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  1. Yep he sure has paid up- failing to stop after a collision and luckily, because I had dash cam evidence, my insurance company confirmed that they are passing all costs on to him and his insurer. New wheel, two new tyres, new hub, bearings, driveshaft, steering rack, shocks and springs. Still counting my blessings that the bodywork and trim were miraculously untouched! She's back now but with one wheel factory fresh silver. Just need a trip to my friends at kerbed.co.uk to get it powder coated silver-grey to match the others.
  2. So, got my R back today from a little incident a few weeks ago after it was parked in the road for a week or so.. See pic and you'll get the story..... A few lessons learnt : 1. Get yourself a dash cam with front and rear camera and parking mode recording (Road Angel Halo - Thank god I bought you!) 2. Never park your car in the road outside your house with the wheels on full lock facing the road! 3. Be thankful that your recently detailed and ceramic coated paintwork and trim has been untouched (phew!) Be careful out there fellow R love
  3. Yep, you got it Matt, the usual fishing line and heat combo. Then rubbing the excess off with your thumb and some alcohol based product. Actually then put the badges in a photocopier to get a perfect paper copy of the shape etc.😄
  4. Thanks Dan. I think so too. Yep, can also confirm that it already compliments Carbon Mirror caps to complete the full de-chrome look.... 😉
  5. Finished my custom DIY stealthy R badge conversion. I little tint and some carbon wrap. Fiddly! [emoji3166] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. James and the team at Kerbed.co.uk in Sussex did a great job on two sets of wheels of mine; a major refurb on my 2005 Mazda MX5 rims and a colour change to gun metal grey for the Prets on my 7.5 R.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. After two full weeks at the dealership, finally got my R back today. The problem has finally been solved! 😅 My R has the full performance pack with the Akky Exhaust and uprated brakes and drilled and vented discs. When the wheels were off, one of the VW Technicians tried to move the front wheels by holding on to the discs. When he put pressure on, he noticed a "click". After doing this a few times on both sides they came to the conclusion that one or two of the connecting pins that join the disc to the hub had some play in them, and this was causing the "click". After replacing them with new p
  8. So, my Golf R went in to the local VW Dealership on Monday the 9th September to investigate the clicking sound under warranty. Before it was booked in, the Senior Technician did a test drive with me to verify the sound (and reproduced exactly as per video). On Tuesday, got a call from the dealership saying that they couldnt find anything wrong but would keep looking. Wednesday they called me to say that they've tried driving the car in their car park but could not replicate the sound. Told them to try again as it wasn't an intermittent fault - it was constant. They called me again on Thursday
  9. Hi Guys - I'm a newbie to the forum and am a few weeks in to Golf R ownership - previously an 2016 Audi S3 owner (boo!) . Been following this thread before joining VWROC as my 2019 (registered March) Golf R with 3500 miles has developed the same sound as ellixt after 3 weeks of ownership. Its going in to the local VW dealership next week for a few days. Gonna supply them with a copy of TPI (thanks E-V-A-N-S) then, if sorted gonna have words with the supplying dealer that's 70 miles away. Video below to add to the library for anyone else who suffers the same. Will post update if resoved or migh
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