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  1. I asked and got a written copy of the invoice.
  2. 3 times so far, my car has said a light is not working but in every instance, the next time I start the car, everything is working again!
  3. I'm under the impression that they have up to two weeks to send out the letter. Might be worth checking what day they issued the letter.
  4. you should be able to pause it online from tomorrow.
  5. I to, have had similar thoughts. I owned four Subaru Imprezas between 1998 and 2016 and decided not to buy one with the 2.5 litre engine as they had problems with it, so I bought an AMG A45 which turned out to be faster down the straights but dead around the corners. The Golf is much better, quicker down the straights and has more feel in the corners...but it's still not as communicative as a Subaru. The Subaru and Mitsubishi are lighter, more sporty and agile and have more presence on the road, yes its not the first car that would be let out of a side road but they do have an intimadatio
  6. 33 - 34 PSI is the sweet spot for British B roads. Even wear all round.
  7. rik-1


    Too many times now you think that pothole you've just been through is the one that's going to damage a wheel. Thankfully, no damage so far, the Pretorias must be strong. Unfortuneately the worst of the winter is yet to come.
  8. Had the car for 361 days! 8650 miles.
  9. rik-1

    New Car Dilemma

    1. Don't buy diesel. The increasing restriction that will be imposed on them in the future will make them depreciate a lot. 2. Petrol/Electric hybrid seems to be the future. Electric when you need it, Loads of places to re-fuel for decades yet!
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