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  1. Looks like Volkswagen South Africa has made their own GTC race version Mk8 GTI. Looks great.
  2. Decent review. Prime example of why not to buy a first revision of anything. As Im sure all the minor issues will be ironed out over the coming years and revisions.
  3. Escalate the situation to highest you can, and good luck! Disgraceful comments from VW.
  4. Another SuperPro fan here. Get their full kit if you can, plus the alloy control arms. There are basically no cons. Just 100 times improved handling over stock.
  5. Eric

    Compound & Pads

    I've had good results with Rupes yellow pads and Sonax perfect finish. Used on my white 2017 R. I also have some megs microfibre cutting pads, but haven't felt the need to use them as no major paint defects here. Just the odd towel/love mark here and there.
  6. Hey @Ben1191, theres not guarantee a more aggressive offset will clear your brakes. It all comes down to spoke and barrel design of the wheel. The only sure way is to use the bbk template on the wheels that you will be fitting. Good luck.
  7. Any ideas regarding weight comparisons between these calipers and our OEM ones?
  8. Hey thanks! Thats really good to see an actual set on here. A couple of reasons why I am leaning towards this... Half the weight of OEM setup, fits under OEM 19" cadiz and Prets (as tested by Harding Performance). So i know my wheels will clear no worries.
  9. Thanks. Good to hear actual feedback. Are you referring to the Racingline stage 2 kit with 1 piece rotors (345mm)? Also what would be the right rotor look for? I.e would any Mk6R rotors do? As they are 345mm. Just not sure if the width is different.
  10. Thanks @TheBlondeFella that was good reading. Good to see that setup working well for a bunch of people. Looking at others on that post, I think wheel clearance may be an issue. Might play around with the template and check pricing locally.
  11. £1600 or about $3000aud (where I live) Rotors are 345mm, so not OEM standard on this kit.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm currently in the process of researching big brake kits. I see there are a whole bunch of options from retrofits to specific aftermarket kits. One of the options I am really considering is the Racingline Stage 2 Monoblock kit ( https://www.racingline.com/stage2brakekit ). However I'm in a position where I just can't find much information online. The things that would be great to know are things like: - Who really makes the Calipers and Rotors? And what happens 3-4year or more down the road, when I need replacement rotors. Currently you can buy replacements. But by then they may have moved to a different kit. As I remember they previously made a brake kit which is now discontinued. - Any feedback from actual users here? As per Racingline's product description, these are designed for fast road use, rather than track use. Which suits me fine. I did try searching before posting but couldn't find much here about these. Thanks.
  13. Aliexpress shifters installed. Installation was easy. LHS felt very solid after install. RHS felt a bit loose. As a fix I covered the holes with a couple of layers of touch up paint. Both sides feel solid and good. Pretty good upgrade for the price.
  14. How did it break though? Isn't it a metal pin? Did you apply too much force? Only asking as about to replace mine. Will take extra care. Thanks.
  15. Aliexpress paddles just arrived. They seem to be really good quality. Will fit them at some point. If happy with the feel, I plan to hydro-dip them in a carbon fibre finish.
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