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  1. Bit late, but pics here. I'm awful at photography (as you can see lol). Looks decent after a clean though. Think I'll get paint correction at some point. Really love this car!!!
  2. Bought from independent dealer. How would I find out if I have DasWelt?
  3. On the back of this post, I decided to try and do the mod. Got the bulbs, got the lights out (even passenger lol), but found that the bulbs I'd bought (like the ones above) are not compatible. Mine look like below. Am I missing something. In this video, the guy replaces his, so presumably it's possible.
  4. Great. Thanks guys. Think I'll opt for all in, with excess. Seems to be best of both worlds (cost and cover). I still have few months left on dealer warranty, so I'll get it after that. Out of interest, if you have an extended warranty, will they check if you THINK something is wrong? i.e. there is a noise here/rattle there/something doesn't feel right. This is a little less obvious, vs exhaust falling off lol.
  5. Just had a look at the VW warranty. Pretty reasonable considering. I have zero experience with any kind of warranty (years of company cars lol). Is it best to apply an excess? And is it best to go named or all component cover?
  6. I'll definitely look into extended warranty once the dealership one has finished. Thanks.
  7. Yeah, I thought that might be the case lol. Doesn't seem to be a definitive answer on any of the forums, so looks like I'm going to become very acquainted with my local VW specialist!
  8. Thanks for all the replies! This site is such a wealth of R knowledge lol!! Had absolutely no idea about the air con. Always thought it would cost a fortune to run all year round. Definitely something I'm going to change! I'm obsessed with eco mode at the moment (strange right lol?). Maybe something to do with proving good mpg to partner lol. Gonna spend more time in race/normal I think! Definitely more fun!!! As for steering click, think I'm gonna get it checked out. Don't fancy suspension repair outside of warranty. Thanks again all. Much appreciated 😊👍
  9. Hi Had my 64 plate manual R for few weeks now and absolutely love it! I'm still amazed every time I get in the car. Not just with performance, but regularly getting 40mpg+ in eco mode. Astonishing! This forum was instrumental in my purchase (thanks all!), so decided to join and hope to contribute. There are a few things I've noticed that I wanted some advice on, as I'm still within dealer warranty. 1- With AC off, vents seem to blow warm air. There also seems to be warm air coming from driver foot well. Is this normal? AC works fine, but I don't want to have it on constantly. 2- Having cleaned the tailpipes just last week, the inside 2 have got pretty sooty already. Could it be running rich? 3- Had anyone else experienced a clicking when in full lock and going slowly? This happens both ways. Seems fine at speed, but very noticeable under 10mph. Thanks in advance and apologies if I've posted these questions in the wrong section.
  10. I'm looking into a stage 1 (prob either unicorn, APR or Revo). I'm also looking into cost effective bolt-ons that would compliment the map. Do the turbo inlet elbow, muffler delete, intake hose and panel filter all compliment each other? Also, where did you get them from and how much did you pay (if you don't mind me asking)? I have very little knowledge of modding cars, but have read/watched LOADS. My R is manual also. Accepting clutch will fail at some point, but have no interest in anything past stage 1. Any and all advice (from anyone) is very welcome. Thanks.
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