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  1. Yes ARB already fitted. I went for a Superpro 24mm. It certainly tightens the rear end up and seems to improve under steer. Still waiting for springs to be fitted.
  2. Mine is cast aluminium in black. Tried to photograph the area I’m talking about but difficult to see clearly so I hope this following description helps.... Open the bonnet, on the battery side of the car, look downwards in front of the radiator and just below the intercooler white plastic location clip you should see large lettering / numbers. If you go onto Progressive Parts website and type in Wagner intercooler you will see the number on the 3rd photo from the left.
  3. Unfortunately the springs are still in the garage awaiting fitment so can’t answer you yet. Were due to be fitted on 14th of this month but has been postponed due to COVID. I’ll update you when they’re done.
  4. Had stage 1 with Rick a few months ago. 377 BHP. Perfect . Now planning stage 2 plus littco L380x with him. Discuss your needs with him and enjoy!
  5. So, I think it’s time to share. Am I right in thinking a res delete fitted? What else have you had done? Alignment.... why? More to come I think 🤔
  6. Top man!!! I know only too well about the illness that you have dealt with through several experiences within my life. I believe in keeping positivity to a maximum and stress to a minimum is a major factor to recovery. As mentioned in my previous post, I sincerely wish you the very best in life, and put into perspective the significance of a speeding ticket is nothing. Chances are it won’t arrive anyway.👍
  7. Dear Camelsac, in a recent post we agree to disagree about DSG and Manual Gearboxes. I haven’t responded to your comment until now. I know “ you’re Not interested in cutting your changing speeds. And It’s all about involvement for you hence why you have a manual and There is No pleasure, for you, in pressing a button.“ but guess what ..... If I were you I wouldn’t worry about receiving a speeding ticket until it actually happens. Chances are you won’t get one so don’t panic. If it does arrive well sh.t happens. In the meantime try to relax, think about the Bob Marley song .. three little birds, ... “don’t worry about a thing”. I wish you the very best.
  8. I listened to the more experienced guys on here and went for Rear only. There are many to choose from but I think the main two contenders are 034 Motorsport and Superpro. I went for Superpro 24mm plus Superpro links. There seems to be no difference in ride quality but definitely cuts the understeer.
  9. Before deciding which vehicle to get I would seriously consider driving a DSG for while. I have always loved manuals but after owning a r estate with DSG I would not go back. Learn to drive it using the paddles and cut your manual changing speeds in half. Other times just select D, give your knees a rest and dial in whatever speed you wish to do.
  10. Thanks Stobsie. I’ll do that on Monday 👍
  11. Looking forward to some feedback Dave. Coming from you we’ll get an honest opinion on improvements 👍
  12. They have very few staff and are extremely busy keep trying you will get a response . Thanks Matt, I will do.👍
  13. I’ve got a friend in Guildford I might ask him if he can go and check them out Thanks Dave Appreciate that. Don't seem to have gone bust, still showing Active on Companies House. Cheers Dollyman, let’s see what evolves. 👍
  14. I have emailed, telephoned, and messaged them on their site but no reply either Dave. That’s why I wondered if they were still trading. Can anybody recommend another turbo to use?
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