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  1. So I've done a few hundred miles in the car now. And it's fair to say I feel it was money well spent. The car really goes well. And the best thing is it still looks totally stock. Took it back to devil Developments today to increase the rev limit on launch control. Really good guys to deal with (as is Rick @ unicorn). If theres one negative it would be it isnt fast enough 😀. Must stop looking at gtr's on autotrader. 🤦‍♀️
  2. 12.25 @112 My car has run a 12.17 but I can find the timing slip. I'm at stage 3 now so should be alot quicker next time I'm at a drag strip.
  3. Trying not to watch.......need more power...
  4. I have long been a fan of nankang ns2r tyres. I know they are probably a little too noisy for some and can be "interesting" when cold and with standing water...but if you exercise caution in these conditions they offer very high levels of grip when warm and dry. Good value too for a track orientated tyre.
  5. Unicorn did a custom tune on my DSG box, very helpful and happy to adjust things to your liking/driving style (I'm having them up the rev limit on launch control). There doesn't seem to be anything negative said about them.
  6. My apologies if this seems a stupid question or had been answered before (I did a search but couldnt find a conclusive answer) If I fit a milltek non valved exhaust do i need to do anything else with regards to the wiring loom etc ? Will there be any fault codes or warning lights appear ? TIA
  7. My exhaust is struggling, to the point where you can hear it rattling its #@$% off at high revs. I plan on changing it asap. The slight flat spot I'm told is due to the hybrid turbo requiring a few more revs than stock to spool up, I'm not bothered about it as the car really goes well but will have it dynoed again and the map tweaked if needs be once the exhaust is fitted.
  8. I have just collected my car from Devil Developments and I thought I'd share my initial thoughts after the drive home. My car is a 2016 r with the following mods: Litto L450 turbo Airtec intercooler NGK racing plugs Ramair panel filter, silicone hose and elbow (stock airbox) Milltek decat and a centre box delete (standard rear box at the moment) Mapped by Ben @ Devil Developments DSG mapped by Rick @ Unicorn The first thing you notice on start up is the additional noise due to the decat however It soon settles down. The car still drives like stock when driving normally you wouldn't know it was modified. However there is a very very slight touch of lag at 3k rpm. The car pulls hard from 3500rpm all the way to the redline which is now set at 7200rpm. I haven't tested the launch control yet but I intend to today. It has been set at only 3500rpm, Ben assured me it sits down and leaves without any fuss, my first thought is it needs more revs ! We'll see. Theres a touch more noise from the turbo/intake but very subtle, if you haven't driven a standard car you'd probably assume it is normal. The standard rear box is holding things back at the moment. Ben has suggested theres an additional 20hp to be found with a better flowing exhaust. The fuel pumps are no where close to their limits so longevity shouldnt be an issue for them. Hoping to get to Santa pod in the next few weeks and we'll find out just how quick it is.
  9. Just a heads up if anyone fancies stretching the legs of their car in a relatively safe and 100% legal environment. Henstridge airfield just west of Yeovil will be host to another event on the 31st August. Its run by j k events (I have no affiliation to them or the airfield) and the last one was a great afternoon/evening. Hundreds of like minded enthusiasts and some very nice cars (nice to see them being used as the makers intended). It's a rolling start so not much punishment on your drivetrain either.
  10. Apr really seem able to crank the torque up on their maps. Have you had the dsg tune too? Really strong figures for a stage 1.
  11. Don't do it! It's a very slippery slope. I went revo stage 1 within days of buying my r and here we are less then 3 months later and it's now at stage 3. 🤦‍♀️ Joking aside I recommend the revo map, feels OEM just turned up a notch. If I was going stage 1 again I'd go with a custom tune from the likes of unicorn, mrc or devil Developments. I ran the revo tune with no supporting mods and it was faultless for 5k miles with lots of quarter mile and airstrip runs.
  12. I know the l450 will be enough for me but the other half will be bored in about 10 miles of driving it so don't be surprised if it ends up with a l500 at some point.
  13. Hi Rick, thank you for helping out with the dsg tune. Saves my other half a day out to Manchester. Can't wait to pick the car up next week.
  14. Ben @ devil Developments just called me...so I'm still running the stock airbox (ramair panel filter) and stock back box (milltek downpipe and res delete) and the car still makes 458hp and 420lbs ft, up from 341/340. Just a few tweeks to the dsg map thanks to Rick @ unicorn and it will be ready to collect.
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