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  1. Thanks for this. I could not find info on extended warranty. Strangely my car comes up as no product available, will give them a bell as the stealership is all over me to get booked in
  2. Thanks. Less than a month to go so hopefully they will be in touch soon. My dealer offered a warranty with them for £450/year. So the £833 VW quote for 2 years may be a bit steep compared to what you paid.
  3. My car is approaching it’s 3rd birthday so is about to come out of warranty. What have people done about warranty cover when keeping the car? I don’t plan on changing until I can get an 8R estate. Extended warranty info is really hard to find on the VW site, but I have found an All-in policy that is £802.80 for 2 years which is cheaper than the price they quote for a 2 year warranty. I have my next 2 services paid up, wonder if they will cut a deal?? Interested to know what others have done
  4. Hi guys, looking for tips on a good cover for the back seat for carrying our new dog. Think I would prefer him where I can see him strapped into the back seat than in the boot. Cheers
  5. Mine condensate too, notice when I wash the car
  6. Bummer. Just looks untidy. A liveable downside to a totally awesome car.
  7. Does anybody else have issues with the bonnet insulation not fitting correctly. The bottom left of mine just will not stay in place.
  8. Carmats4u look nice. My drivers one is starting to wear through. Might go and have a look at those
  9. Thanks for this. Just had to change mine, shocked it went flat. Never had to change a key battery before.
  10. I was lazy and had VW do mine while it was in for a service
  11. Drove the car for the first time in 2 weeks today. Noticed I seemed to have a bit of a misting windows issue. When I hoped out I checked the carpets and the drivers footwell was proper wet, so much so it was frozen! Had a similar issue with my last Octavia, but this will fill the rear drivers side footwell with water. A drain pipe off the aircon was blamed for that. Does anybody know where this pipe is? I’m guessing perhaps comes down behind the foot rest? Please excuse the messy carpet, due a hoover out.
  12. Great guide. I had the exact same issue but had the dealer sort it. Still seem to get the odd bead of water every now and then after rain
  13. Had the exact same problem with mine. Had the dealer do the work under warranty though.
  14. Ahh, think it is this one I am due
  15. It will be almost 2 years old. Lock down has helped drag it out as was 500 miles to service in March
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