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  1. Thanks for the reply mate... Had a good read of it think I've come to the conclusion there is alot of conflicting information on this topic, some people say that manually adjusting wont do anything because the headlight will automatically counteract the change to stay level Think I'm gonna have to just wait and see what the garage says
  2. Hi guys Not used main headlight beams in a while due to it getting dark later and not driving at night recently, turned main beams on when pulling out of the garage this morning and the passenger side main beam is drastically lower than the driver side I have tried manually adjusting and not alot happens from what I can see, I'm slightly worried as I am well aware how of how expensive parts for the HID xenons cost due to me having to replace the whole drivers side light unit and control modules at £1800!!! Cars going in for new pads and discs to be fitted and I have me
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