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  1. have to say some of he's videos in ref to clubsports helped me with my purchase of one (as well as LLF - the 500BHP Clubsport), found he's other stuff decent enough to be fair. Friend of mine has dealt with a purchase from he's company & highly recommends. at first i thought the video though was a stage 1 car and i was like "what?!!? 10k for that" obv realising after brakes on that etc
  2. had mine replaced under warranty, fair few have. I did though ave like 5 other issues at the time so maybe they just thought the ol whilst it's here we'll just do it. Speak to VW HQ though, i find them very good to deal with
  3. My car is much more comfortable to drive than it was stock...and it had DCC. On KW V3's , makes stance, handling and as said the feel for it much more nicer to drive.
  4. worked out i've done just under 3,000 miles since this time last year. bought it December 2018 with 7000 on it . Car is now 4 year old with just under 19,000 on the clock
  5. actually, forgot i took some pics of the small mud flap thingys fitted. Gloss black, thought they went well with rest of the gloss black skirts,trim on the car
  6. So few weeks back decided to switch it back onto original alloys due to weather, i know ideally with winter wheels it's meant be better smaller wheels but just rather use these than the BBS one's. Looks actually decent. Also, got some tiny mudflap sort of things fitted - bit hard to see maybe in the pic
  7. I thought DCC wasn't all that, felt so much better when i fitted the KW V3's on. As few said, best to test drive both though really.
  8. that place looks stunning, very jealous. no christmas work do for me, furloughed, no clue when i'm going back
  9. nice, i'm gonna look at the 5mm spacers when it comes to putting my summer wheels back on.
  10. looks good mate, im curious with the 3mm spacers as i assume non hubcentric, i want to run like a 5mm spacer on front of mine but keep getting told about non hubcentric are like too dangerous? car looks well mate and i'm tempted to take part on that revo sale deal being few days left, would like what you've done with TVS TCU, meant to be perfect.
  11. mainly comments along those lines of, "not as much fun" or about the "rariety" of mine. either way i'm gonna def try test drive / go out in one beginning of new year.
  12. well the weekend i spoke to few RS3 owners as i had shown some interest in buying a FL next year (maybe), they all seemed to say i'd regret it? Bit confused, i do find myself every other day keep looking at them on car sales sites, i was hoping maybe with the brand spanking new one coming out it will help with prices on the version before? We'll have to wait and see i guess.
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