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  1. Hi, I have a gpf delete downpipe with 200cel sports cat.. Sounds very good with the original back box, due to not having resonator it sounds better. I think the pcw mod for me would be a bit loud.
  2. hi, do you need adapters to use these with the current 340mm golf r disks or is it bolt on ?
  3. Update: I changed the oil and cleaned the pump, the old oil was very dirty... When i do a launch control I get the error logged but the car is all normal, no wheel spins nor smoke from the front as everyone reported. I logged the haldex pwm level, voltage and current going to the pump and everything seems to be okay. Ie haldex clutch pump voltage 7.4v haldex clutch pump current 9.5amp and around haldex clutch pump pwm signal 65% .. The odd thing is someone else with MRC tune has had this error and he replaced so many parts and didn't fix it, i am just wondering if it may actually be the map that's throwing this error??, https://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php/849312-Haldex-issue!?highlight=C1113 Thanks Gee
  4. Your alignment looks spot on mate, I think the guy that done mine wasn't feeling messing around with the subframe etc he did tell me to come back if i am not happy.. i guess it was one of them days he just couldn't be bothered to spend some time on it. I'm going to drive it for a couple of days and see the outcome i couldn't really drive to see if its pulling specially on a roads i hate it when you have to hold the steering wheel at angle annoys the f out of me.. puts me off driving 😆
  5. I think you ment front left camber ? I don't think camber can adjusted.
  6. Hi, I can't recall any jacking up, I drove the car on to the ramp, than the car was rolled on to the turntables. Tyre pressures were checked and adjusted. Than adjustments were made. I am aware that the subframe was moved due to engine/downpipe change also lowering springs were fitted. The car drives okay but usually after a bit of time I tend to find the issues with tracking ie pulling to one side.
  7. Hi All, Been to wheel alignment and below are the end results.. We can't adjust the camber.. Also caster can only be adjusted with subframe movement apperently.
  8. I just ordered the oil kit for haldex as I just checked VCDS and the error was there. The funny thing is I done a launch yesterday and had no wheel spin..
  9. Thanks for the info, the haldex service is not expensive so i might aswell service next time im at the garage.
  10. Hi Mate, I managed to do the pump running only via vcds yesterday, done two launches and had no error codes. Touchwood maybe the pump running thing worked. I really wanted to do the clutch too. My next approach was servicing the haldex but i doubt there will be any dirt as its only on 9k miles.. I will check in a couple of days after a few days to see if the error will appear again
  11. Hi, I only have VCDS and I run the pump all okay but when trying to engage the haldex clutch I keep getting error on vcds. I started the pump all okay.
  12. I will test it tonight will do a couple of lunches to see if there is any loss of traction as mentioned. I will report back later on
  13. Not really but I will keep an eye out and report back one i do a few runs.. to be honest if i had not done the vcds scan I would of not known there is any issues.
  14. Hi, I was scanning my car today using VCDS and seen the below error. The car is on 9,300miles 2019, MK7.5. Does the Haldex issues start this early ? The car has mrc tune, r600 intake kit and downpipe not sure if i should take it to the dealer lol Address 22: AWD Labels: 0CQ-907-554.clb Control Module Part Number: 0CQ 907 554 J HW: 0CQ 525 130 Component and/or Version: Haldex4Motion H52 7084 Software Coding: 0001 Work Shop Code: WSC 01357 011 00200 ASAM Dataset: EV_AllWheelContrHA1VW37X 004013 (VW37) ROD: EV_AllWheelContrHA1VW37X.rod VCID: 4C97D137E7CB1EE6A7-8018 1 Fault Found: 16670 - All-Wheel Drive C1113 07 [008] - Mechanical Failure Intermittent - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00000001 Fault Priority: 1 Fault Frequency: 1 Reset counter: 250 Mileage: 14882 km Date: 2020.08.02 Time: 01:06:49 Thanks, Gee
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