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  1. Hi all. The time has come to say bye bye to my lovely R estate. The new purchaser absolutely loves it…..as I did. After carrying out the mods on it and achieving 438 BHP the car was the quickest and most enjoyable one I’ve ever owned. Times have changed and my new location involves travelling about 0.25 miles over rough common land to get to my house …hence the sale. It’s been a pleasure being a member of this club and would like to thank you for your help and support. I have the original suspension, turbo core ,downpipe, exhaust, x2 Scorpion res delete pipes which be for sale a
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    2016 Golf R estate in very good condition, modified to Stage 2 + achieving 438 BHP. Driven by retired mechanical engineer with interest focused on the fun of achieving the potential rather than racing the vehicle. If you would enjoy owning 'a sleeper' with all the benefit of an estate, then this car fits the bill. Modifications: Brembo replacement discs and pads. Bilstein B6 lowering kit. (-10~15mm). Superpro 24 mm rear anti-roll bar + Superpro droplinks. Turbo Technics intake elbow. Wagner intercooler. Littco 380x turbo. Scorpion race cat downpipe 3". Scorpion Full exhaust system (Resonated) but includes res delete if required. Unicorn Stage 2 tune – See Dynosheet + Unicorn DSG tune. Pikey R600 inlet modification including blanking plate. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres.


    , Oxfordshire - GB

  3. So here is my next dilemma. I have decided to go stage 2. I have purchased a Wagner intercooler and am going to get a BCS downpipe . I intend to update the turbo but cannot decide which one will be best.... the L380x or L450? Has anyone tried the 450? Do you lose low end torque and get turbo lag or any other problems? What have you guys experienced with the L380x?
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