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  1. Gosh, the A35 is already 18 months old - I was at goodwood when they unveiled it..
  2. Im lookng at these at the moment. Which did you opt for? Nige advised me that if I get the prestige system I would have to cut my Scorpion downpipe down a bit. Did you get resonated or non res? Got a res delete now but considering going resonated and leaving the valves open, as opposed to non resonated and closing the valves
  3. Mine is at 0% (it was accidentally on 0.37% or something for a year) but in all honesty when I was stock quite liked it at 50%
  4. I dread to think what they would offer me 😂 when/if I sell it will be private/forum member
  5. @Charles M I bought my R outright but the time lost on investment is a sting. So PCP is what im looking at next. I like the 2021 RS3. Will have to see if I like it enough to part with my R though.
  6. I hope you guys like your 8Rs when they arrive - it has exceeded my expectations compared to my first impressions.
  7. Variety is the spice of life. It always amazes, and shocks me when I see a car collector with like 10 cars all the same colour. Saw on youtube recently a collector every car the same blue.
  8. I'm sticking at stage 2 as well 👍 for now
  9. Lapiz? You moving away from DBP ?
  10. OOV

    Potential R Buyer

    996 is a very nice looking car. So is the 7.5R , tricky decision. Id go with the R
  11. It will look wicked. Ive had my car almost 3 years now and kept how it was, grey, black, chrome/aluminium. This year might do some exterior design changes with additional black and possibly orange accents
  12. Yeah mines aluminium , same with the mirror caps. But I got black VW badges recently (not yet installed). So got me thinking... have to see how it looks once I've got them on
  13. Awesome awesome awesome. Your car is like mine so it will be interesting to compare going forward how we modify differently. You leaving the front splitter aluminium then? Edit: not watched the videos yet replied too quickly after I saw the render.
  14. For me id lose the 19s as I prefer 18s Edit: I see you ditched the winter pack. Actually yeah I agree sounds like it was the best option to ditch!
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