brake fluid change. Link to the Service Plans section of VW ‘s website below. There an embedded video under the ‘cars over 1 year old’ section that outlines what’s included under the plan for cars over one year old that have had their first service. https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners-and-drivers/servicing/service-plans/buy-a-service-plan
  5. Thermal underwear is another alternative that’s cheaper than heated seats 😆.
  6. I’d ditch the winter pack. I’ve never felt the need for a heated steering wheel in well over 40 years of driving and if you’re not having leather seats, then is seat heating really necessary? And using an appropriate concentration of screen wash for winter use minimises the need for heated washer jets (if the washer fluid freezes in the flexible tubing between the washer fluid bottle and the washer jets, then heater washer jets won’t help anyway).
  7. Success in getting VW to authorise Paintwork and Corrosion warranty claims seems to be very hit and miss. Rusting front wings was a fairly common issue on the mk5 Golf, caused either by foam support blocks inserted between the inner and outer wings becoming saturated with water or the edge of the plastic wheel arch liner rubbing against the reverse side of the wing. The approach by VW to these corrosion warranty claims was very inconsistent; some owners managed to get their rusty panels replaced, some panels were repaired, VW made a goodwill contribution in some other cases, and some owners’ claims were denied completely. On those claims that were denied, VW often cited the damage was due to a mechanical defect! Invariably, where there is visible corrosion damage on an external panel, VW are likely to cite the damage is due to an ‘external influence’, meaning in their view it’s been caused by something like an impact from a stone chip which wouldn’t be covered under the paintwork warranty, rather than being due to a defect in the paint, the painting process or preparation of the body shell for painting which should be covered. If the claim is considered under the corrosion warranty, ‘through rusting’ is covered, but external rusting isn’t, so presumably, the only corrosion damage that’s covered would be where a panel has rusted through from the inside out. Therefore, if you were to raise another claim, I think you’d very likely get the same “not covered under warranty” response back from VW. You could try - nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say - but you’d probably be better off taking it to a reputable, high quality body shop and getting them to repair it (unfortunately at your cost) before it gets any worse.
  8. Agree, unfortunately it’s very unlikely VW will offer any goodwill. I think the factors making goodwill unlikely are; age of car servicing outside the VW dealership network. VW seem to be taking a much firmer line and are now much stricter on authorising legitimate warranty claims since being hit with significant Dieselgate fines. If they’re less receptive to genuine warranty claims, then sadly the likelihood of getting any goodwill from them outside of the warranty period is pretty slim IMO. @Adam chase; From the symptoms you’ve described with your car, it sounds as if the turbo may have failed. I’d be getting it into a good VW independent specialist for diagnosis and an estimate of the cost to repair - hopefully a replacement turbo and not a replacement engine, which would be the lesser of two evils. Good luck. Please update the forum when you’ve had your car checked over and the fault’s been diagnosed. Oh, and welcome to the forum.
  9. If your car’s infotainment unit is MIB 1 its a first generation unit and unfortunately the first generation units aren’t App Connect compatible. App Connect is needed to be able to display Waze on your infotainment unit screen. Car Net App Connect was a feature of the second generation MIB units (MIB 2) - introduced from car production week 22 in 2015 for model year 2016 cars. I think App Connect may have been standard on the Discover Pro units, and a £100 extra cost factory fit option on the Discover Nav units.
  10. There’s been a few owners on the forum who’ve bought Pretoria replicas from CMWheels - pretty certain they’ve been happy with the quality. If you use the forum search facility and search on ‘CMWheels’, there’ll no doubt be some feedback from forum members who’ve bought wheels from them. As regards differences; There may be a difference in the weight of the reps compared to the factory OEM’s. Also, bear in mind that the CMWheels Spielberg reps have a slightly more aggressive offset than the OEM version (reps; ET45, OEM’s; ET50), so it’d be necessary to replace all four wheels rather than just the damaged one if you went for the reps.
  11. ^This. The primary consideration would be that the wheel can be satisfactorily repaired, based on a reputable wheel refurbishment company’s view, and that the repaired wheel would be safe. If there’s any doubt over whether an effective, safe repair can be made by someone skilled and qualified to do such a repair, then replacement is the only way forward IMO. If the cost of a genuine OEM wheel is more than you’d ideally like to pay, then you could always consider getting a set of Spielberg replicas from CMWheels - much cheaper than the price you’ve been quoted by VW for a single OEM replacement; https://cmwheels.com/product/19″-vw-golf-r-spielberg-style-wheels-gloss-black-machined-vw-mk5-mk6-mk7-5x112/
  12. Sounds like your turbo might have failed. If you do an internet search on ‘symptoms of a blown turbocharger’, you’ll see the list of symptoms include most if not all of symptoms you experienced.
  13. Yes, this is true. It’d be interesting to know whether Prets that have suffered damage can be attributed to one specific manufacturer or if the damage / failure rate is similar across all manufacturers used by VW to make these alloys. Something we’ll probably never know.
  14. Me too. It amazes me that some people around where I live use their garage just to keep a 20 year old lawn mower in that’s worth diddly squat, but they leave their car worth many thousands of £’s in full view of anyone who might want to help themselves to it. I consider myself fortunate as I’m lucky enough to live in a relatively low crime area, and vehicle crime doesn’t seem to be a big issue. I fully appreciate that not everyone will be lucky enough to have a garage. Additionally, cars have grown considerably in size over the years so many modern cars won’t fit in an older garage designed for, say, a 1980’s car. However, for anyone who has a garage that’s large enough to accommodate their car, I’d always urge them to use it for that purpose, and to invest in a shed to keep the lawn mower in. @KAR_120C; really sorry to hear of your misfortune, and hope you and your family are OK which is the most important thing. I do hope the perpetrators are caught and get what they deserve.
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