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  1. All these people talking about the inaccuracies of non like-for-like drag races were strangely silent about it on the manual vs DSG thread a few weeks ago...
  2. Yep I'm sure I saw this on the DSG I was driving a few weeks back, which was also a Mk7.
  3. It's a great idea. I'd certainly be willing to pay even a few hundred quid extra if it meant having no extra cameras or wires anywhere.
  4. Back in a manual Good choice One of my current cars is a Mk5 GT Sport. It's only the 140 bhp one but it still puts a smile on my face, even when I've been driving the M3. Much like the R it's got that fun factor, character and chuckability. I can only imagine an R32 will have you grinning a lot, despite obviously being slower and less refined. The engine sounds better and you've got the rarity appeal that you don't get with the R either. And if the manual box is even better than what's in my GT Sport then it'll be sublime.
  5. What a nasty shock this must have been. Utter scum. They want their hands chopping off.
  6. Pretty unimpressive drag times full stop but in any conditions I think the Type R would be tough to beat on the bends, even with AWD. The advantages of AWD are often overrated: https://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/a3091/the-myth-of-the-all-powerful-all-wheel-drive-15202862/
  7. Yeah it never gets old and is the main reason I haven't gone for the M4!
  8. Not worth it for me anymore. I'll very rarely track the M3. I'd love to compare a supercharged one on a track though. Even the stock one is one hell of a car.
  9. Yes, completely agree. I could have been tempted by the Civic Type R if it didn't look so horrific. Much slower than the Golf R in a straight line but incredible around the bends. Whether people like 'Ring times or not, they're a great indicator of how well a car handles, so the latest Civic must be exceptional to make up for such a straight-line speed deficit and lack of AWD. But (like many people I suspect) I also have to like the look of a car to fully enjoy it! It's nice to have something that puts a smile on your face even as you walk across the car park to unlock it 😁
  10. Yeah there are a few exceptions, but most manufacturers won't waste any money on over-engineering. BMW are one who apparently will though. There's a bolt-on supercharger kit for the E92 M3 that takes it to 650 bhp with apparently no issues on the stock transmission. At one time I was seriously considering it, but it's just too much cash to justify for how often I could really use the extra power.
  11. One of my mates took his manual Golf R to an experienced (and honest) VW tuner and was advised not to tune it without upgrading the clutch. He said the stock clutch was fine for stock power, but not much more. It still seems like an odd justification for going for a completely different gearbox though. If I wanted to tune the manual I'd rather just pay £700 to upgrade the clutch, but then still have a manual car. I'd expect anyone who drove the manual and loved it would feel the same. For those who aren't that bothered about having a manual anyway but really want a car they can tune, maybe it would make sense to go for the DSG...but then wouldn't they be paying an extra £1k - £2k to buy one? All the ones I've seen are around that much more than the equivalent manual. In which case it'd be cheaper to put a bombproof clutch in the manual.
  12. There's no reason for you to be so obviously upset about the manual (which you've never actually driven) so just enjoy your DSG and take it drag racing where you seem to think it will be awesome.
  13. Haha yes, instead of listening to a "know it all" who hasn't yet bought one but spent time driving both to make an open-minded, fair comparison, it's better to listen to a "know it all" who's owned a DSG for a while 🙂 Out of interest, how much time have you spent driving both boxes? Presumably a lot, given your clear authority and conviction on this subject, and your readiness to sneer at any contradictory facts or opinions. I was referring to the advice generally given across all threads on this subject (I've been lurking on the forum for a while), and this generally dismissive, elitist attiude from certain DSG owners who take it as a personal insult if anybody dares to suggest that the manual could be in any way superior to the sacrosanct DSG, or even more outrageous, that the manual might possibly take a bit more skill to drive at the same speed as the DSG. And if you're seriously going to try to argue that last point then please give me a second while I go and get some popcorn. But if we're talking about this thread then a summary would be: -Someone asks "The Question" -Some people say the DSG is quicker and why -Some people dare to say the manual is quicker and why (or much worse, that the DSG is easier to drive fast) 😱 -A handful of DSG owners steam in to discipline all those who dare to blaspheme The Cult of DSG -Much saltiness and mockery ensues, passed off as "banter" until it's given back, at which point they're just "upset" and "have something to prove" 😃
  14. Yeah I agree with most of that. Buying a car suited to your driving style is a good way of putting it, and with its launch control the DSG is, like for like, always going to be quicker than the manual from 0-60 and likely over 1/4 mile too, although all of the car reviewer tests I've found so far show a negligible gap. I'm not disputing yours/your mate's times, I'm just saying that car reviewer tests tend to be more scientific and with less variables. Unless of course you race an S3 against a Golf R and imply it's like testing two Golf Rs... The manual is quicker around a track though. People can mock and sneer at this as much as they like (although we all know if it were the other way around, they'd be happily citing it as more evidence that the DSG is the faster car), but it's a fact. It's also a fact that Ring records mean a lot to a lot of people, thus why so many manufacturers spend tens of millions of pounds trying to get good times. Driving around a track is a much closer analogue to driving around winding roads, something the R was specifically developed to do, and for many people that will be the whole reason they buy a powerful AWD with well sorted steering and suspension. And so we return to the point I and others have been making all along: the DSG may be quicker in certain circumstances, but the difference is negligible in the real world IF you can drive a manual well. And if you can drive a manual well and you like driving around twisty roads then you could say that the manual will be both faster and more enjoyable. So when someone comes on here asking for advice on which to buy, confidently declaring "Get the DSG, it's much quicker" is wrong. "Get the DSG if you like doing launches and drag races, get the manual if you can drive one well and you like twisty roads, but drive both just to be sure" would be better advice. Good point re: tuneability as well. That will be a factor to some. I saw a post earlier about stock manuals eating clutches and manual gearboxes going pop but it's not true. What actually happens is that people get a car on a lease deal, stick a tuning box on it, drive it like they stole it, knacker the clutch and/or gearbox then take the tuning box off and shrug like they have no idea what could have happened. The stock clutch and gearbox are fine on stock power.
  15. I haven't even bought one yet. Did you actually read any of this thread, or just fixate on the bits that inexplicably made you get all salty? 🤣 It's only a car, Dave! We're not all 16...are we?!
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