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  1. 2019 7.5 R here and all the gloss black bits around the bottom of the car, so front splitter rear diffuser and side skirts are all faded and patchy so no longer glossy. Wondering how I could fix this as it looks horrible ?
  2. I understand that, I know my car doesn’t have the Assist package (along with everything else that it was missing when delivered) I cannot use high beam because it’s too bright. I just wondering if anyone is smart enough to understand electronics and if it’s possible to send power to the inner projector lights to have them on with the main headlights? When you press the stalk forward it activates them but also activates the lens inside the headlight for High beam so surely there must be a way
  3. Anyone ? Photo of what I mean, I want all 4 led to light up but without high beam
  4. Did you ever follow this up and see if it could be coded ? I no longer want to get the whole process done, I am now trying to figure out how to just supply power to the inner projector LED to have it on with my headlights, it’s just a LED after all, how hard can it be to get it to be switched on ???
  5. Nope I don’t have the camera unfortunately. Yeah the main beam or the inner projector is LED but this runs just like a normal headlight on cars I’ve seen, then on mine the outer LED projector gets brighter as the lens changes when pressing the stalk.
  6. Do you think the headlights are the same hardware as other mk7.5 golfs or are they different units ?
  7. Windscreen is suddenly chipped now so if a new one is needed for the rear view mirror and camera then there would be my opportunity 😆
  8. Ah right. I don’t understand why a new mirror would require a new windscreen though, can’t get my head around it ? I would also think that the headlights would be the same but it’s software that controls the operation of main beam masking? Maybe I’m wrong. I wish there was an easy way to make the inner LED light up as after all it’s just a bulb how hard can it be to send power to it 😂
  9. Where abouts, on these forums ? I read on another platform that it requires a new windscreen somebody said! This feature is the one thing that I can’t get my head around how it works, because cars I see with this feature have both leds illuminated but they are not on main beam, they just look like normal brightness and sometimes this is in daylight when they are working
  10. I also have been trying to find out this! My car is registered June 2019 but is missing the lane assist and dynamic light assist. I keep seeing newer Golfs with both led projectors illuminated in each headlight daytime and nighttime and I want my car to have this fitted
  11. Looking closer at the photograph they have copied my reg but my second character is a letter O whereas they have used a zero which is illegal! I really watch catch these thieves
  12. Nope I certainly haven’t. I suspect the car is stolen, but how they have obtained my registration I can only imagine they’ve seen my car in person to know it’s on a Golf R
  13. So after a miserable start to my Golf R ownership in August, it just got worse. I was alarmed yesterday when I received a letter from Merseyside police saying I have committed a road traffic offence, and that my car (registered with my private number plate) had been caught doing 133mph in a 60 limit which happened to be the East Lancs near Knowsley. I logged onto the Merseyside PAS and looked at the photographic evidence and the car in question is NOT mine, but is a white golf R using my number plate spaced exactly the same way I have! I cannot believe it. Wtf ?
  14. Is there any way to mimic dynamic lights and run high beams on during the day ? So both headlights emit light, it makes my new car feel not new when I see another golf with this feature!
  15. Hi, thanks... it gave me some information when I clicked check but also said error so I am not sure? What information should it display ? thanks
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