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  1. I've gone without ACC for 26 months now. It started that my car was parked in Tesco. When I came back there was a scuff and damage to the front of my car, and the radar was pushed off to the side. ACC didn't work. I took it somewhere for a calibration (unofficial) It cost £200, I was told official was £300. Anyway, I could only use the ACC about 2 or 3 weeks before it died again. It worked again a few months later randomly, but only for a couple of journeys. Ever since it hasn't worked. And I don't want to pay for another recalibration only for it to stop working again after a few weeks. So I gave up.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-62991376.amp Bank of England said we may already be in recession. Rates raised to 2.25%
  3. Yes exactly. Interest rate hike, inflation, 80% energy in October etc, it can change mindsets. People who can actually just about afford a nice car they might hold back, Think it's not a necessary need right now. They get on top of their expenses because of the times we're living in. And of course the people who can drop 40k+ will continue to do so.
  4. Well on the one hand an argument that demand won't decrease despite the high inflation and bad economic situation we're experiencing - all prices have increased. Not just cars. And proposed tax cuts would increase demand. On the other hand, the macro economic headwinds we face mean likely reduced consumer spending going forward which will lower demand and prices. Risk is off. It all depends on this war. If it will end 🙏
  5. Closing the valves does help. My bro said he couldn't really notice the difference when he borrowed the car. But I definitely can
  6. Only video I have only demonstrates the idle sound I'm afraid, and not high (old phone) quality. In the car it sounds good, it sounds good (loud) windows down through tunnels. I still don't really know how it sounds fly by from the outside as I have never witnessed it. Mine is pre gpf, APR Stage 2 tuned with Scorpion sports cat downpipe and a VAGSport res delete. Drone on the motorway is not noticeable unless you're giving your mum a lift. She might ask if the exhaust is broken.
  7. Hi. Cars come fantastic stock. I won't touch upon interior / exterior changes, that's all subjective. But top of my list for gadgets and bolt ons are: OBD11 - £50~ ECU customizations. 035 Motorsports dogbone mount - £50~ I felt a decent difference to the transmission. DTUK Pedalbox - £200~ Increased throttle response.
  8. OOV

    Petrol Price

    Filled up yesterday. The Shell from the original post, price is now 2.069 for V-Power. It's mad really isn't it? I thought the price going from around 80p ltr to £1.10 ... then back down to 95p, then up to £1.30 - which was the general price action since I learned to drive. (I passed my test May 2002). But in about a year - year and a half we've gone from £1.30 to £2+
  9. OOV

    Petrol Price

    A place for petrol price comparisons, from different parts of the UK and other countries hopefully too. Why not? This was a couple of days ago in Stevenage. Thought I would get change from two £50 notes because it's a Golf? Think again 🤣
  10. Yes, admittedly a 30 year old fiesta isn't that old, nor that interesting, but it was just a moment of surprise when I saw it there.
  11. There's a couple old biddies across the way in this Devonshire holiday home I'm staying at. They're in and out all the time in this pristine K-reg Fiesta 'Flight'. It's just immaculate. Not a dent, scratch, swirl or chip. It's clean. It's basic. It's.... magnificent! Even the exhaust is a gleaming chrome shine. Oh yeah and the wheels don't show up on this snap, I didn't want to look like a stalker, but yes they're flawless. Im just like... how! It's 30 years old! It's too pristine for both the age and how regularly they're out in it! No rust. No nothing! In the week we've been here I've taken the car out once. Most places (harbour, beaches, shops) are walking distance. And how do they avoid it getting fired on by the seagulls? 😂 Love it
  12. Noooooo..................... 💥 🚗 💨 ............ 🚓👮‍♂️👮‍♀️ was such a beautiful car
  13. https://youtu.be/XAiZCClKAwg Seen this Golf in the past. Awesome. Look at that time
  14. Ok so I've done a 25 minute drive A road route stopped for a hot chocolate. Oh wow. So I went with what you said you went with yellow (sport) with 1 green bar (-1) Well I certainly wouldn't want it any more sensitive than this! But it's great to have the option! I really enjoyed it at the low and mid speeds. You can't get away from it can you, so noticeable! It was more effort to stay at 70mph in 6th gear, for how sensitive it is! Slightest touch and it's going. This is something I hadn't anticipated. At low speeds yea that's where I expected to notice it. But plodding along at 70, I didn't expect the added sensitivity there. Im going to leave it at this setting for a while get used to it and then decide if I need more or less. Back home edit: Okay this is fun it actually makes driving it easier.
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