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  1. One on eBay for 4500 lol steve
  2. Auto instruct also has a good one though it say it should take ages to do I did both my front and rear in about an hour and a bit https://www.autoinstruct.com.au/manufacturer/volkswagen/mk7-golf/mk7-golf-dash-cam-install/ steve
  3. George seamons on the Facebook golf r forum makes the looms he also sells the full kit which is circa 500 quid steve
  4. Rob2k68 did them not sure he does them anymore
  5. Best bet would be to contact Alex and see what he says he might send out another set for you Steve
  6. Cheers for the info guys was just the background theme I was after as I’ve already got MIB2 with the 8inch screen cheers Steve
  7. Who did the upgrade ? wonder if it’s available from vw or online cheers Steve
  8. Perfect thanks for the info steve
  9. Hey folks hope everyone is well and keeping safe just a quick question for dashcam wiring is it the ACS fuse taps I need ? thanks steve
  10. Question you have to ask yourself is are you going to be happy with stage 2 with supporting mods the L450 @2.2 bar will push 460 ish potentially more if your happy with stage 2 go for the X steve
  11. Best to contact him via Facebook messenger dan littco is his username Steve
  12. To get the most out of a L450 you ideally need a HPFP and 4 bar map sensor I’m running a L450 in mines but due to the limitations of the standard sensors it’s running on a lot lower boost getting mines redone when I’m back from offshore to up the boost. Should see 470 from it initial thoughts are you loose a small amount of lower end but nothing too noticeable steve
  13. I went for IE fmic purely because someone was selling a brand new one for 450 on eBay lol I probably would of went for Wagner if I hadn’t found that deal on eBay steve
  14. For that price of 2k you could get a dq500 box and if you ever decided to go big power you wouldn’t need to worry about the dq250 steve
  15. That’s the ones mate apolgies for the typo steve
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