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  1. Sold it 😔, but for a reasonable amount more than I paid for it exactly two years ago 😁. I know it's all related to what your purchasing if your trading in against a different car, but my jaw nearly hit the floor when he offered a couple of thousand more for it than when I purchased it. Is this just down to the funny times we're living in at the moment, and the bubble will burst as soon as parts shortages ends? Just looking forward to collecting the replacement now, the days are going to drag by!
  2. Ummmm… I think I got it of the internet somewhere? If you can’t find it pm me your email address and I’ll forward the image to you 👍
  3. Here's the actual sign I use. Laminated as well 😉🤣.
  4. This is my solution every time the car goes near a dealership, along with confirming 'NO WASH' details on the job paperwork. And even then I'm still anxious the whole time it's with them 🤣.
  5. Ha Ha Ha..... I had exactly the same question when recently fitting new discs to my wife's car. After a bit of research I seem to remember finding some sort of reason why it should be at the top or bottom (sadly can't remember which 🙄) but that all garages and so called experts basically said it doesn't matter! Sorry not much help really.
  6. Thanks DevilDamo, They had the car for a week, but I think they only worked on it for about 4 days due to the bank holiday etc. Mine was a full single stage paint correction, and then two stage ceramic coating to complete car and wheels, then cleaned and protected inside also. With a five year Gyeon guarantee the prices started from £695 and I can’t fault the work so far 😁👍.
  7. Thanks Dan, I am really pleased with the results. Mine has two very small stone chips on the passengers door of all places ☹️, Depending on how bad they are I guess the machine polish may improve them slightly if part of the chip is only in the clear coat? But mine stayed fairly much the same and they just apply the coating over the top as far as I’m aware.
  8. Collected the car after it’s machine polish and Gyeon ceramic coating. All cars should look like this when you collect them from new! 👍😁
  9. Hi Keithy, Citrus pre cleaner to start with, then Bilt Hamber APC and lots of different brushes 🤣. Followed by Gyeon glue and tar remover. Then a heavy coating of Carpro Perl to give it a bit of protection and a great finish 👍. First time I’ve done this job but found it thoroughly rewarding and really pleased with the results..
  10. So, getting a single stage paint correction and ceramic coating next weekend so thought I’d better put my 19” wheels back on ready which gave me a great chance to give my wheel arches a full decontamination and detail 😁, must have to much time on my hands 😂. Oh and took the opportunity to finally fit my new pp front calliper covers 👍.
  11. Hmmmm.... well I’ve got no excuse regarding age as I’ll be 50 within the next couple of years! 😂 Actually Maybe that’s the issue 🤣🤣🤣. I have enjoyed BMW’s in the past and even had a lotus as a daily for a couple of years 😳.
  12. Thanks for the feedback darlo. I’m very particular about my cars and wouldn’t normally consider a second hand car but I’ve inspected it externally and can’t find anything I can’t sort with a bit of detailing work 😁, as you would expect really for a car with so few miles and only one owner. I can’t view it properly until the 12th so got some time to do some thinking 🤣. Running costs would definitely be higher, tax, services etc but then the 8R would probably be the same tax to. As you say possibly slower in normal use with our weather, but maybe just a more special feeling wh
  13. I’m sure the 8R is a step up and move on from the 7/7.5R but to me it’s possibly just gotten too expensive for what it is. I know it’s a hugely personal thing but im in the turmoil of considering changing mine for this. Under 2 years old with only 3700 miles, and a completely different prospect but just feel it is a much more special car for just over 40k, probably less than I would be spending on my ideal spec 8R? Would love to know others views though as I haven’t driven the 8R or M4 Comp yet 😁.
  14. Enjoy that new car smell 😁. looks very special 👍.
  15. Have you got any pictures? Sounds like you may need to do some polishing??
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