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  1. Same as mine.What’s your reason for thinking of going black.Think black wheels look lost in the arches,but that’s my opinion.
  2. No don’t do it.😩😩 Are they gloss or matt anthracite?
  3. I see they haven’t changed.I took a policy out with them over 25yrs ago,they took my deposit as I was paying monthly only to be told a month in they had got my postcode wrong and would have to up the premium.I was told I would lose the deposit if I cancelled the policy,so I had no choice but to pay the extra.They used the exact same tactic with my uncle. Would not touch them with a barge pole.
  4. It’s an app that lets you connect smart tech to each other.I have it set up so my ring video doorbell detects motion and turns my hive smart bulbs on which I have in my porch lights and garage soffit lights. If your looking at smart tech it usually says if it IFTTT compatible.Also if you download the app it tells you what it will work with.
  5. I think if we let scum dictate what car we buy because they are prone to being stolen,it’s time to give up.
  6. I was wary before buying my R as I had heard of so many breakins searching for keys.Even a guy at work had his house broke into to get the keys to his R,he then sold it as he did think it was worth the worry. I decided to buy my R and first precaution was to buy gap insurance.This was followed within 2 weeks with the purchase of a AWG2.Since that I have also had cctv covering the drive and backdoor to the house.I have also had a ring video doorbell fitted this is linked via IFTTT to turn on my hive smart bulbs which I have in my porch light and soffits on my garage.These come on when the ring doorbell detects motion. When I reckon everything up it comes to over 1k in extra security.
  7. As I said in my original post,I’m not looking for enhanced braking.These are being purchased to keep the brown dust down that the oem pads produce.
  8. Awesome do them.I am going to a local garage.
  9. Thanks. Sounds like they are just what I need.
  10. I’m looking at changing my front pads,not for enhanced braking but just to keep my wheels cleaner.Been recommend that EBC Redstuff are a low dust brake pad. Anyone using these and are they squeek free?
  11. Thanks.I was looking on line yesterday and came across a Polished Bliss post.They recommend anything between 200ml and 400ml in a litre bottle.At those dilution ratios it doesn’t seem very cost effective compared to other snow foams.I will try it again today on my wife’s car.
  12. Just tried Bilt Hamber myself today for the first time and wasn’t impressed.Put 30ml in my snow foam lance and topped up with water.Spraying the car on minimum dilution and the foam just ran off the car not doing anything really,had a closer look and as I thought not moved any dirt from the car.Think I will double the amount I put in next time I try it.
  13. Agree with this.Went from Cadiz with Bridgestone’s on to 19 Revo’s with MPS4’s and the ride improved.I will be swapping the tyres on the Cadiz for MPS4’s for winter.
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