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  1. Now that is really nice [emoji1303][emoji41] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Oh I absolutely love these - I’d love one. Had a 172 in 2002 and had a Clio 16v before that - both really fun cars. Renaultsport make some fantastic cars [emoji1303]
  3. That looks perfect [emoji1305] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I agree, this is the only reservation I have about putting metal ones on. The ones which were supplied just don’t seem deep enough to me
  5. I bought them from Rimstyle, I’ve dropped them an email today so waiting on their reply. I’ve also emailed a local indie for advice too. Hopefully I get sorted soon as the wheels look great when they’re on. I’ll keep this thread updated with any developments
  6. Bobby, yes they seem to fit fine but not quite as I was expecting - I had some on an old Clio and they seemed to click into place, the ones in the new wheels don’t seem to do that. I had the wheels balanced when I had tyres fitted yesterday - they were supplied with radius bolts too. I’ve taken the wheels back off this morning and the spigots weren’t sat in the wheel, so I pushed them onto the hubs then refitted the wheels hoping that would sort it - I took it back out again and although it’s improved it there’s still a slight wobble in the steering wheel at speed. For me the spigots don’t se
  7. Ordered some Rotiform OZR alloys after seeing another forum user running them, they look fantastic. They were supplied with plastic spigot rings - I fitted the wheels yesterday evening and took the car for a short spin, there appears to be a slight wobble through the steering wheel at speed [emoji17]. Does anyone feel that changing to machined alloy spigot rings would cure the wobble ? Anyone had similar experience ? I hope I can get this resolved as the wheels look really good on the car. I’m swapping back to my Prets until I get the issue resolved
  8. Do it I say - I’m thinking of going down the same route eventually. Found somewhere in Yorkshire on Instagram that does the blue belts, I think they look really good. I had red belts in my old Megane and loved them, just lifts the interior a bit too
  9. Very nice [emoji1305][emoji1305][emoji1305]
  10. That looks great. Was fitting as easy as it sounds ? On my list of things to do, just wondering how easy and how long it takes to do. Tempted to take it to an Indie for fitting
  11. Yep, they do look good [emoji41][emoji1303]
  12. Any pics of the RS6 reps on the car ? I’ve been looking at these on the CM website too
  13. Welcome - that is one cracker of a car [emoji41]. What offset are those wheels ? They look perfect [emoji1305]
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