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  1. Wish I could find a spare for that price
  2. Can I join the 'Tumeric club' as well #3? Unfortunately she isn't looking so good, after an accident yesterday.
  3. Thanks for the kind words all. Trying to get the insurance company to use an approved VW repair centre, as they obviously would rather use their 'repair partners'. Might loose the option of having a free courtesy car though, if i take it to another repair shop.
  4. Having spent 3-4 weeks looking for our R, and collecting it just 3 days ago from the seller. My wife was out in it today taking the dog, for a walk, when a driver failed to stop at a crossroads. Luckily everyone was relatively unhurt, just a few bruises etc. Having only driven it once, I think it will be a while before we have it back. Although as it may have a CAT S or N against it I am not sure if we even want to take it back ☹️
  5. R-HB

    New member

    Welcome BigKev, just joined myself, having only picked the car up on the weekend. Wealth of info o here with plenty of friendly advice.
  6. Not nice to see, as others have said glad that everyone walked away, relativity unscathed. Hope the R is repaired satisfactorily and that you get a decent loan car in the interim.
  7. On the road my RS6 Plus (C5) stupendous road presence/holding - Replaced with a fully forged highly tuned Nissan 300ZX - (615bhp) RWD, no modern aids apart from ABS and LSD, oh and a sensible right foot to keep you on the black stuff! On the track Lambo Gallardo just phenomenal overall performance
  8. Very nice too! This is something that I am considering for my car at the moment.
  9. R-HB

    What was?

    Upgraded from a Mk2 Cortina to a MK3. Suspension was terrible, handling was non existent, and the tin worm was everywhere!
  10. Thanks Dave, much appreciated. I will look him up.
  11. Hi, can anyone recommend a company for removing a small shopping trolley dent please? Based in Surrey/Hampshire Not sure about this (PDR) Paintless Dent Removal, so any first hand recommendations would be appreciated.
  12. Hmmn.... any links on how to do this?
  13. R-HB


    Stunning car!
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