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  1. Hi as above what is a pcv and what does it plz"?
  2. With a stage one map...what power increase is there in bhp and torque ?
  3. Is the stage 1 just a map and exhaust.…?
  4. Hi ok really lol Well at least you buy one filter for life I guess...even if it don’t do anything for performance thanks for the reply 😃
  5. ok cool really bugging me lol will get it checked out
  6. Hi I had my car parked on a flat surface today, I noticed my rear left alloy wheel sits slightly angled..the top of the wheel goes in slightly? Compared to the other 3 Could traking the alloys sort this out?
  7. Hi could be a bearing that drumming noise— use to get this on my golf mk4r, quite common. Nothing to worry about. Get it checked out for peace of mind
  8. Hi i joined a few days ago, I previously had mk4 & 5 r32’s Now moved to a mk6 golf R 5dr. dsg version, black. Hopefully will get some pictures up.
  9. Hi been thinking of putting a performance panel filter.. I’ve heard good things of a k&n filter ? worth fitting one? Thank you for reading
  10. Hi and thank you all for your information, makes sense now, it’s just me getting use to the golf and how it drives I guess ..sounds lovely when it’s changing gears wow.. I’ll definitely have a read of the dsg topic on here. Greatly appreciate it. 👍
  11. Hi ok cool, seems like a flat spot when I’m pulling of say coming to a junction and putting my foot down to go..I thought something was wrong with the gearbox. Hopefully I’ll get used to driving the r, so would I need to get the dsg mapped?
  12. Hi there just a quick question please I’m a new owner of a mk6 r 5dr dsg golf, I have never driven a auto dsg, When I drive is it normal the gears go up quickly, they seem in a high gear when I’m going slow speeds if that makes sense and when I pull off from a junction seems it’s in a higher gear ? any advice would be brilliant..thank you in advance for reading.
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