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  1. robson_4


    Welcome mate! Im sure you'll find the forum very helpful!
  2. BCS seems to be the most common one people go for, has a added on pipe to help reduce the drone. Pricey though
  3. robson_4


    Sweet, ill look into getting a kit together. would you recommend getting someone to correct the paint for me or have a go myself?
  4. robson_4


    Hi Chris, i am a fellow new Lapaz blue owner! let me know how to get on with the paint correction mine is pretty bad too, looking to get into the detailing side of things. any tips would be great!
  5. what would be the price for one of those? Thanks
  6. Hi, I have a 2014 plate and asked the same questions, its definitely a debate between everyone. i personally went independent as ive heard stories of VW not cleaning the gauze out of a haldex for instance. to me if as long as it has been serviced and cared for i dont mind it being independent, maybe have a look around in your area for a specailist and have a chat, youll know after talking to them whether they know there stuff.
  7. I have the same problem i with mine too, could need sanding down to be honest. it looks like its on the outside
  8. Okay ill will look into those, Thanks for the Info. i am already starting to notice the attention from boy racers already
  9. Thanks guys! Unfortunately did not get off to the greatest of starts, didn't check launch control when buying and found that the front wheels span. Took it into an Indy garage and they found the pump dead. Now that has been changed, wow what a motor!
  10. There are some bellends to the road, who don't respect peoples property. Hope you okay, out of interest what camera did you get?
  11. Great thanks, do I need the pro licence with it?
  12. Hello, Picked up my 2014 Golf R a little over a month ago, already used this forum a lot for information which is really great. Spec is; Lapaz Blue DSG Prets, Two Tone leather Keyless Entry Pan Roof DCC Not really had the time as of yet to really clean it up, when i do i will get some more pictures. Jack
  13. Does anyone know where i can get one? gen2 would be fine!
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