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  1. I have this problem on a recently purchased 18 plate. The Dynaudio speaker buzzes/distorts even at very low volumes, near the passenger side A-pillar I think. It is intermittent and is often most obvious when a male voice is speaking on the radio. Tone controls are all set to 0. Not good for what is supposed to be a premium system.
  2. The car felt fine to drive when the pressures were low, but I did experience some tyre slippage while accelerating away from traffic lights a few days ago. I filled them to 2.8 bar (40.6 psi) yesterday and took the car for a drive. The tyres did feel stiffer, but the difference was less than I thought it would be. @Bob The car's mileage is approaching 15,000 and there is loads of tread left on all tyres. I would guess the front tyres are newer because they are Pirelli P Zero Nero GT while the rears are Pirelli P Zero. It seems weird to me to have mismatched tyres on an Approved Used car, even if they are from the same manufacturer. I want to try the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S next, or Pilot Sport 4 if I decide to change to 18" wheels.
  3. I should have added that thanks to Adrian Flux, every time I want to get a new insurance quote I have to declare that I've previously had insurance cancelled, even though that was eight years ago and for a nonsensical reason. As a result, some insurers will not even consider insuring my cars. It is also perhaps why the insurance cost for my Golf R is £860, more than double what I paid for my R53 Mini last year. I am 50 years old with a maximum NCD, 3 points SP30 four years ago, and one minor no-fault claim five years ago. I live in London though, which obviously doesn't help. Conclusion: don't take a career break, don't use Adrian Flux for car insurance (or don't become unemployed if you do) and don't live in London.
  4. Resurrected because this thread is one of the top Google search results for 'Golf R tyre pressures'. My Volkswagen Approved Used car was purchased six days ago and the tyre pressures were all well below the figures specified on the door sticker. The pressures ranged between 2.04 bar (29.6 psi) and 2.15 bar (31.2 psi) - an approximate difference of 25% compared to the official pressure on the door sticker for a light load. The car is an 18 plate hatchback, 19" Pretoria wheels, 235/35 ZR19 91Y Pirelli P Zero Nero GT tyres on the front and Pirelli P Zero tyres on the rear. Door sticker pressures Light load, all tyres: 280 kPa / 2.8 bar / 41 psi Heavy load front tyres: 300 kPa / 3.0 bar / 44 psi Heavy load rear tyres: 320 kPa / 3.2 bar / 46 psi Space saver spare wheel T125/70 R18: 415 kPa / 4.2 bar / 61 psi
  5. They cancelled my car insurance policy in 2012 when I told them I was taking a career break: "The cancellation letter has been issued, as the recent occupation amended is unacceptable on the policy". I've never used them for insurance since then.
  6. After spending about two years looking for a Volkswagen Approved Used Golf R with the spec I wanted, I finally found one at Marshall Volkswagen Loughton. Jamal Chambers was the salesman I dealt with and I could not be happier with the customer service. He contacted me promptly after I reserved the car online, sent a personalised video of it, arranged for me to inspect and test drive it the same day, and explained the features well. I arrived late and spent about half an hour longer on the test drive than we had agreed, but he didn't bat an eyelid. He and his manager sorted out all the paperwork very efficiently, and arranged for minor bodywork blemishes to be touched up at the same time, allowing me to drive the car away the same day. No hard sell pressure tactics were used. I simply explained that I did not need GAP insurance, etc, and this was accepted. I would recommend Jamal to anyone looking for a Volkswagen in this area. He is a cut above other car salespeople I have dealt with in the past.
  7. @Jon R306 that's one of the things that worries me because if VW dealers allow this sort of thing to go on, how is the customer supposed to know whether a car has been modified (possibly badly) and/or repeatedly thrashed around a track? Response from Volkswagen Customer Services Centre: "I can confirm that we do not approve vehicles to be modified and it has now been removed. This is now being internally investigated but I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing it to our attention." The car is still listed on AutoTrader though.
  8. The query has been passed on to Volkswagen's internal Brand Liaison Manager to obtain further information. It may take up to 5 – 10 working days to receive a response.
  9. I've been trying to find a Das WeltAuto Golf R with the right options for months now. Volkswagen and their dealers don't do themselves any favours with stunts like this.
