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  1. The joys of an estate. Get the longer bolt and it sits on top of the spare with space for a golf style umbrella on top all under the boot floor. Love my practical/bonkers family estate
  2. Not sure where you are based but these guys do TVS. I have a friend who entrusts them with all work on his Lambo. Was there this week and my R was by far the cheapest car in the workshop
  3. Just seen this on YouTube https://youtu.be/1QAC7CdyGHc
  4. I’d put in another vote for the helix in the spare wheel well. Added bonus is you fit this yourself too
  5. Thanks for the pointers. Hope to be having mine fitted next week by RE Performance in Swindon
  6. Do you mind me asking what the charge was to fit it?
  7. I have my pipe in the box ready to go. Who did people use to have theirs fitted? Do I go somewhere like Kwik fit and Protyre or do I find a tuning specialist? Any hints of people used around Cirencester or Swindon would be great.
  8. Managed to get my rears on using a thumb screw adapter on a torx bit. Was a faff, but managed it
  9. The rear ones go into the fabric arch liner
  10. A great solution found on here after my dealer refused to help
  11. Thanks for the reply. Just got to wait for a bit of dry weather to get the fronts sorted now. Did you bother with the extra holes for the rears, or just use the 3 screws?
  12. Managed to get my rears on without taking the wheels off. I didn’t put the 2 extra holes through the arch liner, did people put them in? Fronts will have to wait for time to get the car in the air to pop the hole in underneath. Offered the fronts up, they seem a very tight fit as the shape of them seems to push them away from the body, does this get better when fully screwed in? Thanks
  13. The Kid

    1 VW

    Inchcape have the plate still
  14. Mine is on order, will feedback in a couple of weeks how it performs
  15. The Kid

    1 VW

    That’s the one. Wonder if it is a dealership car as was in the demonstrators bay a couple of days later in Swindon again
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