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  1. OOV

    Petrol Price

    A place for petrol price comparisons, from different parts of the UK and other countries hopefully too. Why not? This was a couple of days ago in Stevenage. Thought I would get change from two £50 notes because it's a Golf? Think again 🤣
  2. Yes, admittedly a 30 year old fiesta isn't that old, nor that interesting, but it was just a moment of surprise when I saw it there.
  3. There's a couple old biddies across the way in this Devonshire holiday home I'm staying at. They're in and out all the time in this pristine K-reg Fiesta 'Flight'. It's just immaculate. Not a dent, scratch, swirl or chip. It's clean. It's basic. It's.... magnificent! Even the exhaust is a gleaming chrome shine. Oh yeah and the wheels don't show up on this snap, I didn't want to look like a stalker, but yes they're flawless. Im just like... how! It's 30 years old! It's too pristine for both the age and how regularly they're out in it! No rust. No nothing! In the week we've been here
  4. Noooooo..................... 💥 🚗 💨 ............ 🚓👮‍♂️👮‍♀️ was such a beautiful car
  5. https://youtu.be/XAiZCClKAwg Seen this Golf in the past. Awesome. Look at that time
  6. Ok so I've done a 25 minute drive A road route stopped for a hot chocolate. Oh wow. So I went with what you said you went with yellow (sport) with 1 green bar (-1) Well I certainly wouldn't want it any more sensitive than this! But it's great to have the option! I really enjoyed it at the low and mid speeds. You can't get away from it can you, so noticeable! It was more effort to stay at 70mph in 6th gear, for how sensitive it is! Slightest touch and it's going. This is something I hadn't anticipated. At low speeds yea that's where I expected to notice it. But plodding
  7. I found a torx screwdriver and took the panel off. Once I did the connections, which I had less difficulty than I expected, I fed the control unit up behind the cubby for it to go in there, and then lay the cable on top of the panel before screwing it back in. Hopefully that will work well to keep that excess cable safely away.
  8. Well, it was about time I installed a pedal box. So I ordered yesterday and to my surprise it arrived today. But it's not in yet because I need to find a torx screwdriver. So instead I took the time to wash the car. It's amazing how it looks like a totally different car after it has been washed.
  9. I've enjoyed reading this thread. I follow the same line of thinking to mp2811 - quick and responsive. The brakes are a must and exactly as you say, nobody ever regretted upgraded brakes. Mine are Racingline stage 2 brake kit. My Stage 2 tune is the original APR high torque done in 2019 with a Wagner Intercooler and 034 ARB. It's running about 420lb torque. I too have thought about Stage 3 sometimes but can't justify it for the way I like and use my car and how reliable it is in the current form.
  10. Kind of wish I had? I bought mine, had it a year, and THEN decided I wanted it tuned. So my problem I already had the car. My advantage was I chose who did the work and what parts, what map, etc. It's cheaper to buy it with the work already done though. Be shown the invoices, check oil change history, find out the reason for the sale and see if it seems suspect or legit.
  11. They did my Stage 2 tune and fitted all parts in 2019. I still take my car to them every oil change and have them look over the car.
  12. My mate got one of these on Wednesday. I met him the same day to check it out. Nice. His is the single motor version 302 hp
  13. Done: MQB full engine service & clear R600 air filter MQB Haldex service Haldex Oil Spark Plug MQB CJX x 4 Pollen Filter MQB Ignition Coil Pack x 4 Paintwork fully washed Window seals washed Windows washed Exhaust washed Alloys wheels washed Tyre dressing Dried and Maguires wax To do: Exhaust polish Interior clean Got to say, a toothbrush is an essential piece of kit when cleaning. Really good for getting in the window seals Before / after:
  14. Does this mean R400 will be making a return to the forum?
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