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  1. Great results bet your well chuffed....... though this is dangerous grounds for me as only had my R Wagon a week and already thinking of Stage 1 on the engine and box. Slippery slope has already begun!
  2. bought mine new from JB4shop when I had my GTI, delivery was great but after installing it turned out the board had a slight fault. Contacted George at BMS showed proof of purchase and he sorted with JB4shop getting a new board out to me ASAP. all in all excellent srevice from both sides. p.s I have the B.T connect as well
  3. ...and the fact all 4 outlets are connected unlike the PFL MK7 being floating. Just collected my Mk7 R estate on sunday and already trying to decide on painting them black or getting some oval outlets made up to have a twin oval set-up
  4. I remember my old company Octavia VRS estate on the optional 19s had a very weird hum on certain road surfaces. Looked into it and several people tried directing it to if you drive the estate mainly un-loaded i.e. not much in boot the tires wear differently, something like the geometry is designed base upon some loading of the boot. Never really looked into it too much and left the company last year after having car for 12months
  5. popping the bonnet cable whilst trying to get under there 🙈 but went to see Shak at LSG and get ready t book it in for DSG & Haldex service and got Mark at SAS coming to install AWG next week.
  6. Went to pop the hood on my Estate yesterday evening after collecting it on Sunday and 'Pop' everything is loose, which leads me to this thread. 😖 off to get me tools and zipties out!!
  7. Thanks Man, Loving it. Also realised I posted a link and not the image haha here we go
  8. Well well collected the car a little quicker than expected, here she is. We'll happy with it 😁 http://imgur.com/gallery/bq64laN
  9. Morning All, My names Andy and I will be shortly the owner of a 66 Reg Lapiz Blue R Estate. Me and My fiancee recently moved out and purchased and new house which I had a mk7 GTI which was great fun but had a little too much money in it to justify whilst selling the house. so it was sold and I bought a little daily play thing So I have been running the Honda since Oct which is a little too long as the car is too good for daily duties so now the house is sorted and all finance reset, I am lucky enough to be engaged to someone who's brothers run a car dealer so they have sourced me a 66 Plate R Estate in Lapiz blue, it has all the standard stuff on it that I had in the GTI so it will be nice to get back to some creature comforts that the Honda misses. Plans are it will become my daily and the Honda becomes weekend track toy, but that has not stopped me messing before, had a JB4 on the GTI and induction and exhaust likely to do same again. Cars coming on Cadiz which if i'm honest really don't like so looking to replace with another set of 18s possible Pret Reps or similar. Really looking forward to experiencing the R Estate for all its great attributes and generally perfect all-rounder for my needs. Will Grabs photos of the car once I get it collected. Thanks, Andy
  10. 32, Application Engineer for Air Compressor Manufacturer
  11. Excluding Driving experiences; Quickest car i've driven, Mates 997 C2S Quickest Car i've owned, Tommi Mak Evo 6.5 - 380bhp
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