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  1. Thanks for the replies, Order says June and new specification and yes those 2 options were spec'd. When on the phone I asked about getting the camera fitted they said it was a factory installed system and wouldnt retrofit it? They refunded me the cost of the camera but that's all
  2. Had my new Golf R for almost 2 weeks now, after a disastrous delivery and almost wanting to send the car back because the one they dropped off was missing the keyless and also had no reversing camera fitted which is now standard I believe, but I could not wait or be without a car so I accepted it. Since then I have been struggling to love it, I came from a Scirocco R so not much of a step up to be honest, in some ways it feels 'cheaper' A couple of questions I have is does the thing really require running in? I've put some CM wheels Pretorias on but at motorway speed and 80mph+ the vibration in the front seats is terrible like my wheels are not balanced even though they have been, how can I stop this ? Also I hate the soundaktor, but being a WLTP car it only pops on the overrun when in race mode on 'engine sound' selection, I have tried in individual to set it to eco but still be in race on the drive select but then it no longer pops on overrun, is this normal ?
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