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  1. Has anybody ever spoken to a dealer about pitting and degrading exhaust tips being replaced under warranty?
  2. Rears were starting to get low so plumped for all 4 corners now MPS4S. Initial thoughts after my drive home from work, seem to be quieter than the Conti SP, looks like the rim protection may be a bit smaller than the Conti though
  3. I have Conti Sport Contact 5’s at the moment. One front needs replacing as worn (Other was new 6 months ago after a screw in the sidewall) My choice is either swap both fronts to PS4S or just buy one new. What are you thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the tip, will pop it off and have a look
  5. Mine was very misted today, took ages to clear the boot glass. When I got home pulled up the front mat and the carpet was really wet. Had this in an Octavia, anybody have any idea where the ac drain pipe is as that was the cause
  6. Dan could you point me towards this, my drivers footwell is wet and this was a problem I had with my last Octavia
  7. Can you just pull a plug off the Soundaktor. I very much dislike its fake noise, ruins race mode, plus mine rattles no end some days
  8. I have a white 7.5 estate. Almost 1 year into ownership and have not been tempted to look for the replacement. (This was my 4th car in 5 years and took me 5 months to find) Love it’s Jekyll and Hyde nature. Great family car, but then also great when it’s just me, helped by the addition of a helix and a res delete (little bit mid-life crisis)
  9. I really like it. Sounds so much nicer on a cold start, sounds like it looks it should. Seems to pop and bang more on overrun in race mode (Need to find somebody close to me with VCDS though, the fake sound is irritating especially as the unit is rattling again). Not too much drone, you can hear it is not standard when cruising. Can just be a bit deep and boomy under load on hills for example before it kicks down. Drove in a multi-storey this week for the first time with it, it was a head turner! Only downside is now my wife can tell more if I’m pushing on a bit from the increased noise of the standard set up. The guys that fitted it also commented that they were impressed with the build quality.
  10. I was unsure when I say them in the dealers. Had them in my last Octavia and the VW ones seemed thinner and had less of a lip at the edges
  11. The joys of an estate. Get the longer bolt and it sits on top of the spare with space for a golf style umbrella on top all under the boot floor. Love my practical/bonkers family estate
  12. Not sure where you are based but these guys do TVS. I have a friend who entrusts them with all work on his Lambo. Was there this week and my R was by far the cheapest car in the workshop
  13. Just seen this on YouTube https://youtu.be/1QAC7CdyGHc
  14. I’d put in another vote for the helix in the spare wheel well. Added bonus is you fit this yourself too
  15. Thanks for the pointers. Hope to be having mine fitted next week by RE Performance in Swindon
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