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  1. In no particular order. 1. Kranzle HD7/122 2. Numatic George 3. Polish Angel Master Sealant 4. Sonax Perfect Finish 5. Autobrite Magifoam
  2. Hello Champ, Valid point, though I'm not worried. My idea is if something fails just replace with stronger items. But no point replacing it until it does. Superpro offer stronger strut mounts. But I avoided that due to the addition of more negative camber. The Alloy control arms already add 1deg or so of negative camber by design. So further increasing negative camber was not necessary in my view.
  3. Thanks! Weds RN05m 18x8.5 38Offset. Running 225/40/18 Michelin Pilot Sport 4. Could go with 235s but I wanted to be conservative as I was not sure in regards to clearance/rubbing. But I can confirm no such issues with this combination.
  4. Gave her a wash after a very bad dust storm yesterday...
  5. I have had manual cars all along and went for the DSG. Like you, I also walk to work often. I have found whether it's a long or short drive that I am always using the paddles. The only time I use auto mode is when I am bringing home takeaway and then I put her in Auto so I have a hand free to make sure nothing tips or spills.
  6. I cant compare the OEM Audi gear to anything else... But, I have installed Superpro control arms, front and rear adjustable sway bars and endlinks. Car handles like a dream.. Also note the front endlinks make a significant difference with sharpness. I had to temporarily revert to OEM front endlinks and the difference is night and day.
  7. Weds RN05M 18x8.5 38offset. Have had them on a few months now and love the look. Picture was taken before SuperPro Control Arms were installed. So the front has a slightly different look. More camber and castor now.
  8. The shape of the headlights ruin the look, and cant imagine the GTI/R models looking much better because of that. Hope I am wrong.
  9. Not that mod Jamie. I am referring to the actual front grill. Where the top section is also blocked with plastic. I will try to amend the photo for clarity.
  10. Hi all, Many here have dremelled the closed side of the intake cover/box (unsure of it's technical term) to allow for direct air flow to the intake side. My question is not about that. I am wondering if anyone has in any way done anything to the actual front grill to allow more air flow into the engine bay. Because, when you look at it... the part of the intake that we all dremel out, mostly gets covered when the bonnet is closed. (not completely, but mostly) The grill has three sections. The top section again is all closed with plastic. Middle and lower sections are both open, which seem to feed air into the top part of the radiator. I'm not a fan of hacking up OE parts, but maybe this combined with a turbo blanket would be a good combo to reduce air temps under there.
  11. I have been wondering about this mod for the past few weeks. Even purchased the block off piece and it is sitting in the garage. I just don't feel comfortable restricting air flow to an already hot engine bay. Even when reading about the super expensive Eventuri intake, they claim they could not achieve as good results with dual sides compared to one. Hence why their system is a single sided intake system. So based on that thought process I will most likely leave that side open and also open up the airbox side and block off the centre with a foam or plastic piece secured in, allowing direct flow to both sides.
  12. Nothing negative to report at all. You don't notice the difference until you start pushing it around corners etc.
  13. Same vibes here Mark. I actually think VW deliberately made the badges (front and rear) big enough so that we cant disguise them, no matter what. LOL. They even put a cut out in the front bonnet, so even if you hide the badge you have the other issue to deal with.
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