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  1. Hey folks came across someone selling the bigger screen on Facebook just wondering if it is true about the 3GO checked my settings and it is 3GO wonder if it’s plug and play thanks steve
  2. I’m sure it’s normal mines does the same thing steve
  3. So whilst indoors I’ve been contemplating between the L450 & 500 not much difference in price but would the 500 be a lag monster ? or would an l450 with meth kit (aem) be better I’m in two minds for this as how would the ecu revert back to a standard map when say Empty of meth in my Subaru days I had a syvecs ecu which could switch between meth and non meth via a toggle switch steve
  4. Haha cheers bud it is going to be slow tbh not in any rush though steve
  5. Well the modding has started already have a r360 and a jb4 but have just bought an integrated engineering IC brand new off eBay for 450 next will be a L450 and a sports cat will be slow due to the Whats going on steve
  6. What I had from when I got mine done PS. Alcantara cleaning: In order to preserve the beauty of Alcantara it is recommended that regular cleaning is carried out. Daily cleaning: It is sufficient to dust Alcantara using a soft brush, a dry microfiber cloth, or a vacuum cleaner. Weekly/Monthly cleaning: After having dusted Alcantara, run a slightly moistened white cotton cloth over it (some alcantara cleanera see below are recommended previous customers ). Run it over the whole Alcantara material, making sure not to wet it excessively; Leave to dry (overnight). Once dried, in order to restore the material, brush it delicately with a soft bristle brush. Avoid the use of printed absorbent cloths/papers as they can release ink onto the material. Alcantara cleaners: http://www.autofinesse.co.uk/alcantara-cleaning-guide https://www.autobritedirect.co.uk/products/alcantara-and-suede-surface-cleaner/ad-alcantara Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SS--uP_OXFY Regards Royal Steering Wheels team
  7. Hey folks activated this via obd11 but it’s showing in gallons does anyone know how to change it to litres ? cheers steve
  8. Looking good mate wonder if they would look good on a white car lol centre caps are 70 odd quid lol
  9. Well if it’s stage 2 it’s not gonna have a standard clutch I think he’s gonna give you a straight no on your low ball offer tbh
  10. did you get there tcu map aswell? any changes in shift points or just the standard increase of clamp pressure? steve
  11. ah right gotcha lol no worries cheers for the info will give them a shout as mine needs done in jan cheers steve
  12. where where did you go for your haldex in aberdeen? steve
  13. Hi Alexis cheers for the info i was reading that Rick was also able to do this unfortunately unicorn is to far for me to travel so MRC in Falkirk are the closest along with ecotune steve
  14. Hey folks, Just wondering if anyone can shed light on this as i have my car getting both the ECU & TCU remap soon. Ive been reading that the MRC TCU map only uprates the clamping pressure and nothing else Yet the likes of APR adjust shift points / multi stage LC & various other cool features am i incorrect with what I have said above or can MRC incorporate this into a TCU map for me cheers steve
  15. Just the maps I don’t know if the infotainment can be updated outside of vw steve
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