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  1. I think it was your advice that directed me towards the ONR in the first place 😂. But yes it seemed to make a big difference with the 'Born To Be Mild' I use, the wash mitt literally slipped off the car! I struggle to find it available much of the time though, I only have a very small bottle of it at the moment.
  2. Seems odd that we notice these things sometimes, less than 10k to go now on the fiesta before the big ONE!!
  3. Hi, not really 'R' related as this happened in my wife's fiesta. I was getting some new tyres fitted last week, and was sat in the car with the window slightly ajar in these Covid times while a couple of guys in masks busily fitted the new tyres when I happened to notice the odometer reading. Small things I know but it put a smile on my face and I even had to take a picture đŸ¤Ŗ
  4. My current thoughts are, and have been for a while that I will keep the 'R' for quite some time as it's only just over a year old and paid for. Not sure it will ever become a classic to everyone, but It does everything I want so well when I do use it rather than my wife's diesel fiesta đŸ¤Ŗ. My decision will come in the next 3-4 years time when the fiesta needs changing, what then??? It might seem strange at that point to pay a large chunk of cash out on another petrol/diesel car? But what will be available electric wise in another 3-4 years time? And if I do keep the 'R' indefinitely, what will be the cost implications? Some people I speak to think fuel may become cheaper or stay a relatively similar price due to supply and demand? But then as others have pointed out I'm sure the government will want to claw back some cash when a large percentage of the population have stopped paying road tax as they have gone electric? What about all the people who have older classic cars?? My neighbour has two mk1 GTI's, are they just going to become expensive garage artwork? So many questions..................☚ī¸
  5. Managed to get some time to clean the R over the weekend for once! Came up lovely though, and some very satisfying beading the next day 👍. Added some ONR to my wash bucket for the first time, WOW that sure is slippery stuff!!
  6. Hi Paul, Lovely looking car. I was torn between lapiz and Indium when I got mine last year as the dealership had two Lapiz and one Indium all side by side! But I went for Indium in the end 😉. All the best for collection day . 1) Golf GTD mk7. Lovely car, but not quite as lovely as an 'R' 2) VW Performance pack rear spoiler lip (very subtle). 3) The grin it puts on your face when flooring it out of a corner 😁.
  7. You can request Autoglass fit a genuine VW screen, but they may ask your insurance company if that's Ok. That's what happened to me , and my insurance company said it was fine to fit the genuine VW screen. 👍
  8. Hi there costanator. Lovely looking R, but loved the colour of Maggie 👍👍
  9. Hmm. Well it definitely works on the 7.5 But I would have thought it's a feature on the 7 also??
  10. I'm in the Norwich area if your still having a problem, but I think its just a case of pressing the 'mode' button twice and then it does indicate somewhere on the display that it's in speed limiter mode. Sorry if that's a bit vague but it was several months ago when I tested it out đŸ¤Ŗ
  11. Hi ZYX, There are two methods of speed control, one is the ACC which maintains the speed you set but back off the speed depending on the traffic in front of you at a certain distance. But there is also a speed limiter function which I played with when I first got the car. With that feature you can set a maximum speed and it doesn't matter how hard you press the accelerator it won't go above that set speed. From memory you need to press the button on the steering wheel twice to select the second mode (speed limiter) but it definitely does work 👍.
  12. That would be a pain to detail Rebecca, with the visible engine and suspension 😂
  13. I've not stepped into the world of machine polishing yet, as I think I may get a bit carried away đŸ˜ŗ. But have had good levels of success hand polishing with Getechniq P1 nano composite polish applied with a Zaino Tri-foam applicator 👍.
  14. To me the rear view is starting to look a bit too much like a Subaru 🤔
  15. Hi gmt1981, I can vouch for the paying off finance early 👍. I did this on my last two golf's. Take out the finance to get the free service's etc... Then phone up and invoke your right to withdraw from the finance the day after you pick up the car then you won't even pay a days interest. They then give you 30 days to settle the account 😁😁. And you retain the free service etc you got in the deal. Hope this helps.
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