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  1. I mentioned that to vw but they said it would show a fault code up. The tyres that are on the front now have 5mil tread on them. Before i had the tryes changed the tyres changed the car ran perfect apart from the noise. Now i have the noise and the traction issue. If i drive the car hard the light doesn't come on. One when driving normal it kicks in. When i turn traction control off it drives fine My thinking is they have damaged a sensor. Vw want it back in to fit 4 wheels from a sales Car to it to eliminate the tyres
  2. They said they did, they scanned the car aswell and no faults were logged atall. Ill try and take a video, i cant see how the car can loose traction at that speed. Before i could drive it really hard and wouldnt see the traction light unless it was wet or taking a corner abit fast
  3. Thanks for the replys, The thing is going 30mph and with my foot hardly touching the the pedal the traction control kicks in. Same if im going 70mph. Its like the car thinks its loosing grip but it cant be at that speed?
  4. Hi all, Ive got a mk7 R estate and im looking for abit of help! It went into Vw for a service and a wheel bearing noise, vw said it was because the tyres have worn uneven causing road noise. I got the front 2 tyres changed like they recommended. Originally had pirelli changed to Bridgestone on the front. After quickfit fitted the front tryes the traction control comes on ALOT. if i floor it at 40-60mph the traction kicks in. Infact its completely changed yhe characteristics of the car. I went back to quick fit, they didnt really have an answer but swapped the fronts with the back. This didn't help and now the traction control kicks in when doing 30mph and very lightly on the accelerator. Also comes on at 70ish with liytle pressure on the accelerator. Vw couldnt find anything wrong, they couldnt see it on the test drive and no errors logged. Could it be the Bridgestones? Anyone had this before? Vw want the car for a few days to swap the wheels with a sales car to see if the fault goes. After all of the above i still have the wheel bearing noise 😒
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