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  1. Flow Designs... very nice indeed. Especially the rear, diffuser, its very subtle.
  2. Could I ask from which dealer, or PM if you prefer.
  3. Ooooh very nice I need one of these.... Do you have link you can post please?
  4. That’s sounds horrendous Mick. Glad you were able to get out of it. Hoping that this will be resolved soon, rather than the beginning of a battle.
  5. A little update, the car was supposed to be ready last Wednesday, however the body shop techs were unable to reset the car systems, headlight etc. So off it went to VW across the road, for them to perform all of the required resets. After two days VW finally got the systems to talk to each and reset everything. 🤣. Unfortunately there was an error they couldn’t clear. They diagnosed a fault with either the turbo actuator or wiring sensor to the actuator/turbo. So on Monday the Insurance company then had to supply photos of the original damage to the car to try to understand if the fault was possibly caused by the accident, or whether the work should be carried out the VW warranty. Still unsure on who’s picking up the bill( VW or Insurers, but don’t really care now anyway!) Having asked for a more detailed answer to the problem I received this from the body shop via VW. I’ve now heard back from VW. The tool they’re waiting for is due tomorrow and is required to test the turbo charger further to attain what the exact issue is that they’re experiencing, whether it’s the sensor or a wiring issue I believe. The tool itself has a VAG Part number of VAG1397A and is a turbocharger tester kit. I was hoping to collect the car on our return from holiday on the weekend, but it looks unlikely that will happen at this rate. 🙁 The other half is already dreading the car coming back, as she believes it’s going to beset with problems etc.
  6. Downpipe yes, he didn’t specify what type of CAT
  7. Well I had an interesting conversation with the parts manager this afternoon. It would seem that most VW dealers, do not know much about, or can be bothered to order aftermarket/approved VW parts, such as Oettinger. After talking through the Oettinger rear diffuser and exhaust, I asked if it would be possible to get a quote for the Akrapovic system. ” Sure no problem, I will email the spec and cost” he replied. He said that a manager there, had a vehicle with an Akrapovic exhaust, and he would use this registration and get the relevant part numbers. Anyway if you think the 3k option is bad when specifying a new car, the cost, should you wish to buy direct from VW, and upgrade, from your standard set up is an eye watering £4,191.70! This is for the complete system, which consists of 2 sections - the front pipe (downpipe) and back box. BTW the dealer is: Barnetts Volkswagen 66 Largo Road, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 8PG Ask for the parts manager 😎 Hope that may help someone out? I know at that price, it will not be an upgrade, that will find it way on to my car!
  8. Interesting.....will let you know what they say when I hear back from them.
  9. Has anyone purchased one of these from RPM Performance (eBay)? They seem to be a reasonable price, anyone have any feedback good or bad? TIA
  10. R-HB


  11. Interesting, I am awaiting information from a dealer on obtaining one.
  12. I bought my roof spoiler from these guys a couple of weeks ago now, via Ebay. Barnetts of St Andrews Blair Duffy 66 Largo Road St Andrews Fife KY168PG They were really easy to deal with and would recommend their customer service dept. Don't forget the VW fitting kit, which they can also provide at £35.00. I managed to get the body shop that are repairing my car to paint and install both this roof spoiler and the Oettinger front chin spoiler for £300, which I think is a good deal!
  13. Welcome Darren, hope you manage to sell the 370Z
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