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  1. Think I need a bit more power.Looking at stage 1 but really don’t want to change the clutch as it’s a manual.Awesome do a APR stage 1 and Sachs clutch package for £1600 fitted so might be worth a look.But I have heard as long as you don’t drive like a knob everywhere the standard clutch is fine,also car has only done 15k so should be ok.
  2. Have to be careful with fungal infections. Need a koi section.😂😂
  3. Not had any this year but I started using Clear Waters blanket weed additive last year and have continued using it.It adds uv protection to the water.I will just have to keep adding ph adjuster to bring it down.I lost a nice Tancho and have been looking for another but at £40 for a 8” fish I won’t be tempted until it’s safe.
  4. I paid £75 for the vessel and filled with silicone.A 10kg bag is £40.I would expect it to last 12mth the way I’m using it.It leaves the car streak free with no towel drying.
  5. Yeah I have Koi but been struggling trying to get my ph down.I have lost a few fish recently and think they got stressed due to high ph.I think the less fish the higher the ph due to less fish going the toilet bringing the ph down.But I don’t want to add new fish until the ph is in the safe zone.
  6. Thanks.Might get 1 with a built in ph meter for my pond.
  7. Do you just wait till it starts leaving marks or have something to measure it’s effectiveness?
  8. How long does it normally last.I bought a 11 litre vessel filled with 115,I’m only using it to rinse the car down and dilute snow foam.
  9. Swisvax Best Of Show is the easiest wax I have used,but it’s not cheap.Also don’t attempt it on a baking hot day.
  10. Doesn’t look like a tractor anymore.😂😂
  11. Revo RVO 19 in Matt Anthracite.
  12. Paid a visit to Awesome GTI to have my KW V1’s fitted along with new top mounts and bearings.4 hr wait for car,good job it was sunny as I had to wait outside.Car looks a lot better and handles and rides a lot smoother.They also did the wheel alignment,which I wasn’t expecting.
  13. I would suspect it would sound horrendous.
  14. Think it will come in to its own in winter.Just rinse and leave to dry.
  15. Thanks for the link.Was a bit dubious at first,didn’t think there would be enough flow for my pressure washer.Tried it on my wife’s white fiesta yesterday and used my car blower to dry it,noticed no water marks at all even on the glass.Used it on mine today to rinse the wet coat off,then dried using the blower and it’s left the paint super glossy. I have also used it to mix snow foam and wheel cleaner. I bought a de chlorinator off the website as well to fill my koi pond up.
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