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  1. I chose the R because of it's 'blandness'. Pop it into manual, overtake a line of traffic and then resume being another Golf. Unless I'm on a B road in which case...
  2. The extra button pressing required to switch between the speed limiter and ACC. Being unable to change the colour of the ambient/backlighting - red would be ideal for me. No adjustable seat bolsters in the standard trim. And not really an R fault but the boy racers who seem to think you want to race them and their riced cars.
  3. Ripley


    Mine are set to Auto, so that's always available when the ignition is on. Shame we can't change colours of the ambient lighting.
  4. Ripley

    New owner

    The first thing I did was figure out how to switch to the speed limiter; it seems a bit of a faff after the mk7 GTD. But worth it.
  5. Ripley

    New owner

    I have both at the moment after collecting an R on Monday. I was pleased to see the MPG was only 75% of the GTD - I was expecting far worse Although I'm not using it at the moment as it's getting a ceramic coating/PPF front; I can't wait to get it back and get some miles covered...
  6. Ripley


    Everyone has said that. A couple of customers saw it before I drove away on Monday and chose the same colour too.
  7. Sorry to hear about that. Hope you're unhurt. I'm definitely going to get a 2ch one; just trying to decide which one.
  8. I went with REEP in the end. I'm having the new car detail with full front PPF. It was dropped off this morning and I should get it back next week unless they get any earlier slots.
  9. Ripley


    So I finally joined the club at 1000 yesterday morning. Just a short run down to Silverstone, popped into my local for a swift beer and today it's gone off to REEP Midlands for a front PPF and new car detail.
  10. Ripley


    Did you manage to dim the instrument lighting?
  11. Ripley

    Hi all

    And yours on Tuesday
  12. Ripley


    Hi and welcome. On my '66 plate GTD you can alter the dash light brightness by going into the vehicle settings and choosing the light submenu; it only works when the ignition is on though.
  13. Ripley

    Hi all

    Enjoy it. I join the club when I collect mine in the morning 😁
  14. Thanks both for your replies. Just waiting to hear back from a couple of companies now.
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