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  1. Mk1R, some fantastic work going on with this project - looking forward to progress and seeing it complete [emoji41]
  2. That’s great, thank you. Yes, that’s my plan, to match them up. I’ve washed mine this morning and noticed the AO on the side wall [emoji1303]
  3. That does look good [emoji41]. Although the one you posted further down the thread in green also looks good [emoji1303]
  4. jonny157

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome along [emoji41]. The car in the pic looks very very nice - deposit must’ve been put down then ?
  5. What a minefield [emoji2957][emoji2957][emoji2957], thanks again for your help. Is there an easy way of knowing which has the rim protector and which doesn’t ? On my old car I’d always buy a tyre with rim protection as that had 19s too, I’ll have a look at the version without this time I think
  6. It’s fine, I realised what you were trying to say [emoji1303]
  7. That sounds like a bargain when you consider the many hours of work involved - I would’ve thought that would have been £1000 plus easily
  8. Strange thing is the grip is still great in the dry, been on the web hunt for some new rubber yesterday evening - some bargains to be had I’ve noticed though, Contis around the £130 mark at the moment which I think is decent. Same tyre size on my old car and they were around the £160 mark at that point
  9. That’s great, many thanks for your help Booth [emoji1303]
  10. Whooooooooah, that looks absolutely outstanding [emoji41]. Top work
  11. Can anyone confirm which version of the Conti 5P runs on the R ? Didn’t realise there were so many different versions of the same tyre [emoji2957]. Was very wet on my way in to work this morning and didn’t realise how low the tread on my fronts was getting until an aqua planing moment [emoji15]
  12. Are you getting the DSG mapped too ? Keen to hear your thoughts when it’s done, next on the list for me hopefully is a remap
  13. Hope you get sorted with finding somewhere a bit closer to you who can fit them [emoji1303]
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