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  1. jonny157

    New member

    They look great Dave, cracking looking wheels [emoji1303]
  2. I’ve had two black cars on the bounce now, one of my daughters is telling me to get a blue one [emoji1787]
  3. Was your Megane mapped by the way? Mines running 315bhp so I imagine it’ll feel similar to a stock Golf R [emoji848]
  4. Aye, mines got the cup chassis - I know exactly what you mean about the suspension. I’m pleased to hear it compares well to the Megane
  5. Impressive stuff ! What is a TCU tune ? Sorry if that’s a stupid question, new to the Golf R world and don’t own one just yet
  6. Stunning looking car ! I’d discounted black from my search but have now changed my mind
  7. Interested to see the results. This will be one of my first mods I think when I lay my hands on an R
  8. Nice choice. The Ghost sounds good, I like the idea of using your phone to work it
  9. jonny157

    New member

    What wheels are those on the bottom pic? Like the look of those [emoji41][emoji1303]
  10. jonny157

    New member

    Verrrrrrrrry nice, love it. Seem to recognise the user name from the Megane forums [emoji848]
  11. Welcome. Nice choice for a first hot hatch [emoji41]
  12. jonny157

    Golf R manual

    Welcome along. Seems like there’s on a few on here moving from Meg RSs - I’m doing the same soon [emoji41]
  13. Welcome. How’s the R compare to the Megane? I’ll be making the same move next month hopefully. Interested to hear what you think compared to the Megane. That price for the 19s from CM sounds pretty decent [emoji1303]
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