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  1. No not spoke to him will have to look into it when lockdown finishes,
  2. I believe they are 270mm in length which means they would stick out by about 30mm I don’t think that would look right but may be able to adjust or trim so it is flush
  3. They look like they would fit nicely, would be nice in black. personally I’m holding out for the Porsche ones hope they will fit
  4. Hello all, like many others, I have had some spare time on my hands, so I decided to install my Milltek cat back, to my Mk 7 estate r. However, on completion I was absolutely gutted that I had to remount the fake tips So I read the forums to see if anyone had found a bolt on tip, to replace the fakes without adjusting the rear diffuser. There was one thread that talked about some carbon tips from aliexpress but tbh they looked crap and were the wrong size and orientation. Anyway after a lot of searching I believe I found possible replacements in the Porsche Macan tips. Has anyone tried this? I’m keen for any thoughts before I spend money. as ever thanks in advance. Golf R Estate, BCS dp, Milltek catback Rick
  5. Did you have any problems fitting the r600 back in after the Neuspeed charge pipe?
  6. Did you ever get an answer for this? I’m looking to do the same.
  7. Ahh thanks for letting me know it’s the charge pipe I’m after, not the throttle pipe, will end up buying both but might have to leave the charge pipe if I can’t find one that doesn’t need bastardising. Been told Neuspeed one fits with the r600 intake, but not sure.
  8. looking to replace OEM throttle pipe, however not sure which one will fit along side my r600 intake, have read that a lot of people have had to swap the intake for a different one, not really an option for me, any advice greatly appreciated.
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