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  1. No it’s the original mk7 - and the clutch can slip under heavy stock loads..... at 60k miles done at least.
  2. I’m trying this too I wanted mine back chrome again
  3. I got the pops and bangs by going APR Stage 2 and they mapped it in. Res delete helps as does the downpipe. As for the exhaust though, BCS Powervalve is the one I will go for.
  4. Oh man, exciting times. I also love the RS3 but I haven't looked into the new ones much yet - are you waiting for the new one? For me in my mid 30s, I'm not making any big car purchase I'm holding out long with my 7R and see what happens going into the next 5-10 years. The thing with the R is that, holding out is just so easy as it's such a beautiful car. I love it. I love the estates too, who knows, I might end up buying an estate R. I don't know, I will have to really love the new Audis to take that step.
  5. Yeah if only there was a Cadiz vs Prets thread 😂 it’s strange but for some reason prets are more popular. I know, I can’t get my head around it either, but anyway... Welcome to the forum. I’ve had my Cadiz on for 3 years now loved every minute of them, but this year they might be getting replaced. Yours is the 7.5 estate equivalent to my car. Same colour but MK7 hatch. Is yours DSG? edit: just remembered the 7/7.5 thing with greys. They never made any limestone grey 7.5 so I was mistaken, yours must be indium?
  6. What kind of errors are you getting coming up when you scan? Sorry if I missed this earlier in the thread.. but I may be looking at turbos in the future
  7. You misunderstand - I already have a Sachs sintered paddle clutch. I've been using it for 18 months and I've done around 17,000 miles with it, at APR Stage 2. My question is how much more can my transmission take before giving up on life? Because it sounds like I'm doing damage with near every gear shift. (It has done for the past 18 months) TIme will tell. But it would be great if someone knows the chances of this happening. I mean so far so good - 18 months of carnage and it's still holding up oov
  8. I would go for the Golf R Estate. I was driving with one a few weeks ago a blue lapiz mk7 and we were driving rolling hills with another Golf R, also Lapiz but a hatch, 3 Golf R's together. All 3 of us MK7. What was bad about his was that 2 of the tailpipes were silver 2 of them black. So if I had one I would replace the exhaust system, but it doesn't matter. It was still cool. I really liked his estate. And it changed my mind to loving the R estate. I already liked them. The 7.5 I think is probably the best one though - It has the coolest rear light cluster of any Mk7 Golf varient in my opinion. It's similar to the standard Golf 2019 rear lights.
  9. Everyone is different but I don’t live by this. I’m not concerned about it and buy and sell quite loosely. I bought 2 watches a few years ago. A year later one had lost about 40% one had gained about 40% value. It was interesting but I didn’t care or think about it again until now. Same with cars I get it because I want it more than the money. It’s just wasted time to calculate what’ll work out financially better, there are so many benefits to owning. I would absolutely never lease. Unless I had more important need for the money.
  10. You will do soon I’m getting 19” RF019 in matte anthracite, Watch this space....
  11. Lapiz is just such a rich blue, stunning. Reminds me of black light
  12. Ive never bought a brand new specced car but I’ve also never leased or PCP any vehicle. I’ve always bought outright, and always second hand. Save what you would’ve spent monthly and use it to spend money on the car with mods. @duke748 In the end it comes down to a choice of 3 and which means most to you: 1. The car 2. The money 3. Another purchase with the money which one is it? If it’s 1 buy outright. If it’s 2 or 3 lease
  13. same thing happened to me recently but it was an oven dish of food with clingfilm and the passenger struggling 😅
  14. Yep, it will be interesting to see what happens in the future but we need to see more colours 👍
  15. Ive been running this clutch 18 months now (great clutch except squeak.....meh) ... and I’m looking for other members running it. Or anyone with knowledge... this is a very brutal clutch and feels and sounds very hard on the transmission. I mean if you do perfect changes it’s not but that’s tbh the exception than the rule. it does bang pretty often. I wonder how much more it can take... any one knowledgable of the manual transmission in mk7 R thanks
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