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  1. Can't believe nobody pulled me up on this... I've been waiting on the sidelines for someone to say something... bait just floating there... You see I deliberately never put a £ in so I could come back at ya with a ¥4.5M 🤣 But nobody took the bait... ...I'll see myself out 🤣
  2. What was the point of us leaving the EU then? Come on Boris 🤣
  3. Leuchte1BLK VRB20 is the right indicator, Same as dv52 posted above, except Lichtfunktion A 0 > Blinken rechts Hellphase
  4. Yes. exactly as dv52 says. Dimmwert value is the brightness. Check you have Lichtansteuerung HD AB 0 > Always maybe the problem?
  5. Surprisingly I've already seen 3, and all in a short space of time (couple of months ago now, with the most recent sighting about 4 weeks ago), lapiz on the motorway, white in my village, lapiz coming from the other direction. I started to think they're common, but no sightings since. I was just lucky
  6. Cheaper than a lot of people's phone bills 🤣 Im sorry to say that 6 months will feel like 6 years. But it will be worth the wait 👍
  7. Really tidy - different from the days when I installed a 4x60 watt Alpine headunit and a pair of Pioneer 6x9's onto a custom built wooden parcel shelf with 2x 12" Pioneer subs in the boot of my Rover 25. I think the amp for the subs was about 2500 watts. Going back nearly 20 years now. Aw I loved that set up... I think There was no boot space at all.
  8. All my peers used to pick automatic mode in the arcades on Sega Rally and Daytona USA, when I would go for manual. Same thing happened into the future 😝
  9. LOL yeah 😅 I'm working from home now full time going forward. Bad for social life but good for saving money. And the miles that piled on the R are coming to a halt.
  10. Mine will be a highly sought after rare manual version with the now discontinued APR stage 2 tune, and I have 10 years to make other improvements to it so for a purist petrol head or classic ICE collector easy 4.5M the way inflation will go 👍🤑
  11. Imma probably keep my R for a while maybe sell it for 100k in 2030 - then regret it when it's worth 500k in 2040 😕
  12. 20k miles done at 420Ft.lb torque: 1. High pitch sound when pulling off, frequent, but avoidable depending on how you engage the clutch. 2. Short high pitch sound when changing gears, very rarely. 3. Chatter when pulling off, very rarely. 4. Clutch slip, never. What I cared about was clutch slip, and it was eliminated with this sintered paddle clutch. It was heavy the first few months, and I was definitely building leg muscle from using it! But I was planning on running the car for years and sure enough 2 years on I don't notice it an
  13. Oh boy I just wet myself! I did not like the previous saloon version of the RS3 - but this one I even prefer to the hatch! That completely blindsided me, they nailed the proportions on this one! And this colour 😵🕶️ I would definitely get it in this colour - looks radical!
  14. Marmite. The black panels between the headlights and honeycomb looks great. The front of the RS3 was what I disliked in the previous version. That has all been fixed now.
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