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  1. 2nd for me too [emoji1303]. How easy are these for a DIY fit ?
  2. Very very nice - suit the car perfect
  3. That is one nice looking car - looks way better without the decals [emoji41][emoji1305]
  4. Looks bloody great in that colour wrap [emoji1305]. Wheels suit the car down to the ground, stunning work [emoji41][emoji41][emoji41]
  5. I’ve got a Meg RS265, mapped to 315bhp. It’s getting traded in for an Golf R [emoji41]
  6. Cracking looking car and mods. Love the Twingo too [emoji41] - I’ve had Renaultsports for a while now. But it’s hopefully going at the weekend [emoji1695]
  7. Nice looking R, welcome [emoji41]. I’m hopefully getting mine sometime over the next week - gone for silver, can’t wait
  8. That Remus looks the biz [emoji41][emoji1303]
  9. Aye, appreciate that Dave. Adding to your comment on Falkens though, I had these on my old Clio 16v - they were fun, on one particular roundabout [emoji1787]
  10. Very very nice! I’m looking around for one at the moment, there’s a silver one on PH but seems a bit pricey to me
  11. I’ve got MPS4S on the Megane, they’re bloody great. BUT the Bridgestones they came as OEM on it were even better in my opinion, the sidewalls felt a lot stiffer and it seemed to handle a lot sharper
  12. Welcome, lovely looking car [emoji1303][emoji41]
  13. jonny157

    New member

    They look great Dave, cracking looking wheels [emoji1303]
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