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  1. Think any of these 3 would suit the mk8.
  2. Nipped in my local Tesco today and noticed signs for no diesel at the petrol station.Had a look across at the forecourt on my way back to car and all seemed normal with no queues. Looks like all the brain dead are diesel drivers.
  3. Love the brakes.😎 Where did you get them from?
  4. So I went to Awesome on Friday to have a couple of mods done,the main one being a scorpion exhaust with carbon tips.However it turned out scorpion had sent the wrong size adapters out,so rather than cobble something together to get it to fit it was agreed to wait for the correct bits and do it properly. The other mod was a ECS carbon header tank cover which they fitted.More engine dress bits are planned for the future.
  5. Try using WBAC or Motorway to get some idea of what it’s worth.
  6. Just dug this out shed just in case.
  7. Just been reading this,the world has gone mad. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10021231/Now-PETROL-rationed-BP-forced-restrict-deliveries-close-petrol-stations.html
  8. At least you know your not doing something wrong now.
  9. If you click account then help,then online services it shows what should be available for your car.
  10. I don’t have the dongle.
  11. Are you trying to connect to the camera while the ignition is on? As long as the camera is carrying charge you should be able to connect to the camera direct if you have pressed the WiFi button on the camera or cloud without the ignition being on.
  12. This is from my 7.5 R.Have you selected vehicle at the bottom?
  13. I deleted the app on my iPhone and re installed it and it’s been fine since.
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