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  1. Carried out a descale wash today.Used Labocosmetica Primus sprayed on lower panels at 1:10 then foamed at 1:10 all over,followed by Purifica at the same ratios and washed using Semper. Car is beading again nicely now.
  2. 😳😳😷😷🤢🤢 How the hell did it get that bad? Good turnaround though.👍🏻
  3. Interim service carried out by the guys at KMS Motorsport.
  4. Try sending Progressive Parts a email,they deal with Maxton.
  5. I have bought a service book and have no intention of going to a main dealer. I just wanted to see if I could print off what had already been carried out by the dealer.
  6. I’ve already been on that,but nothing is showing for service history.It says contact dealer.
  7. Does anyone know how to access the digital service record?
  8. Love them,but I am slightly biased.I have the previous version in 19’s.😎
  9. Changed the wife’s car for one of these last month.Her’s is a 125 in the same colour on a 19 plate.It’s a cracking little car and very comfortable with a decent amount of power. I use it quite regularly for going to work in,helps keep the mileage down on my car. Very impressed with it so far.
  10. Totally different car to drive.Pulls hard from 2.5k and improves drive ability.Yes going off the data logs it’s now got 370bhp and 480nm torque on a gpf car. No other mods needed but I have a race chip xlr pedal box and MST intake with turbo elbow which improves throttle response. I will be going back for the Revo dsg software at some point next year.
  11. Apparantly they had been all around the estate.Must have been doing a last bit of Xmas shopping.
  12. Caught 2 scrotes on camera this morning trying our front door handle.Don’t think they was after my car as they proceeded to try the neighbour’s houses as well.
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