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  1. Yep, they do look good [emoji41][emoji1303]
  2. Any pics of the RS6 reps on the car ? I’ve been looking at these on the CM website too
  3. Welcome - that is one cracker of a car [emoji41]. What offset are those wheels ? They look perfect [emoji1305]
  4. Car looks ace - those wheels suit it soooooo well, top work [emoji41][emoji1303]
  5. Wow [emoji41] - looks even better in daylight. That is proper stunning [emoji91]
  6. That looks perfect [emoji41][emoji1303]. Really suits the MK7. Seeing all of these wraps I’m starting to think about one myself - the amount of Lapiz Rs near me is crazy, need to make mine a bit more original too
  7. Outstanding work ! Starting to take shape now [emoji41]
  8. I would’ve been up for this but a major trek being based in the North East. With regard to the meets, I think this is the way a lot of forums are going - the meet side just doesn’t seem to happen much anymore. When I was on the Renault RS forums initially there were quite regular meets and made some great friends from them - they were always good days out for the routes and to be spending time with like minded petrol heads
  9. This sounds good, cheers for the info Marshy. I also wish Apple would allow some kind of setting to switch off charging when plugged into CarPlay - charging on and off all the tome when connected by wire can’t be good for the longevity of the phone battery. Good to here this device works well [emoji1303]
  10. They look reeeeally good - suit the Lapiz so well. Could be tempted to get mine refurbed in that colour - not keen on black wheels on Lapiz but that shade looks so well [emoji1305]
  11. I didn’t realise this was LHD - some top fabrication work continuing, very impressive [emoji41]
  12. Lockheed Close it says, I think it’s in Preston Farm industrial estate somewhere
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