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  1. Just getting back to this thread.... I E V EN T U A L L Y fitted the Mishimoto Air Intake (after the debacle below)..... I feel that the the Air Intake is the biggest waste of money ever!!!..... it has NO Power Increase (I wasn't expecting one) and NO Sound Changes (I was hoping for some more whooshy whooshy sounds)..... so it literally didn't do anything **sigh** haha Now, when it comes to Mishimoto themselves.... they gave me the worst Aftersales "Service" ever.... All I needed was for them to supply me the correct size silicone coupler, as the original one they supplied was the wrong size. They strung me along for 5-6 weeks with MULTIPLE emails. After stringing me along all this time, they tell me that they couldn't supply me with correct size coupler, as they don't supply or make them. They eventually told me to go buy my own and they would give me "store credit" for what I paid (it cost me $17.99Aud) as a "goodwill gesture" because I bought it through one of their Dealers here in Australia and not directly through them!!! (Ummmm...... are they not the ones who built the kit in the first place!!! Otherwise they could have told me to negotiate with the Dealer, in their first email!!!) If I were you, I'd STAY AWAY from them!!!
  2. Rolex Datejust 41mm - Stainless Steel with 18crt White Gold Bezel and Blue Face Casio G-Shock Mudman, Solar Powered "Gold" Citizen Eco-Drive, Solar Powered
  3. Hey guys Just wondering if you could tell me..... do the Australian delivered cars come fitted with the Secondary Air Intake (SAI) on the Airbox? If they don't...... how did you block the hole in the Aftermarket Airbox? Cheers p.s. Here is a pic of the Mishimoto Intake System I'll be fitting..... as you can see it comes with an SAI, but no blocker if there is no SAI
  4. Welcome Eric Lovely looking car.
  5. Welcome Mark I too have ordered a new Golf R..... mine should come to Perth W.Australia late this year...... do you know when yours will be built and delivered?
  6. Thanks for all your help guys, I ended up buying the Mishimoto Air Intake System (as per the photo in my original post above). The Quality looks top notch, but will let you guys know further when I install it all. (once my car gets built and delivered to me) Cheers, Don
  7. Hi Guys and Gals, I'm currently tossing up between either the Stock Intake System with a K&N Panel Air Filter and Intake Mods (Remove Baffle in Box, Drill Holes into Stock Intake tube etc), the Mishimoto Intake System or the Racing Line R600 Intake. I'm just seeing what are peoples views on these Intakes and what would be the best (but cheapest) option? i.e. best flow for the $$$ I'm leaning towards the Mishimoto Intake System in particular, as it's a decent price and is a closed system, so should stop too much heatsoak. Does anyone else have the Mishimoto System and is it any good? I want to go minimum Stage 2 with Tune, but open to going Stage 3 one day and don't want to change systems later. Cheers, Don, Perth W.Australia
  8. DNB

    I bought a luggage net!

    Great to hear that Dan.... I almost bought a new M140i, but couldn't really get in and out too easily (I'm a bit "cuddly"), so didn't buy that. Then was looking at second hand M3/4/5's, but they were more than what i wanted to spend and I too was concerned about cost of repairs once warranty ran out. It's nice to hear your experiences in the M5..... I've also had a few "nice" cars over the years, a R35 GTR, ML63 AMG, Evo X, Evo 9 etc etc, so yes, I know what you mean about the Golf R being a great car for a good price. Best Wishes on your Golf R journey (mine gets built in November and hopefully comes December, but more than likely January)
  9. DNB

    I bought a luggage net!

    Welcome to the Forums I love the Indium Grey (I might be a bit biased since that's what I've ordered LOL) and the Black Pretoria Wheels are especially nice, I wish I could order them with my car, but they won't do allow it, so rude!!! LOL
  10. G'day from Perth Mark Lovely looking Wagen you have there
  11. G'day Richard .... I WISH mine was "only" 3 months.... but noooo, it looks like I have a 5 month wait ahead of me (Jan 2020)..... not as bad as my ML63 AMG was when I bought that, it took 9 months to arrive!!!..... anyways, wishing you all the best on your new R when it gets delivered
  12. Cheers Paul Yep, I got confirmation today that it will be a 7.5...... I got confused as I heard/read that they stopped making 7.5's as they were tooling up for the Mk8's...... but it looks like they will still be making Mk7.5's for a while yet.
  13. Cheers Niknok I'm sure I will I got a call from my Salesman today..... definitely will be a mk7.5
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