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  1. I’d have preferred to keep it local but one dealer never got back to me after seeing him last week ( and we were looking to also buy a car for my daughter from him, so he’s lost two sales) and the other couldn’t get near the 15%.
  2. Have just put a deposit on a new build car. Its going to be the wife’s car, so she specced it but it’s not how I’d have had it... Black paint Black Pretorias Darker rear tints Black mirrors Pan roof A bit too much black for me - would’ve preferred her to have had silver wheels as I think it looks classier, but there you go! Did a deal through Carwow with 15% off from a dealer only 40 miles away 16 week wait now...
  3. We test drove one on Tuesday - wife had her mind set on a red one, and although it’s quite a nice red, it didn’t quite hit the spot.
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    New member here.. Been reading the forums for a few weeks now, gleaning info. Looks like will be ordering an R for the wife - she likes the understated looks compared to the TCR we also looked at. First time I’ve ever driven a Golf (or any VW for that matter) in 30+ years of driving, and have to say, I was pleasantly impressed with it. currently have an M2C (which I’ll be keeping) and come from a long line of hot hatches, Lotus,s, F Type R’s , a 4C and Porsche’s (wife also drove them all occasionally) Actually looking forward to her getting the R when VW have built it... So, 19’s without DCC- bad idea, or...?
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