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  1. Love to hear how your R drives with a stage1 map
  2. Ok will check...are they a clip or the wing needs drilling ?
  3. Crazy, could I get these from vw as a aftermarket part?
  4. Hi thats a bit silly from vw ..maybe they did that so more people go for the options Mine was a standard package lol so one can’t buy them ?
  5. Hi i had a mk4 and 5 R while back I have a mk6r now ..its a nice car...but do miss the r32...that noise that engine beautiful
  6. Hi can someone please point me in the right direction, Iv seen a few mk6 golf R’s with these tiny plastic mud guard type things ? Where can I get from? Thanks
  7. How does the r drive now after the map….? was thinking of doing mine )
  8. No matter how careful one is, you will get a tool parking next you...leaves you with 1” to get out of your car and top of that I got the nasty look... muppets. The more you worry the more it happens lol
  9. Hi the paint looks factory wow...thanks will look in to the bodyshop its about 20min drive to Stamford so not bad... cheers
  10. Hi I’m looking into getting my rear bumper painted on my golf mk6 r, would anyone recommend a really good bodyshop in Peterborough area? Cheers
  11. Ok thanks for the info will look in to the ds 2500
  12. Hi my pads on the R wearing down, can anyone recommend good street pads with less brake fade? Also so is it worth fitting drilled and grooved brake disks ? My car is standard. cheers
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