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  1. Is it worth putting 19” talladega replica alloys On the golf..mk6, as the originals are hard to come by
  2. Ok brill.:.ill check them out..👍
  3. Not bad £13e I’ll order some from them 👍
  4. Hi ashmk6r No way, it had a flimsy clip at the end..snaps easily.. hope you got it sorted. ok thank you bro 👍
  5. Hi. Can I fit a different et instead of the et50 alloys on my golf, can the scirocco 19” talladega alloys fit ..mines lowered on 20mm h&r spring. any advice would be appreciated 👍
  6. Thanks will try some different vw dealer
  7. It’s just pot luck one person may have no problems with a car, th new buyer might have stuff going wrong (private buying) A good dealership you pay more but if they offer a good honest warranty then all good.
  8. .when you buy it like this...one should know the risks involved I guess..but same goes for the dealers...some are right dodgy..I always say when viewing are Car and your first instinct tells there’s a doubt ..walk away..that’s the hardest part lol 😂 has
  9. Hi I had a mk2 golf gti back in 2003, I put it up for sale, a friend of mines friend wanted to buy the car..so I said m8 are you insured..he said yes..so I gave himthe Car to take it with his family test drive, few hours later... he comes back I love the car and bought it...anyway 6 to 8 weeks later comes back to says Iv done him over.as there are loads of faults with the car ..I had the car for 4 years no problem...turns out few months later, some chap says to me you sold your gti, the guy who bought it ragged the day lights out of it.. so story is you sold in good faith..sold as seen..we take that risk end off!!! sad to hear, but who knows how he drove the r. privtae sales are risky but that’s the gamble we take.
  10. Especially in this current climate, mate of mine works at a estate agent..says property value will tumble down..knock on effect. wait bro.
  11. hI went to my local vw garage apparently they can order canards (after few hour of searching) for the front but say they vow don’t do them for the rear 🤔
  12. Yellow _TT your R looks stunning 👌
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