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  1. Oh man that would be crushing... Learned their lesson though? Never parked on a beach nor can I ever imagine the scenario coming up. Expensive day out
  2. Yeah when you're already at 70 or 80mph, it's unexpected to accelerate away like you're in 2nd / 3rd 😂 .. Not that I've ever done that 😇
  3. LOL, oh the large friend base that's part and parcel with that estate refinement Yeah, the only time someone has made use of those extra doors on mine is twice, once to get my sister and niece in the back, the other time dropping two friends into town. Maybe that was enough to make the 5dr worth it!! But those are the only two times after 2 years. I always thought I was popular!!
  4. I wouldn't be worrying about it Check through the full service history for your peace of mind. And it's already had oil and haldex done recently. What could be wrong? Now is the time to get excited. It has passed those checks of servicing. And so 60,000 feels like a lot, but this is such a well made car, I think it will be nicely run in now Mine is on 73k and doesn't miss a beat. Also model year 2015, reg January (64 plate). What would that lower mileage car really bring you. Forget it
  5. Thanks for the replies. Quite a few wheels when I'm browsing don't come in 18", just 19 +
  6. So I can't help it, I know it's been covered a million times already, but... . switching to 19" ?????? What do you prefer about the look / drive of each? Pros and cons? Can an R that has always been on 18" just switch to 19" easy? Thanks
  7. A jogger gave me the old sly 'wanker' hand gesture the other day, he kind of attempted to hide it, merging it into his jog rhythm. God knows what he would do if he encountered yours billowing out smoke! 😂
  8. Uuuf - well, so all are 5 door. None have pano roof. Well, it's got to be either the 2nd for the value (silver prets) or the 3rd / 4th as these two have lower mileage and are 7-8 months newer. However I'd probably get the 2nd one in your list because the discount is worth the extra miles. But that's everyone's own decision. Of the two from 2019, both are good, but I prefer the one with the black pret. I don't know what it is, but this is a pretty blacked out car except for the silver mirror caps. Silver mirror caps are a bit marmite. I love them but some change them out. I saw someone change theirs to the same as the bodywork. But to me I love the silver caps and with these black prets, they're just the only flash on an otherwise blackened car. You might want to look into how the options differ between these 4 though, because they're otherwise very similar. I'd check for DCC and whether it's leather or alcantara seats.
  9. @SpursMadDave Yeah but in case he's wondering which one is the best, it might be important for him to know........... APR is the best 😂😂😂 unbiased
  10. Can someone good at maths figure what power this would be for the Golf R? Might be a useful number to know. As some stage 1 tunes might be less than 25% and some might be more. Cheers
  11. Yeah mine was £540 this year, and £600 after adding legal expense cover and courtesy car added options. But I'm 35, modified stage 2 and I was happy as I feared it would be way higher with the shit that's going on atm, so I was celebrating
  12. Hehe fun read. I was imagining them sneering over at you in your everyday estate, and revving a few times to get your attention 😁 I was worried when I got my paddle clutch because it was so heavy at first. My left leg in noticeable pain after driving just several 30 minute journeys. But fortunately either my leg has hulked up, or through use the clutch has relaxed, as it's not just a little bit lighter, I don't even notice it at all anymore.
  13. OOV


    @Gavras oh I wish I could've been there!!! .. And yet it still made no difference. You've got to think the guy you showed round MUST have had the biggest potential influence on the insurance, what was it, bitterness? Useless... Yes I'm realising I got swindled now. It's fraud tbh preying on those who don't have the luxury of time.
  14. OOV


    But that would've been lying! This year I was like... "I am familiar with the roads around here, but that's just by the by 😁" Also its difficult to argue that when the location is almost 3 hours away from where I used to live.
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