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  1. Even washing with 2 bucket method and pre washing with snow foam I have still got swirls.I’ve just ordered a noodle wash mitt as they are supposed to be the safest wash mitt available.Mine is going in for paint correction next month and having ceramic applied,hopefully this should keep swirls to a minimum.
  2. Had outside hot water tap fitted.No more lugging buckets from kitchen to front of house.
  3. Tell me about it and it’s always the rear that gets the dirtiest.
  4. Looks like it was going dark by the time you finished.Looks mint.😎
  5. Gave the R it’s 4th wash in 2 weeks,think I love this more than my last one.I have got used to Bilthamber foam now,roughly 650ml in my 1ltr foam lance and I’m getting about 6 washes out of it.This was followed by 2 bucket method with Labocosmetica Revitax wash and coat,love this shampoo as it’s really slick on the paint.Rinsed off with pressure washer then open ended hose and dried using my blower.Its come up really well but needs a polish as I’ve noticed a few panels have marks from dealer valeting. Wonder why I chose Lapiz again.😎
  6. I wouldn’t go black.You lose the detail of the wheel into the wheel arch and tyre.Silver or gunmetal for me.
  7. Intesting didn’t know they took trade in,might be worth a look.
  8. Nice.😎 Get pics on when fitted.👍🏻
  9. Yeah that’s the one I bought.👍🏻
  10. Carbon Collective pro ceramic kit has come today.Booked in for paint correction and apply this in April.
  11. Finally found a genuine VW cargo net.Should stop the packs of beer sliding around now.
  12. How do you find the lowering springs with the 19” rims? I am having the same springs fitted in April and fitting my Revo 19’s at the same time.
  13. Exactly right.I got Milltek valved exhaust,coilovers,wheels and tyres for my old car for less than the cost of a Akrapovic exhaust.Personally I would go for a APR system if it’s not a GPF car.
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