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  1. OOV

    New Owner

    Yeah you can switch to an R600. Ive got that also with the TT hose. The R600 sounds great. Beautiful car nice wheels. What wheels are those?
  2. OOV

    New Owner

    Yeah you can switch to an R600. Ive got that also with the TT hose. The R600 sounds great. Beautiful car nice wheels. What wheels are those?
  3. OOV

    New Owner

    I like the sound of the R. I was up in a building when a 7.5 stock indium grey spirited driving went past (40 zone, he probably hit 50 or 60) I thought wow it sounds good even muffled. Did I need the extra sounds I've accumulated? 😅 Oh welcome Ash. Ive got a stage 2 APR as well. Yours high torque tune? (420lb ft or so) if so its extremely important only fill V Power 99 octane or similar.
  4. Together 😍 Loving the mk5, got way more pep than I expected. Easy to drift over the speed limit lol. So much wobbly body roll on roundabouts haha. Especially as I have the ARB in the R now.
  5. Thinking along the same lines. R my last petrol.
  6. Im going to do a Scotland and/or wales drive next year for sure ! And yes it does 42mpg or so when being very sensible at cruising speeds. My work journey is around 30 mins, mostly motorways, yet my avg is about 33 because of the non motorway sections 😁
  7. They probably parked between the lines the first time, but when admiring the work probably decided they hadn't made a strong enough statement and manoeuvred that bit closer
  8. Oh I wont. I will probably be better at keeping it clean and tidy now that I wont be driving it 😂 and I wont take it for granted as much, using it just for fun 😍 I like the silver too. Originally wanted black to hide the mk5 rear bumper, but this silver one showed up in the results and liked it. DA55... Das Auto 😅
  9. Yeah, it greatly impacted the feel of my gearchanges in my manual, and I can hear that mechanical whir
  10. For me my vote goes to the 034 motorsports lower dogbone mount at only £50, but the VWRacingline R600 airbox and 034 motorsports ARB imo good value for money
  11. My new baby is a mk5 TDI GT with 134hp, how exciting! 91k miles, nice for such an old car. I love the mk4 and mk3 but all were very high milage or expensive. This baby even has a sunroof 😁 My 7R is on 78k miles now, 31k done in 2 years so she'll be doing a lot less miles now I want to maintain her and use for the weekend.
  12. In short, I don't care. My other car is a mk5 with organic clutch and so smooth. Then I jump in the R and it is very brutal around town. Makes me smile.
  13. A lot of money has gone into it, I'd be tempted myself. But stage 3.. enjoy oil change every 2k miles 😂 Mine is stage 2 but I had mine stock for 16 months then bought the parts and paid for labour, for stage 2, because I wanted it. Modifying just wasnt on my mind back when I was R shopping.
  14. I got mine done for £200. I thought my radar was damaged after someone reversed into my parked car. Turned out it just needed the recalibration. I too love ACC but only use it on motorways.
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