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  1. So won a powerflex dog bone mount & Turbo Technics intake hose in a competition. Sent into local Indepedent dealer to have parts fitted and at the same time had them do a DSG, Front Diff Haldex, Aircon & Minor Service, R600 Intake with coolant re-route hose. I fitted myself the ECS Tuning Battery/ECU/Fuse covers couple of weeks before, think it looks pretty tidy.
  2. I have the X903D-G7 in mine, as well as the alpine DVD player. Running JL Audio Amp/Sub, as well as Focal speakers front & rear. Head unit is decent, i wanted to get the most out of my system, with all configuring you can do with it, only thing lost was screen showing the car and performance monitors. my DAB is rubbish tbf, still yet to sort it but tbh i don't really use radio much. Also, i noticed phone settings alittle bit on dash screen always says Phone not avail, but it does ring out through system and can speak and tell it commands etc etc, think has be coded? unsure, again yet to so
  3. just come across this place on insta, looks really decent.
  4. Great write up, last few months i've been looking at the remaps, MRC/VRS are a couple on the list, but my worry is on how the DSG box acts, i'm 6speed DQ250. Think gonna drop MRC an email this week for some info, i'd only want complete driveability and DSG as normal (just bit better than when in drive atm, as i'm in 6th at 30mph lol) I'd be going from Herts, so not a million miles
  5. thank you all for your comments, really do appreciate it
  6. gave a good clean and threw the BBS's back on
  7. hope it all works out mate, least the offer to get refund/reset is there, heard nothing but positive stuff with quattro tech. going back on what i said......guess i could get the TVS ECU tune if i want the DSG? just means travelling abit
  8. ah ok, maybe i read it the wrong way lol but on some of the stuff posted, hearing the small issues with revo stuff has put me off abit with them.....i think it's the DSG part, but it does say they offer DSG on mk7 according to website. i know a place about 1hr n half that do TVS as well.....but always felt or maybe what i've wanted is the same company that does the ECU tune as well as the TCU
  9. was gonna email them today, but the whole lack of communication thing i can't stand at all.
  10. little bit put off the whole remap thing regarding that.
  11. been wanting to put some official BBS one's on my alloys, but little worried. Maybe if i put little copper grease on them?
  12. looking good. Can i ask how comes you had to get new springs? did others one have fault or worn?
  13. well, last thing which VW said tome was, if the smell occurs, then drive it straight to us and ask for the manager & he will come out with a sensior tech there and then. Done few 100 miles now and the smell is off and on, more so it is there but its been hard to drop everything to drive into VW esp late in the day when the manager aint there. Had a day off finally on friday to be able to try get it to VW, drove around for hour n half or so.....did the smell appear??? Nope!! Drove to work today, on way home parked up, the smell is back!! grrrrr spoke to a couple of independent specialist n
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