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  1. Oooo I like RED! Welcome.
  2. Rudi said "Beep Beep", which probably means "Merry Xmas" (or "change my oil you slack bastard").
  3. Took a week off and drove Rudi to my uncle's Jindabyne property with my daughter. A great relaxing time away from the city/work/wife.
  4. Mark Zed

    R Daddy Wagon

    Welcome! Lots of good reading here. I have a bog standard R Grid Wagon, and loving it.
  5. I have leased all of my VAG cars (all 4) and didn't modify any of them. I never really considered that it was because of the lease, but more of a warranty thing. Ultimately the cost of repairs and outside-of-warranty repairs should something go wrong would come back to me at lease end because I went way over budgeted repair costs. Also at lease end, the car is of no concern to the bank I owe the payout figure to, as long as they get their money. My bank (that I work for, btw) got rid of their Equipment Finance team (that would take cars back and auction them) years ago to save money. Might be a different arrangement between Australia and GB.
  6. Mark Zed


    Welcome Paul 👍
  7. Maybe one with a few tweaks to beef up the go-factor, if ya know what I mean (nudge nudge wink wink say no more).
  8. I had an R36 sedan and it was delightful. I think that the numbers suggested that it needed a little more oomph for a decent sized sedan (220kW/350Nm if i recall correctly) but it felt quick and it roared when you dropped the foot during launch control. Inside of front tyres got a hammering during our time together and its handling was above average but not superb. Pretty sure a bog standard R36 would outdo a similar R32 but not by a lot.
  9. Mark Zed

    New R Logo

    Hate it. Fancy artwork trying to be the letter R.
  10. Mark Zed

    Australia 7.5 R

    Welcome! Lots of good stuff to read in here and some nice people.
  11. Mark Zed

    Hi all

    Nice looking R, welcome.
  12. Took my daughter for another hour long drive for her L-plates. Changing lanes on the free way. plenty of room and as she starts to change lanes, the prick in the new lane speeds up and blasts his horn. Both of us knew there was room. You just get dicks like this on the roads, wanting to teach learners a lesson. He came up the inside, pulled level and waggled his finger at me. I just shook my head in disgust.
  13. It looks ok but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I like the VW logo to be visible, not disguised and like other people to see it as well.
  14. My daughter drove Rudi (and I) to Mittagong in the Southern Highlands and spent ages browsing an antique shop, followed by a quiet coffee. A nice day and two more L-plate hours to her total.
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