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  1. Had my thermostat done in feb after noticing coolant burning smell, done under warranty. 3/4 weeks later, indepdent dealer said it was very strong smell still and coolant residue from being replaced should of burnt off by then. Taken back, said it was resisude. 2 months later, same smell again, new dealer said was residue and did pressture test etc & said take back to original dealer if happens again (had go diff dealer due to covid 19 backlog), cleaned all underneath myself . VW did a vw health check vid last week as in for a major service......coolant residue underneath again as notced by vw tech.....back i go next week to VW. i swear it's the water pump though. Only been over 1700 miles since replaced.
  2. Major Service all done, vehicle was on a service plan so FOC : ) some nice comments made by VW tech on suspension/wheels set up during health check video which was nice to hear.....until i looked closer and it was pointed out of the antifreeze/coolant residue on the sump? But bit of history on it..had the thermostat replaced in feb, checked again in March as coolant burning smell again & very strong but told it was fine & just resiude burning off (even tho an independent & someone else said it should of burnt off by then - was nearly a month) Then back again in late May, into different dealer (original had month + waiting list). who confirmed no leaks, pressure tested & reckons residue still? Cleaned off myself after it came back underneath (took pics). Car not used much as was furloughed, but had smell again on/off lately (has been hot) but now when shown the video can def see there is still an issue. Going back in next week to get looked at AGAIN. Car's done over 1750 miles since the thermostat was replaced.
  3. Hi, thanks. they actually wasn't the same connectors, it's mad because you'd think they would be as there were an actual optional extra for this car. Had cut off old connectors from original seats for air bags, add resistors. Heated seat stuff i'm not worried about as due to my cushions i don't feel any of it, seatbelt occupancy stuff all been sorted, but some people do swap over the sensors - but think little involved?
  4. sound deadening is a must i believe if you're upgrading, makes so much difference. When i upgrade the system more later in the year i plan to sound deaden more, probably do the floor.
  5. give SCC Performance a shout in St.Albans
  6. to be honest, i made the mistake and never knew/realised i had it, feel silly. lol so i told the garage to order the non dcc coilovers in, when they got wheels off etc, they then told me i had DCC. So i just let them carry on and wait for the DCC delete kits. I have read more people preffered to not have it. but it's weird because even when i went on select mode for different driving, it never said DCC at the top, it was like w/o DCC or something. Feel stupid for not realising but is what it is now. But i admit, it never felt that comfortable....feels much better now
  7. Thank you. Yeah i had the 3D plates on, but as well as being lightly tinted, i had #120 instead where codes should be to show which number CS it was lol I got pulled on a dark/rainy day tbf, let the police through, noticed in mirror blue lights on spinning around like mad in a very tight local residential road & came flying around like a nut case in a 20mph to get behind me....i was literally turning into my road where i lived. TBF they seemed fine when i got out the car, decent enough commented on the car etc, but said number plates were obv not right as it flagged up and said about my window tints, just let me carry on but obv fine me next time. I had gone completely off the number plates though, esp the 3D type, i din't think they suited this car/look i was going for in the end, so just got some nice gel ones from Full House Customs & correct codes at the bottom lol Had plenty of police/traffic officers before prior behind me, looking at car & nothing said, the car doesn't really scream out pull me like sort of thing,, but it is what it is. I also put the number plate front surround back on as preferred the look of that also again
  8. thank you all. Yeah currently looking at power next....trying to establish on which tuner to go with....it's a headache lol, but i'll be keeping the posts up to date
  9. Hi, used them twice, MOT/Brake fluid change and supplied/fitted new battery, both times be really good, decent to chat to etc. Would use them in the future still
  10. ahhhhhhh ok, i'll try that one more at the front also, well i'll have a look today to see if any signs of it. If not like i say mine's up on the ramps on tuesday for the DCC delete kit so they can have a butchers at it in more depth. I reckon i can get better on these, but i guess it's just research and trial/error. either way 100% better than stock, lol
  11. Yeah i read that also, proper commited then though ain't you to get it lol I not gone stage 1 even yet so not sure if that will be plenty for me anyway lol. I'll just ave to swallow it, enough plenty of good tuners out there doing the ol stage 2 if i did decide i guess.
  12. Thinking of going with that R-tech on mine, seem to be really good
  13. thank you both, yeah i was really wanting the subtle touches/look Since the incident the very next day the car has really good high end protection now + further additions. On the night though, i do think he was shocked as when he jumped in my driver's seat, i don't think he expected a raise floor with pedal extensions and hard to sit in seat haha, so i think it helped in the prevention of the car being taken as hard to drive for someone tall.
  14. Now ontop of the coilovers & wheels......latest addition..........Genuine GTI Clubsport wingbacks........i took the plunge & chance.....i have said from the start the standard seats were fine but yes the wingbacks did look special and a fellow CS owner who'd had them in he's for last 3 years was putting he's car back to standard & we striked a deal (few piggy bank jars raided in the house haha). Once in.......blimey do they make the cabin inside feel alittle bit more different/special.....my lumbar supports fit well....but the back one will have to be altered to have that wingback look (no urgent rush tho) Anyway...this is up to date now, sorry for all the posts, but as i'm part time furlough i've got some time on my hands...i really wanted to share my car journey. Hope you all enjoy......not sure what's next......bit more power?? who knows....either way she's looking exactly how i pictured it from a stance/wheels point from when i first got it.
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