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  1. https://www.carbonmyride.com/collections/vw-accessories/products/vw-golf-gloss-black-front-and-rear-badge-cover-mk7 i got mine from here, i only switch to black badges during winter time etc, then go back to chrome for summer etc. i honestly don't know why lol
  2. Hi, cheers for info, been speaking with VBT last few days, seems it comes down to really the specific 18" wheel size. i've given measurements and i think the 4 pots will fit behind the 18" wheels i want for winter. They have sent me couple of templates to check which is decent of them.
  3. speaking to VBT today, gonna be going 4pots now anyway
  4. Hi, hope your all well. need to get some advice. Looking to drop to 18" wheels soon but at the same time I'm looking to upgrade to a BBK - pref AP Racing 6 pot's - will i have any issues with fitment? has anyone got a BBK on 18" wheels?? the 18" wheels are 7.5J / ET49 - cheers
  5. Early edition was a really decent one, was my first time & put my car on show (even tho nothing special lol), but i agree was a good mix. but mostly air ride etc. I do plan to go Edition 38 as never done that one
  6. I got a catch can even before mapped, i read a lot of known VAG specialists recommend them, i've seen some vid clips of non tuned cars with them empty the catch can & mad how much it catches. Glad i got mine, not had to empty it as much i must say but when i have, rank
  7. "i would be interested to see what would happen if you took the contents of the can, stuck it in a pan and heated it up to" i got to this part and started to wonder where this was going lol
  8. yeah since mapped i've been doing oil change now every 6k , i think when i go stage 2 i may change the oil from standard VW - i'll just go with whatever my tuner recommends
  9. Yeah, makes me wonder what it's about as i know alot use it still & had no issues. odd. I've kept normal standard stuff in mine (Stage 1)
  10. i was told normal standard VW stuff is good enough, been reading alot of negative stuff ref millers for awhile - unsure exactly why as obv alot of people use it.
  11. Yeah i've got a full non rest Scorpion cat back system on the car already so going to keep it all the same with the Scorpion sports cat. Heard few others with this set up & think the noise sounds spot on. can't wait now to go stage 2
  12. I'll be going sports cat? as cant be doing with the MOT issues was just saying if more noise i believe a decat makes it louder also
  13. i believe if you have a Decat downpipe then very much louder.....sports CAT i'm unsure
  14. thanks for feedback everyone, think i'm def going with it. nice 430 bhp on FWD be fun i think lol
  15. nice, yeah i keep getting the emails from them lol had revo on my previous car & there customer service is quality, that paul fella this is a top bloke to deal with. But i'm custom mapped by VRS Northampton and gonna keep with them
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