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  1. What Colour are the Prets? and where are you located? .... I would possibly consider that swap
  2. AJT13N

    VCDS Location Map

    If okay may drop a message soon if you can assist? 👍
  3. AJT13N

    VCDS Location Map

    Anyone around NW, close to Bolton/Chorley if possible? ... would like to code 4 rear brake lights on my Wagon thanks
  4. All these Wagons on aftermarket wheels 😍 .....damn my wallets going to hurt! haha
  5. Nice to know as had seen the coatings. and as you say make them stand out as a feature
  6. Guessing they wont as the standard 7R estate boxes are offset to the outside rather than symmetrical in the middle of the rear valance
  7. AJT13N


    Had my Wagon a week and just like any other performance car I had i tend to ignore the MPG side of things and go down the route if i get XXX to a tank of fuel in all driving styles i'm kinda happy with it. Set the Wagon to be if i get 300 miles to a normal tank I'll be happy, anymore great any less and I just hope its because i have given it some welly.
  8. Looking to go MTEC c-hook when the Wagon need discs and pads replacing which shouldn't be long. Agree with others view in good value and look smart
  9. think simple answer is no. Got my Estate booked in at VW for App Connect activation on Friday. It is a lot of money just to unlock but I have It on other vehicles and as I plan on keeping car for a good while it justifies me having it rather than not.
  10. p.s love them wheels and the colour of them really works on Lapiz
  11. They look great, soo much better than standard
  12. Welcome and loving the spec on this, estates really suit the grey and do the hatches to be fair. Cracking car enjoy
  13. AJT13N

    Hi from Cheshire

    Welcome, nice to see another member with a Honda as well. I have a Blue R Wagon and Blue DC5 Integra
  14. AJT13N


    Welcome, love the R in the Grey
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