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  1. Hewittjamie1


    New day, new picture 😀 Getting some good results with a 50:50 mix of BSD and V7 👍
  2. Will installing the dash-cam system in the car myself affect the vehicle warranty? The car is only 7 months old so I don't want to do anything to affect the warranty but would hate to think how much VW would charge to install a system 😲. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the advice, I'll get some ONR on order👍. Do you currently use the ratio recommended by Bilt Hamber for the auto foam, or add a little more?
  4. So...... what are people’s thoughts on Bilt Hamber auto wash??? I’ve used it a couple of times and am really not sure 🤔. I mix 15 litres of water with 7.5ml of auto wash as instructed, and use a wo-wo lambs wool wash mitt but never seem to get many suds and bubbles?. It seems slightly better when I use a chenille microfiber premium wash mitt but not as good as the meguires NXT shampoo I’ve previously used. So it this just the way auto wash is? I’m thinking of trying dodo juice born to be mild next. Thanks for any info.
  5. Many thanks for all the info as always 😁. That's my next purchase sorted then 👍.
  6. Thanks for the info 👍. Do you have any installation pics??
  7. As the title really?? Im keen on getting front and rear dash cams and would like them to be as discrete and OEM in appearance as possible so suggestions please👍
  8. A mate had two done at home this year😳, very unlucky. Perhaps the area you live in makes a difference?
  9. Beating Man City at home this year 3:2 was an unbelievable game, the atmosphere was the best I’ve experienced and we did Liverpool a favour I’m sure 😁. But I’m rather worried about our chances of staying up already☹️. Would be great to see Liverpool win the title though, but go easy on us when you visit Carrow road 👍.
  10. I’ve always thought mine were low on my previous golf and they now seem the same on my latest🤔. Thanks for the info, time for a little tweak I think 🔨😁.
  11. Thanks Booth11, That's just what I needed to hear and put my mind at rest ☺️
  12. Just a quick question..... Do you find the Valet Pro Bilberry has any affect on your wheel centre caps? I've just ordered some and will be diluting it down but just had a thought that the centre caps may be an issue?? 🤔
  13. Thanks very much😁 I will be putting my bright silver 18" prets on very soon, had them on my last GTD as winter wheels.
  14. Hewittjamie1


    A couple of pics 😁
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