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  1. Spent the weekend giving the wheels a deep clean. Whilst they were off, I wire brushed the rusty discs/bells, coated them with Hydrate 80. Then followed up with a coat of gloss black heat proof paint. Wheels now protected with C5 Wheel Armour. So hopefully a breeze to clean now for the rest of the year. Also cleaned the exhaust tips, and gave them a coating of C5 as well.
  2. A little update.......... I did try playing with the settings on the pedal box to see if there was indeed a 'sweet spot' to rid the hesitation issue. Unfortunately it made no difference. I then removed the pedal box, to totally rule it out, alas the issue has remained. The car went to VW on Monday, no relevant codes were found to the engine/transmission, and they found on the VW database 'similar' issues already reported. After checking they were confident a software upgrade would resolve the symptom, however, driving the car later that afternoon, the hesitation issue was back! Just as I was leaving a mulit-storey car park, I had put the ticket in the machine and the barrier went up to let me through. Even holding the car at 2-3k RPM, it didn't budge. you can imagine the queue that quickly formed behind me, and the looks I was getting, whilst the car was revving in an enclosed space. It never seems to happen when you first start the car, at the beginning or end of the day, if its been sat idle for a long period. It only happens, say after you return to the car after 1-2hrs, and once its 'warmed' up it then clears. As I found out yesterday putting the car into reverse, the issue isn't present, at all. So maybe its a gearbox/drive train issue? The car goes back to VW on Monday for another visit.
  3. Nope, no engine management lights. Did fill up with Morrison’s 95 RON over Christmas, as no other options. But has happened before with V Power.
  4. Hi had the car stutter whilst trying to pull away from junctions/roundabouts. As you press down on the accelerator, it stutters, very quickly and doesn’t clear, if you push down harder on the pedal. Once you lift, and try again it works, although today it did it again 500m down the road, at the next junction. This has happened about 3 times now, twice in the last two days. The car has a pedal box fitted (2nd hand). I will disconnect the pedal box to rule it out of the equation. Still awaiting the delivery of my Android phone, to scan with OBD Eleven. Car is DSG, with no other mods. Has had anyone had anything similar at all, as it pretty dangerous when you are pulling out, expecting ‘normal’ R acceleration......
  5. Thanks for posting this. I will be mentioning this when the car goes in for its next service.
  6. Have any of yo guys with replacement screens, either VW or other, had issues with frost being present on the inside of the screen, as well as the outside? Reason I ask is because, on my last 2 cars, each time I had a replacement screen installed, it was never the same as the original. There would always be frost on the inside as well as outside, during the winter months. Perhaps they weren't installed properly? But it was very annoying and time consuming when you had to scrape both sides in the mornings!
  7. R-HB

    What is AWG?

    I had AWG 2 fitted recently, and there was no mention of a 'anti hijack' feature, from the installer when he ran through its operation/options. I will have a closer look at the user manual booklet though.
  8. R-HB

    Considering a Mk7.5

    6’ 3” and no problem with leg room 👌
  9. Hi, have you tried all car fast parts? They supply OEM and quality pattern parts. https://www.allcarpartsfast.co.uk/
  10. Managed to get a deep clean on the paint, and two coats of wax.
  11. How easy is it to get the tips off?
  12. R-HB

    Considering a Mk7.5

    Sold our long term VRS estate (130K) to get a Golf R, although we bought a 5dr hatch rather than the Estate, as the kids have flown the nest etc, we don't really need the additional load space . The VRS was/is a fantastic car and ticked so many boxes, reliability, space, & comfort, and we did seriously consider another one. For us though the interior on the R is a much nicer place to be, and the 4WD an added bonus. Although the R is a more expensive option, we plan on keeping the car for a long period, so the overall hit in depreciation will not be as bad. Look forward to hearing how your test drives go Steve, and at the end of day you getting the 'right' car.
  13. Many thanks guys.....any others, that aren't Lapiz blue
  14. Wondering if someone would kindly take a decent (high res) photo of the 'R' badge emblem, on the front wing/s for me? I had two new badges fitted recently and I am sure they are not in the correct position. They seem to be too close to the trailing edge of the wing, plus one of the emblems doesn't seem to follow the 'swage' line correctly. Many photos are at angles, rather than 'square on' from what I can see on the web. As with most images on the web, by the time I zoom in or, print a copy, the quality/detail that I am after isn't there. I have arranged to take the car back to the bodyshop on Saturday, and it would be good to have some decent images to supply the technician, so they get it right. TIA
  15. Fitted a few goodies today, Racingline paddles and Lockwood sill plates.
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