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  1. Just used A1 Mobile Valeting covering Plymouth and surrounding areas 07403 326127 www.a1mobilevaleting.com Gordon Thomson Very impressed with the results, I went for a maintenance valet + full hand wax, car looks better than it did when I collected it new !!
  2. I haven't tried the TCR, but I did have a GTi with performance pack for 7 months before buying my R, and changed because I found it a bit dull to drive, in comparison the R is much more fun. I can understand the desire for a change if you're on your 4th R, but I'd be sure to get a very thorough test drive first
  3. There's a junction at the bottom of my hill that seriously needs to be made a box junction, the number of idiots who move forwards when the exit isn't clear so that they're completely blocking the junction when the traffic lights change is ridiculous, it doesn't take too many brain cells to figure it out and not stuff up other motorists.... Other than that, tailgaters and middle / outside lane hoggers
  4. Oh damn, I clicked on this thread in good faith hoping to be conned...…...😂
  5. My personal preference in this situation is to change both, and keep the new ones on the front what with it being a predominantly fwd car, but as I don't swap mine (preferring to keep the cost spread out a bit with performance tyres like these being so expensive) there comes a time when the rears are replaced and the fronts will be the more worn ones so it makes little difference in the end...
  6. This generally tends to be my number 1 step after the exhaustion of getting out of bed and looking out at the driveway 😂 Car looks great ! I'm somewhat stuck on step 4 at the moment, after step 1 above I have:- 2) Found a reputable mobile detailer to do the bulk of it for me 3) Bought some Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection to apply after the detailer has finished 4) Find a dry day to book the detailer - this is proving to be very troublesome !! Hoping I can get it sorted before winter sets in....
  7. Looks great ! Best choice of colour too imo, not quite as tricky to keep it looking clean, I haven't washed mine since before I went up to Alton Towers in it 2 wks ago and my brother-in-law thought I'd done it recently when he saw it today Hope you have lots of fun with it ! PS. the trick with handling the wife approval is either to take sole ownership of the finances and tell the occasional porky here and there, or up-sell the benefits (that £3K exhaust upgrade will help the fuel consumption no end and save money in the long run). I generally use a combination of both 🤫😂 (Oh damn, she's looking over my shoulder 😂)
  8. Definitely subjective, I'm quite happy with mine on prets and no DCC, and that's with conti's, I'm told PS4S are quieter and more comfortable so that'll be a bonus when I need to change tyres Main thing is that you found what suits you at the end of the day....
  9. Mine was 5 days from leaving Germany to arriving at the dealer, but the dealer did say that was surprisingly quick !
  10. Haven't had my R mapped, but on my focus ST which was similar insurance it went up by £20 a year
  11. Standard and will most likely stay that way, definitely while under warranty
  12. There's certainly plenty of great cars to choose from for us hot hatch fanatics, but I've definitely picked the right one for me, straight line drag races are only a small part of it, the R is a brilliant all-rounder
  13. Found this an interesting read, for any who might be criticised for choosing a hot hatch in our current climate one particular snippet is very interesting - "Around 15 million tonnes of emissions every year are attributed to smartphones alone, and that’s just in Europe." So maybe a suitable reply to the alleged environmentalists is "I'll give up my hot hatch if you give up your mobile phone (and dishwasher, tumble dryer, coffee machine etc etc)". In the meantime I'll stick with my refurbished phone that'll last me several years rather than updating it at every opportunity, and drive my R guilt free https://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/are-mobile-phones-worse-for-the-planet-than-cars/ar-AAHPoVJ?ocid=sf
  14. Wow that's steep ! Have you tried the usual comparison sites ? Got mine through CompareTheMarket with RAC for £250 and £200 excess (but then again I have age on my side, I was only paying £149 for my Z4 previously....)
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