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  1. Yeah the early cars were blowing head gaskets and they had to recall lots of cars for gasket swaps.It shares the same engine as the lesser mustang,but they didn’t upgrade the head gasket when they dropped it in to the RS.
  2. Not sure about the R on the door,but the rest looks good.👍🏻
  3. Dealers usually pull the card to stop them going missing.Mine didn’t have it in when I took it for a test drive,but when I had it delivered they had reinstalled it.Probably a case of they forgot to put it back.
  4. Surprised this has not been mentioned.Probably started the birth of the supercar.
  5. I chopped a sapphire cossie 4x4 in for my escort.Its the first time I have been given more than I paid for the car.
  6. This was my favourite when I was younger.
  7. Yeah you would have at least doubled your money.
  8. Was lucky enough to have owned one back in 1997.Epic car.
  9. Is the silicone bag intact in the header tank?
  10. I have this but went with the Bluetooth version as I didn’t want a dial stuck on my dash.When it’s first installed it feels like car has had a remap.
  11. Yeah RTS is the one I have been looking at as it’s similar to the stock clutch.It will also take upto stage 2 power. Yeah APR dropped stage 2 due to US emissions regs.
  12. Thanks.I’m looking at either Revo or APR,both are similar price and as it’s a manual I will be looking at a clutch first.
  13. Revo are releasing a new wheel next month.RFO 19, think it’s a similar wheel just a new way of making them.
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