  10. I've emailed Volkswagen customer service asking for an explanation.
  11. How can Volkswagen sanction selling a used car as part of the Das WeltAuto programme that has been "re-mapped to 400 bhp"? Modifications like that automatically invalidate the manufacturer's warranty normally, and the Das WeltAuto Warranty Cover Booklet specifically mentions the following as a warranty exclusion: "Vehicles modified in any way from the original manufacturer’s specification." Lookers Volkswagen (Preston) Autotrader advert, mentioning the 're-map' but with no further explanation: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201911304910056?advertising-location=at_cars&maximum-mileage=25000&aggregatedTrim=R&ma=Y&model=GOLF&year-from=2016&quantity-of-doors=5&keywords=DCC&body-type=Hatchback&radius=1500&postcode=en51qe&transmission=Automatic&price-to=35000&exclude-writeoff-categories=on&make=VOLKSWAGEN&sort=price-asc&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&colour=Blue&colour=Grey&page=1 Lookers Volkswagen (Preston) DasWeltAuto approved used car website listing, with zero disclosure about the 're-map': https://usedcars.volkswagen.co.uk/en/used-cars/volkswagen/golf/20-tsi-r-300ps-dsg-5dr-p1b6szn
  12. Disliked / Avoid Aberdeen Volkswagen (disliked by EcosseGolfR Apr 2018 and bangy1 Jun 2018) Agnews Belfast (disliked by bbsboy Mar 2017) Agnews Mallusk (disliked by bbsboy Mar 2017) Alan Day Wapping (disliked by Ajgolfr) Beadles Van Centre Chelmsford (disliked by Bolt Mar 2019) Beadles Dartford (disliked by SpursMadDave Jul 2018, but is also in the recommended list) Beadles Maidstone (disliked by TheIncredibleGolf Nov 2019, but is also in the recommended list) Beadles Southend (disliked by Scattle Jul 2019) Birds Garage (disliked by RS Grant Jan 2017) Citygate Colindale (disliked by TheBlondeFella Dec 2016) Citygate Ruislip (disliked by Dr'R' Mar 2019) Drift Bridge Volkswagen Epsom (disliked by TheBlondeFella Feb 2017, June 2017 & Sep 2017, VWAndyB Jul 2017, ashleyman Jul 2017, but is also in the recommended list) Heritage Bristol (disliked by Onestep June 2017 and Idylla Feb 2018) JCB Ashford (disliked by 75Type2 Dec 2016 and fagin87 Dec 2019) JCB Medway, Gillingham, Kent (disliked by fagin87 Dec 2019, but is also in the recommended list) Johnsons Birmingham (disliked by northerngooner Dec 2016) Inchcape Chester (disliked by thanksabunch Dec 2016, but is also in the recommended list) Inchcape Macclesfield (disliked by navybalders Dec 2016) Inchcape Oldham (disliked by Cookie1977 Sep 2019) Inchcape Romford (disliked by ReapSTAR Sep 2017 and PJD Oct 2019, but is also in the recommended list) Inchcape Shrewsbury (disliked by jrw Oct 2018, but is also in the recommended list) Inchcape Telford (disliked by JaseW May 2017 and .Griff. Feb 2019) Inchcape Twickenham (disliked by ColinC2 Mar 2017) Inchcape West London, Brentford (disliked by beagley Jan 2018) Inchcape Wrexham (disliked by thanksabunch Dec 2016) Johnsons Birmingham (disliked by northerngooner Dec 2016) Lancaster St Albans (disliked by Raiden Oct 2018) Lookers Blackburn (disliked by EdotP Jan 2017, but is also in the recommended list) Lookers Guildford (disliked by Dave Feb 2019 and R-HB Sep 2019) Lookers Morden (disliked by samx300 Aug 2017) Martins Andover (disliked by goRt Apr 2017) Marshall Grimsby (disliked by LouCyffer Apr 2017) Motorline Crawley (disliked by zx6ninja Mar 2018, but is also in the recommended list) Parkway Derby (disliked by phazer Jan 2018 and steeve Aug 2018, but is also in the recommended list) Robinsons Lowestoft (disliked by flurbs Jan 2017 and DBowie Jul 2017) Smith Knight Fay, Oldham (disliked by Red201 Dec 2016) T L Darby, Burton-upon-Trent (disliked by Gavras Jan 2018, but is also in the recommended list) Vindis Bedford (disliked by Paulescos Feb 2018 and Mike72 Feb 2018, but is also in the recommended list) Recommended Alan Day Wapping (recommended by GrantW Mar 2019, but is also in the avoid list) Arnold Clark Glasgow Volkswagen South (recommended by Camshi Mar 2018) Barnetts Volkswagen, Dundee (recommended by Perdix Sep 2017 and Speech Mar 2018) Bath Volkswagen (recommended by Idylla Feb & Mar 2018, BobbyT Feb 2019 and Growmac Feb 2019) Beadles Dartford (recommended by IanC Nov 2017, but is also in the avoid list) Beadles Maidstone (recommended by matttt Dec 2016, but is also in the avoid list) Breeze VW in Poole (recommended by ColinC2 Mar 2017 and MCC Apr 2017) Cameron Motors, Perth (recommended by RS Grant Jan 2017, LozB Feb 2017 and Ben_15_R Aug 2018) Capitol Volkswagen Merthyr (recommended by Jon R306 Sep 2018) Citygate Watford (recommended by Richie Rich Dec 2016 and 79R Jan 2018) Corkhills