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  1. Thanks Neil, I do think they look very nice, just not quite as nice as the 19's but saying that they do ride better than the 19's 👍. I got a fairly good deal on them from my local dealership as after much hassle with a set of 19" santiago on my previous golf that had the dreaded white worm which they refused to do anything about, they agreed a decent discounted price for the 18" prets as I wanted a new set of wheels due to being fed up looking at the rough santiago but couldn't justify the cost of 19" prets. Little did I realise a year or so later I'd be getting an R which gave me the chance to get the 19's anyway! 😁
  2. Do these help at all? Let me know if you'd like a different angle 😁
  3. Yep the car came from new with 19" prets but I have a set of genuine VW 18" prets for winter 😁. I wish the 18" prets were the same colour as the 19" prets though ☹️.
  4. Excellent job Rwagon, the car looks immaculate 😁. I'm noticing something rather similar with your number plate to mine 🤣. I presume that's your initials? When I was much much younger I always thought it was cool I had the same initials as somebody on the "Dukes Of Hazard" 🤣
  5. Greeted by the sight of these clean pair this morning after a full day yesterday 😁. Aching a bit today but well worth it. So what to clean next 🤔 well my neighbour kindly offered to get us some bits while she was out shopping yesterday so I thought it only fair I offer to clean her mk 7 gti 😁. She said yes before I’d finished the sentence which I took as a compliment. So I’ve got a full Easter weekend planned on detailing👍. More pics next weekend hopefully.
  6. Hi Nathan, Yes I’ve used the big bio several times and highly rate it 👍👍. Great for wheels, door shuts and mirrors etc😁. It’s possible to use it for the main panels but not as quick as I’d like it to be at the moment. But I intended to get my car ceramic coated in a few weeks time which I’m sure will help with the speed of water removal from the panels but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get in at the detailer’s now ☹️. i think £135 was the price I paid which seemed well worth it as it does seem very good quality.
  7. Hi Simon, I have a service contract so it didn’t cost me anything on the day but I think it’s about £150 for the first service.😁
  8. Do you think I overdid the NO WASH signs when I took my R in for it’s first service??? 😂😂 Oh and I parked in front of this ugly thing 😳😳.
  9. Mines just turned a year old and I had it serviced today but only after I requested it as the service plan had been set on lifetime rather than annual from new. The lifetime plan is every 12k or two years I think which personally I didn’t want but my dealership were happy to change the plan to annual as I have done under 6k this year so on the lifetime plan would have had to wait another year for its first service 😳😳.
  10. Apparently they do it in red also 🤣🤣🤣
  11. Thanks all for the input. I guess it will just mean I get the tyres I really want a bit sooner 😁👍.
  12. Thanks Rebecca, That probably my favourite plan 😁, and I would get a slightly better price I think when buying 4 Michelin’s. The continentals have done about 5000 miles , I would need to check but probably have at least 5mm left. Now I just need to find someone local who I’m confident can fit new tyres without marking the prets 😳. I’ll remove the weights myself but a lot of damage can still be done just fitting the new tyres.
  13. Hi, just wondering what people’s thoughts are on the following......... My 19” prets are off the car at the moment but will be going back on soon as spring has nearly sprung. But, I have a puncture in one of the tyres and think it’s unlikely to be ok to be repaired as the hole is approx 50mm from the sidewall. The tyres are continental sport contact 5P and have done about 5k. So my options are: - 1) Buy one new continental sport contact 5P to replace the punctured tyre. 2) Buy x2 new Michelin Pilot sport 4S tyres and replace both fronts and try to sell the one good continental sport contact 5P tyre. 3) Buy x4 new Michelin Pilot sport 4S tyres and replace them all as these are the tyres I want eventually anyway and try to sell the three good continental sport contact 5P tyres. What are the general thoughts on these? And how likely would I be able to sell the used continental tyres and for how much? Many thanks for any help and advice😁
  14. Morning Lloyd. I think a good recommendation would be for Bilt Hamber Auto Foam, it gets great reviews everywhere 😁.
  15. I know its a bit of an expense but I can definitely vouch for the Big Boi mini car dryer. Since using that on wheels, mirrors, fuel flap and vents etc I'm getting no water marks 😁👍. And yes my wife was rather confused that I was basically buying a hair dryer for the car 🤣.
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