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  1. DNB

    I bought a luggage net!

    Great to hear that Dan.... I almost bought a new M140i, but couldn't really get in and out too easily (I'm a bit "cuddly"), so didn't buy that. Then was looking at second hand M3/4/5's, but they were more than what i wanted to spend and I too was concerned about cost of repairs once warranty ran out. It's nice to hear your experiences in the M5..... I've also had a few "nice" cars over the years, a R35 GTR, ML63 AMG, Evo X, Evo 9 etc etc, so yes, I know what you mean about the Golf R being a great car for a good price. Best Wishes on your Golf R journey (mine gets built in November and hopefully comes December, but more than likely January)
  2. DNB

    I bought a luggage net!

    Welcome to the Forums I love the Indium Grey (I might be a bit biased since that's what I've ordered LOL) and the Black Pretoria Wheels are especially nice, I wish I could order them with my car, but they won't do allow it, so rude!!! LOL
  3. G'day from Perth Mark Lovely looking Wagen you have there
  4. G'day Richard .... I WISH mine was "only" 3 months.... but noooo, it looks like I have a 5 month wait ahead of me (Jan 2020)..... not as bad as my ML63 AMG was when I bought that, it took 9 months to arrive!!!..... anyways, wishing you all the best on your new R when it gets delivered
  5. Cheers Paul Yep, I got confirmation today that it will be a 7.5...... I got confused as I heard/read that they stopped making 7.5's as they were tooling up for the Mk8's...... but it looks like they will still be making Mk7.5's for a while yet.
  6. Cheers Niknok I'm sure I will I got a call from my Salesman today..... definitely will be a mk7.5
  7. Welcome nice looking R I like your old one too.
  8. DNB

    Hey from Ayrshire

    Welcome, love the Red's
  9. DNB


    Welcome to the club..... I'll be waiting until January for mine to come from the VW factory
  10. Welcome Jonny I currently have a Mitsi Ralliart, so I understand your liking for the R..... I currently have an R on order (bought last week), but it won't be built until week 44 this year and be delivered in January 2020.... so unless there is local stock near you, you might be waiting like me.
  11. I'm thinking it may be a Mk7.5 then (which is ok with me)..... Thanks Slider
  12. That's what I read on the Internet.... but I've been told that is what VW Australia have told them and they even have an email from them confirming a delivery date..... I will ask the Salesman to email me the confirmation.
  13. Hi Guys :) My name is Don. Thanks for allowing me onto the Forums..... I have a bit of a strange first post. I'm in a dilemma..... I signed up for a new MY19/MY19.5 Golf R last week...... but (according to my dealer) after checking everywhere, there is no stock available in Perth or Australia (that my dealer can get) anymore. I got it for a good price (MY19.5 Runout deal, so saved $11500 from RRP) and really like the Mk 7.5. I don't know what the Specs for the Mk8 will be? but I'm hoping it will be just as good as the Mk7.5 if not slightly better. Because there was confusion about stock availability when I bought it, VW Australia are willing to allow me an allocation of an MY20 Car.... which will obviously be a Mk8 Golf R. The car will be built from week 44 (early November 2019) this year and only land here in January 2020 (I'm in no rush for it, so the timing is ok with me) My questions are: 1) Should I continue with the deal, or cancel it and get my deposit back? 2) being that the car will be a VERY early model Mk8, so do you predict if there will be any manufacturing issues I should be concerned about? 3) how long do you think it will take for mods to become available? 4) what would YOU do, if you were in my situation? Thanks very much :) Don, Perth WA
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