Wigan (recommended by Degsy May 2017) Coulsdon Volkswagen (recommended by ASH7R Jan 2017) Drift Bridge Volkswagen, Epsom (recommended by Amozza20 Sep 2017, but is also in the avoid list) Hawco Peterhead (recommended by old traveller Sep 2017) Heritage of Salisbury (recommended by Cartera619 Jan 2019) Huddersfield Volkswagen (recommended by navybalders Dec 2016 and green4rrow Mar 2019) Inchcape Cheltenham (recommended by Cartera619 Jan 2019) Inchcape Chester (recommended by Bainzy Sep 2019) Inchcape Colchester (recommended by SIMK7.5 Jul 2018 and NiallR Oct 2018) Inchcape Exeter (recommended by Nile Sep 2019) Inchcape Manchester (recommended by Treerider Jan 2017) Inchcape Romford (recommended by MK_Turmeric Oct 2017) Inchcape Shrewsbury (recommended by JaseW Aug 2018, but is also in the avoid list) Inchcape Swindon (recommended by Troll Sep 2017 and Mainframe Sep 2017) Ipswich VW (recommended by flurbs May 2017) JCB Medway, Gillingham, Kent (recommended by warrtster Jun 2018, SpursMadDave Feb 2019, TheIncredibleGolf Nov 2019, Booth11 Nov 2019, but is also in the avoid list) JCT600 Hull for servicing (recommended by LouCyffer Sep 2017) Johnsons Volkswagen Stoke, Sytner prior to 15 Nov 2019 (recommended by waldog Nov 2018) Lancaster Aylesbury (recommended by Karl g Oct 2018 and R-HB Sep 2019) Lancaster Loughton (recommended by Microbe Dec 2017) Listers Evesham (recommended by SamS Jul 2018) Listers Loughborough, formerly Arthur Prince Volkswagen (recommended by FoxyTiger Mar 2018) Listers Stratford-upon-Avon (recommended by jds Feb 2018) Lookers Blackburn (recommended by E-V-A-N-S May 2017 and Warmachine34 Apr 2018) Lookers Newcastle (recommended by northerngooner Dec 2016) Lookers Northallerton (recommended by Warmachine34 Apr 2018) Lookers Preston (recommended by Cookie1977 Sep 2019) Martins Volkswagen Basingstoke (recommended by SL1210 May 2019) Midland VW in Cannock, Staffordshire (recommended by Balders Mar 2018) Motorline Crawley (recommended by Raiden Mar 2018, but is also in the avoid list) Motorline Coulsdon (recommended by vagnum Oct 2018) Motorline Horsham (recommended by TheBlondeFella Dec 2016 and Matrix2020 Nov 2017) Motorline Tunbridge Wells (recommended by 75Type2 Dec 2016) Murray Newton Abbot (recommended by Gray Jun 2018) Murray Plymouth (recommended by EdotP Jan 2017 and tinman68 Sep 2019) Parkway Derby (recommended by Fletch..gti Dec 2016 and Cookiemonster Feb 2019, but is also in the avoid list) Parkway Kettering (recommended by Martin2 Aug 2018) Parkway Leicester (recommended by noggin May 2018 and ben120280 Dec 2018) Peter Cooper Portsmouth (recommended by jimmy_uk Dec 2016) Phillips Lisburn (recommended by bbsboy Mar 2017) Pulman Durham (recommended by NRW Apr 2019) Pulman Sunderland (recommended by Simon ST Jul 2017) Ridgeway Oxford (recommended by JJacko Dec 2016) Smith Knight Fay, Bolton (recommended by Obbzi May 2017) Smith Knight Fay, Stockport (recommended by Obbzi May 2017) Sytner Warrington, but acquired by the Johnson Group in Nov 2019 (recommended by Basilfawlty Mar 2018) T L Darby Volkswagen, Burton-upon-Trent (recommended by ellixtt Oct 2017 and phazer Jan 2018, but is also in the avoid list) Vertu Volkswagen Nottingham North (recommended by TERRIER Apr 2019) Vindis Bedford (recommended by Raffe Feb 2017, but is also in the avoid list) Vindis Cambridge (recommended by beagley Jan 2018) Vindis Huntingdon (recommended by Mike72 Feb 2018) Vindis Sawston (recommended by TimSlim Jul 2017) Windrush Maidenhead (recommended by Dr'R' Jul 2019)
  13. Resurrecting for those who find this thread via Google. Hertsman and Rex2017 already pointed this out, but it is worth repeating: DCC means *dynamic* chassis control, so it actively reduces body roll and the effects of road imperfections all the time, no matter which driving mode is selected. 'The control system always remains active and is ever ready to ensure sporty stiff suspension when changing lanes, even in "Comfort" mode.' Source: https://www.volkswagen.com.sg/technology/suspension/dynamic-chassis-control-dcc I've been a passenger in a mk7 Golf R with DCC and 18" wheels many times. The DCC is impressive and controls the body roll well through quick changes of direction. The ride quality in Comfort mode is far better than my R53 Mini Cooper S, even though that has 205/50 R16 non-runflat tyres with 12 mm extra sidewall compared to a Golf R on standard 18" wheels. I've been searching for a VW approved used R with DCC for a while and they are frustratingly difficult to find. Volkswagen inexplicably does not list DCC as a search term on its used car website.
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