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  1. I've noticed that when I have full lock on steering and set off from standing, eg: pulling out, even if the ground is only slightly damp, I can almost drift the car across the lane. Quite the shock as it was only in comfort mode. It felt like my old mk5 GTi if I'd dumped the clutch and gone 100% WOT, but had more play in the backend in the 7R. I wasn't driving like a looney, it was just one of those blind corners where you pull out of a side street and cross a lane to the other side. However, one thing to note is that this car gives me 0% confidence with AWD being of any advantage over FWD, but I think a lot of this is due to the stock wheels. My R33 GTR (623bhp) had loads of grip and was RWD until you pushed it, and then 50% would go to the front (HKS torque split controller), but that had much wider wheels on it. That car felt like it was on rails. The wider tyres though were awful in winter due to not cutting into the snow, as they would sit on top and offer no traction. I'm going to take the 7R for a wheel alignment and tracking as I'd only had the car for a few months and it's 5 year old and probably never had it looked at.
  2. In fact I tried getting in touch with those guys and they wanted £800 to convert the software in mine. I've been quoted £250 else where. VW dealerships don't seem to know how to do it, even though it's just a case of having ODIS and changing the software, which is the route I think I'll have to take.
  3. Did you have to have your MIB software changed to EU version? I have a Japanese import and I'm struggling to get UK maps to work with it. I can download the UK maps and make an SD card etc, but the head unit only wants Japanese software updates and Japanes maps. What did they do to resolve the AU to UK maps? Was it just a case of having the correct software update on an SD card, or did they have to do some computer wizardry with the unit in the glove box?
  4. I've seen the 6R in Gran Turismo 6, but yet to see a 7R. It seems to be GTi's only in most video games. The new Need for Speed Heat only has GTi and TCR mk7's.
  5. How does the CP come off? Is that a dealer job with proof of purchase? Like a receipt from eBay or online store showing you bought it and didn’t nick it
  6. I’ll have a look at that as the speedo is also in kph so a MIB2 would mean I could put in the virtual dash as well.
  7. Cheers. I've found some people that have quoted around £200 for the software conversion. However, I'm thinking that maybe a UK MIB2 infotainment box for the glovebox and the protection removal might be a better route, and that would give me things like Apple/Android Car play etc. Still a bit undecided 🤔
  8. I've managed to have a play with VCDS and I've changed the radio to EU for FM and ROW for AM. This has given me UK radio. However, the radio doesn't want to store the channels like a normal head unit. I can use the scan feature and it loops through about four channels until you stop it, and whichever station you stop on it sticks to. Also, I've noticed that the infotainment will keeping playing whatever media you're listening too, but sometimes locks the screen so you can't change driving modes until you turn off the stereo and turn it back off again. The maps now no longer default to Japan but it's asking me to insert a storage device with valid maps on, something about a release file. I have a genuine VW map SD card that's up to date, so I'm wondering if this is the limitations of the Japanese firmware. I'll keep digging and post when I know more. Next stage will either be to pay a retrofitter to put the UK software on it, or to purchase a second hand MIB2 and get past the component lock via listing a VW dealership.
  9. How do you purchase the stickers as they appear to be out of stock?
  10. 2002 VW Polo, but I had a GSXR400 at the time, so I used to overtake my instructor after each lesson leaving the town. Naughty I know hahaha.
  11. Hi Samx300,  I've recently purchased a mk7 Golf R which turns out to be a Japanese import to the UK. I've put a post up about it and I've been told that you might be able to help me to get the radio and sat nav to work? It's currently running the Japanese firmware and I've no idea how to change it over to the UK version. Any help would be awesome.

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      Hello bud,

      Just seen this here. I believe we have been exchanging posts on the FB Group too. Please send me a personal message over there. Thanks

  12. I have a Japanese MK7 Golf R and are based in the UK. However, the FM range is limited and the sat nav things it's east of Japan. I've got a VW EU Maps SD card and wanted to know if anyone else has been able to change the region of the firmware to UK or ROW? Everything else works fine and the head unit is in English US etc, but it would be great to get the Sat Nav working and the radio. Any help or suggestions would be awesome. 🙌🏻 I've been into the software versions and it's given me the following: Version information: VO3959802NP 7521 JP 2016 Device part no: 5G0035050A Navigation Database: 7521 Software: 0258 Installed Software train Version: MHIG_JP_VW_P0258 HMI Software Version: 14.33.0_H15.17.3006_HIGH_JP Model: GuideModel_15.17.3001 Software Base: H15.17.3006-201408130838
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