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  1. They look flipping awesome 👍🏻 I keep looking at new wheels. The Mrs or the wallet doesn't agree 🤣
  2. Thank you, It's the lighting (or lack of) and maybe a poorly selected filter! The side profile pic above is how the wheels actually look
  3. Thank you mate They are Auto Clover. £26.99 from eBay one of my best mods to date. I am a Jap boy at heart and have had wind deflectors on all my previous cars. These were one of the first things I did to the car. I wanted to avoid Heko because of the wing mirrors catching, and I heard bad things about Climair actually increasing wind noise as they sit in the rubber channel. These are "stick on" type with 3m tape and bond onto the actual door frame. Takes 5 mins to fit and don't interfere with windows going up as they are fitted outside. No issues with the rubber seals and no catching the mirrors. Oh and the rear deflector covers the whole window too! Bargain IMO, couple more pics
  4. My contribution to this thread. Sunday morning drive
  5. I'll have to give it a proper play. Do you have it connected via a cable or do you have a wireless adapter?
  6. @SpursMadDave you're a brave man! Good luck. Hope it goes well for you
  7. Thank you. I've had a mess about with the Android Auto but even that, I don't use it. I doubt i would miss it. I'm just not 100% on the lack of buttons on the bigger screen
  8. I'm going to be really stupid here, but what is the difference between carplay and carnet?
  9. CLP are now offering TVS x TCU tunes. I may go down that route myself
  10. That's not bad at all mate. Think a few guys on the Facebook groups offer a trade where I can swap my current 8" screen plus cash for the 9.2" - I'd need to do abit of research first though as I've read you lose stuff like carplay etc. (Not that I've ever used it 🤣)
  11. Lovely car. Where abouts are you? Wouldn't mind a nosey 😁
  12. Hi buddy I'm interested in upgrading to this screen from the 8" I currently have. How much did the upgrade cost you?
  13. Quick question. Or a few questions. Had the car roughly 3 months. It was serviced by VW when I bought it. But I want to do my own oil change for peace of mind as I don't know what oil they used Am I right in saying I need 5.7ls for a fresh oil change? Where's the best place to get the oil and filter from? 5w40 will be ok? Do I need to replace the plastic sump plug or use the existing one? Where is the best jacking points for the front and where to place the axle stands? Any other tips/vids?
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