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  1. Just wanted to add... Did a DSG service as part of my major service. Car has turned 4 years old. Used Motul Multi DCTF oil. Gear changes are slightly smoother, both down and up shifts. Could be due to the cleaner oil. Certainly a noticable difference.
  2. I thought these cars use 5w30. Could that be causing issues, that you used 5w40?
  3. Here a couple of pictures. As a further update I have had to order a new set of pads. The Hawk HP+ are too squealy for a daily driver. I have now ordered the HPS (street pads). Will swap them over and see how they go when they arrive. Had I known HPS was available would have went with that as a starting point, however the online retailer I bought from did not have them on their website. Fun and games
  4. @TWPaul had my Alcons fitted up today. Brake pedal feels good. Can hear movement in pads when going over bumps (mechanic advised normal). Sounds like a slight chatter. Wouldnt hear if radio is on. Last of all they do squeak at times. Hoping the squeak goes away once fully bedded. Overall very satisfied with the upgrade. Good braking performance, looks killer and at 2.4kg per caliper its a decent weight saving at the same time. Will get some decent pics soon.
  5. HI.., I wasn't sure so I checked. My rear swaybar is actually 26mm and front swaybar 24.. I haven't noticed any extremities with tyre wear so far. I stayed with OEM top mounts as my advice was it would be too much negative camber and effect tyre wear.
  6. Another Superpro 24mm with endlinks user here. Love the brand, have their control arms and front sway bar too. All very high quality, and no issues, been on the car almost 2 years.
  7. Nice clean pedals there. It's the one area I always say I will clean, but somehow always leave it for the next time and never gets done.🙄
  8. Yeah I am leaning towards doing it TBH. Every 4 years seems a reasonable time and probably looks good on my service records if I ever need to sell. (though I cant see that happening)
  9. Hi all, Would like your opinion on how I should go about this. I've looked at both the official VW and Audi sheets (for service interval guidelines). The Haldex is required to be serviced every 3 years regardless of distance travelled. The DSG however, clearly states a service interval of 40000 miles (almost 65000km) on both the Audi and VW sheets. I've linked the files I have referenced. I have all the required tools required to perform the DSG service, but reading the above sheets, I feel like maybe I don't need to. It's a 2017 MK7 R and just ticked over 18000kms. Hal
  10. Very nice Paul. Cant wait to see how it all comes together.
  11. Excited and nervous to have these goodies bolted on in a couple of weeks. Excited for the awesomeness. Nervous because you just never know the final outcome, whether it be performance or appearance and in this case even fitment. Have eyeballed them and over 90% certain should clear my wheels.
  12. Speaking of special tools, i just ordered this last night. Agree not 100% necessary, but nice to have.
  13. Hi Pat, actual kit. https://www.prospeedracing.com.au/Alcon-4-Piston-CRB343-Caliper-Upgrade-Kit-Audi-A3-S3-8V/VW-Golf-Mk7-Inc-GTI-R I've ordered DBA42830 for discs, and Hawk Performance HP+ pads. Had to order these seperate as the kit only includes calipers, lines and brackets. Now just waiting for the discs to arrive and I can book a date with the mechanic. Cant wait.
  14. Very valid point. You risk losing that quality OEM feel. Something which has been in the back of my mind. I should have my Alcons on in a week or two. Hoping for a nice solid pedal feel but you never know with these things, so will be keeping the OEM set just incase.
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