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  1. 5dr hatch because when I was in the market all I knew is I liked the mk7 golf better than anything else id seen. I love hatch's. So I wanted a mk7 Golf. During research I discovered the R. Id always heard of the gti, who hasnt? But I didnt know about the R. So I became suddenly dead set I wanted the top of the line mk7 golf R. I was a little nervous about splashing out on something non essential. Somehow getting 5 doors was justification to me. So when I showed mum she could see it was practical. My confidence has grown since then, getting it modified and tuned stage 2, 😂 yeah this car made an enthusiast of me. I started thinking you only live once. So if I could go back id get a 3dr, as the back doors get used once in a blue moon. Still, it's nice on the odd occasion I have passengers in the back that they get their own doors 😁
  2. Haha, that photo on the jokes thread with the woman holding the dogs mouth shut.
  3. Hi Gavras, absolutely fine to hijack, I appreciate some of the attention coming off me haha. Sorry to hear of the loss of your dad. And all the stresses of the work situation, but sounds like you're onto something good with the new job. My 'feeling down' is in the genre of heartbreak, so I was a bit embarrassed to talk about it. But there you go. In other news my grandfather is dying and all the family are taking in turns to look after him and my gran. But I understand this is part of life and I don't mind going there to help my gran. I like to actually. Keeping my mind busy, great tips on here. I'm thinkng of taking up language learning again. But having a broken heart can be hard to talk about, so many people can relate to it, but it's still embarrassing to admit. So, yeah forget that I said any of that. It's all good, got it all figured out.... aha 😭 💪
  4. Oh dear (arse over tit haha, should laugh but.. !!) sounds really bad though, was that a fall at height then? Or trying something crazy like going down a hill on a skateboard?? And thanks once again 🙂🙂 I'll be OK
  5. Thanks everyone, lovely supportive group we have here! And yes I read about 20 pages of the Joke thread earlier and I couldn't stop giggling! 😂
  6. But loved driving my car this evening, had an exhilarating time... I love my car
  7. How did they mess up so bad? It makes me feel sick to look at it. And that's the photos above in white. I happen to think our 7 and 7.5s look great in white. And how are 16.67% of people that voted wanting one?! 9 of you want one. Wow. I must have lost my eyesight and im not seeing the same as you.
  8. When I was getting my stage 2 done, there was someone who had spent over £100,000 on mods alone :O
  9. Hey guys, I got a 4 wheel alignment done on my car yesterday. Once I got home I found something very curious on the printout they had given me. I couldn't figure it out when trying to read it! The initial results show mostly red 'bars', and then the final results show all green 'bars', apart from one! One of them is still red, and I find this very strange. Anyone know about this, how to read it? Is this how it should be? Thanks
  10. Yeah my DP made a big difference. Then the res delete more so. I really like the sound but yeah it would sound better with a catback indeed... Its still a 4 pot but I started to appreate it more. You can't even hear that signature wheezy sound with everything else going on. 5 cyl and V10 have been my favourite sounds but the other day an RS3 drove by I was walking, and I dont know! I used to love the 5cyl sound more 😀
  11. You got that right. I've had a change of heart and am going to improve the brakes. Its not worth sacrificing safety, and as you say @SpursMadDaveit is a perfornance enhancing mod under the right circumstances 👍
  12. Ah well. Things can get heated on here sometimes! Reality is I'm being 'bad' by increasing the power of my car and not increasing my stopping power. But all this talk about wants and needs. I wanted to get my car tuned not to track it and get new lap records, not because I needed it, 300hp is plenty, not because I would drive recklessly through twisted country lanes, but because I wanted to enjoy this as a motorsports car more in terms of sound experience, presence and drivability, not necessarily at the limit. I mean I was pulled over by police the other week. The blue lights went on and I was like, oh dear what's this, oh boy! But he (young officer bout 30) pulled me over just so he could tell me he was getting a coffee at a petrol station and that my car "it was like the sound of hell going past, if hell ever had a sound". His grin not wiping off his face. That was it! First time I've been pulled over by police just so they could have a conversation (probably been a slow day for him). Oh man it was so funny though and we talked about the car a bit, and he did check my insurance details, road tax MOT etc, as a formality, but really he just wanted a conversation That was cool. Anyway, I could have just got the res delete, or gone with an exhaust system*. But I decided to go a bit more 'enthusiast' and spend a lot of money for an Intercooler (keep it safe with the intake temps), paddle clutch (hate slip), airbox, downpipe and get the high torque stage 2 tune ECU software, res delete finishing it off, and to that end with the sound I'm incredibly happy. It gurgles at low revs, bangs at high revs, whirrs and CCCHHHH's and hey, it's a lot of fun. The coldstart is really loud... Of course I floor it sometimes but I don't have many suitable twisty roads that are safe to put all this performance to the test and brake later to be able to be quicker through corners. But as stated, why I did this... I can get a lot of sounds and acceleration blasts just going up to 40,50 or 70 mph. 10-30mph also sounds great with the constant burbling out the exhaust. Sure I'll eat my words if one day I'm out accelerating onto a motorway and mis-judge a distance or something and the brakes aren't there. But anyway, let's move on. I just wanted to update on here with my new plans currently. I change my mind a lot haha. So today I got some brand new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres all around on my 18" Cadiz. Woop woop exciting haha. 4 wheel alignment paid for too, but the garage ramp was broken so I'll go back another day soon for that. It's all wet and gloomy out there but I'm just buzzing I would have got these tyres a long time ago but I was in a constant mind battle with myself over getting new 19" alloys. So I was like... hold off on the tyres because I will need 19" tyres for the new wheels. But the only reason I wanted 19" alloys, was because the ones I wanted only come in 19" or 20" ! I created another thread about 18" vs 19" and in the end, after lots of deliberating, I'm deciding to stick with my 18" Cadiz due to the increased expense of 19" tyres. Save a couple grand on not buying new wheels and I saved about £200 by getting 18" tyres over 19" tyres. Pretty crazy! And with needing oil changes every 5k miles I'm trying to manage my outgoings in terms of perishable items. So no 19" wheels. Either I will just keep the Cadiz forever (love them), one day find some 18" wheels I prefer the look of, or maybe one day in the future I will upgrade to the 19" and bite the bullet in terms of more expensive tyres... If I feel comfortable with that. Right now though these 19" wheels I was looking at would be a lot more flamboyancy, which I don't really need either! I have been debating about lowering springs, but talks with a few people have put me off, somebody ripped their front bumper off, someone else I talked to suffered exhaust damage, so I am a bit nervous about lowering. Next up for me is some inexpensive mods that will improve feel and handling. 034 motorsport ARB on the rear 034 motorsport dogbone mount insert Maybe I will have more confidence to go lower in the future, where I am thinking Leyo springs 25mm drop, to further enhance handling with the lower centre of gravity. But for now this is all, and I do have some other ideas for the future, we'll see what happens. *oh yes the exhaust! I am also thinking to get a full catback exhaust system in future, but again this is not next up on the agenda. Depending on how my feelings about the lowering springs develop, I might end up instead getting something like a BSC powervalve exhaust system, as I was really impressed with the sound of that. Res delete out, catback in.
  13. Stephen the extreme lightning 😀
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