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  1. They look ace, very very nice [emoji1305][emoji41]
  2. I’ve used Autosol after recommendations on here, works pretty well. Mine can’t have been cleaned by the previous owners and they came up pretty well without much effort with the Autosol
  3. Can anyone recommend a good VW indie specialist on Teesside ? I’m looking at getting some VWR springs fitted - I’ve had a price back from a local place of £255 which sounds a bit steep, they reckon it’s 4 hours labour (3 hours for the front they reckon). Any suggestions appreciated, cheers
  4. Very nice looking car. I’ve been looking at these on CMs website and wondering what they’d look like on a Golf - question answered !
  5. Really suit the car - great colour choice on the wheels [emoji1305]
  6. They look really good [emoji41]. Nice R too [emoji1303] I’m just trying to look at the link that Booth put up but can’t get access to it [emoji848]. Just looking on eBay now at the laser cut ones, think I’ll get some ordered
  7. Apologies - not sure why that posted 4 times [emoji849]
  8. Very very nice [emoji1303]
  9. Perfect [emoji1305]. Great looking car [emoji1303]
  10. Car looks great - and welcome [emoji41]. Enjoy the new car
  11. Stunning looking wagon, and some great mods. Can’t stay looking good though with this crappy winter weather [emoji3525] Top work [emoji1303]
  12. Great how to guide - just used it myself. No mods were needed to the pedal I got from AliExpress [emoji1303] - old one out, new one in, job done [emoji41]
  13. It’s amazing how much difference going from 18” to 19”, they look really well [emoji41]
  14. Had a read of this on twitter earlier, as has been said above all pretty accurate in the article. Too many people are too quick to slate the R and it’s handling and saying it’s boring - the comparisons with the Megane I totally get, as it was my previous car. After owning mine for a few months now I can totally relate to the article - top work Pistonheads [emoji1303]
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