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  1. The new shape Rs6 is a beast, such a nice looking car. Not sure what the point of the video was when the Rs6 is in many leagues above the R
  2. Carter


    That's exactly my opinion on it, its put me off getting a BMW 320d for my next company car and there not massive power at around 190bhp im Looking at a vw arteon instead now. Drifting and getting the back end out isn't for me , maybe im getting old!
  3. Carter


    Thanks, its feels so much more solid than the m3 and not just in terms of handling. Next month I'm getting it ceramic coated and getting a milltek fitted.
  4. Carter


    Thanks , Yeh there's not many about
  5. Carter


    Anyone have any experience of an rs5? There's not many around probably due to the price they are new. I've had mine for a couple of weeks now after getting rid of my m3 which I had for about a month! Couldn't really get on with the m3. It was not easy to drive it hard. In the wet it was a complete waste of time. Went from an rs3 to m3 to rs5. Loving the rs5 so far the interior is much better than the m3 and rs3. My only negative is the exhaust is a little quiet but I've got it booked in for a non res milltek next month. After that I'll go stage 1
  6. They do mention in the video the golf has an extra 10bhp meaning the s3 is stock. Strange about the badge though.
  7. He much preferred the interior quality on the s3 though. Said the quality was better than the R
  8. Impressive, although I very much doubt that will be the figures the likes of apr or revo will give for stage 1 map on it.
  9. Nope just brakes and tyres, we were given 4 years unlimited mileage vw warranty when we got the car and never used it once. Lol I was just coming of the motorway when it ticked over so I managed to stop before it changed It could do with a respray on the front to be honest, I didn't ppf it or ceramic coat it but I wish I did. I have had all my other cars coated.
  10. I've always done a lot of miles with my job but this is the first petrol I've had as a company car. Thats an older pic but still looks great when clean. I told the dealer I do high mileage when I got the car and they put it on longlife. Every 18k I still drive it hard from time to time. Average 29mpg on a normal run. Tyres seem to last forever aswell , I bought a draggy for my rs3 a few months ago and keep meaning to try it in the R to see what 0-60 it can do after 140k.
  11. This is my company car, its a 2016 R Estate. I've had it for nearly 3 years and it hasn't missed a beat. Keeps going and going It's always serviced ontime and whatever needs doing gets done, I've had focus's, passat's, astras and this 2L petrol turbo has been by far the most reliable I've had. Am I really lucky with this car? or am I not the only one to have no issues with higher mileage?
  12. Its a BMW individual colour Mexico blue, its not to everyone's taste its a bit bright!
  13. The m3 goes in next week to be coated and rear spoiler fitted It's taking me abit of time to get used to it, completely different to the audi. The audi I could really push it into a corner or round a roundabout if I do that in the m3 traction will kick in or it will spin even with traction on in the wet. I got a 3.3s 0-60 in the rs3 it felt brutal off the line, this I would be lucky to get 4 I think. Straight line speed the m3 is quick, the way it picks up the speed is pretty impressive. It feels as quick as my stage 1 rs3. definitely quicker than a stock
  14. I agree, although I suspect the new rs3 will be a complete animal. They need to flare the arches like the rs4 and rs6 on this model.
  15. Yes mate, I wasn't planning to get rid of the rs3 but dreamcar giveaways approached me and offered me a really strong offer. I've still got my golf r Estate work car and I was planning to stick with that. That lasted about 2 weeks 😂 I love the M3 though, always wanted to try one. I've got a carbon rear spoiler still to be fitted to finish the kit
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