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  1. BMW M440i Xdrive Gran Coupe announced starting at £54k...Of the two I wouldn't be giving VW my money! Even with that terrible grille on the BMW
  2. Seems pretty decent, isnt the extended warranty itself about £270/year so £33/month for MOT and servicing too seems pretty reasonable.
  3. Always use Momentum, have done for many years with no issues. Previously we were using V-power but never noticed any difference so just stick with the cheaper option (also much nearer to work which is a bonus). Never tried the Esso option.
  4. +1 to this, end of the day this is the most important thing, the car can be replaced. Very sad to hear this though, I know I would be raging if one of our cars was taken.
  5. Any chance of a part number or link to one of these that will fit please?
  6. Weve been running a summer/winter combo for many years on our cars (my wife commuting with a 350z as her daily made this necessary some years ago when the snow came!). Having seen penguins video when it came out I swapped out to Crossclimate's on our Civic at the time and was very happy with their performance year round. Since getting the R my intention was to have some as winters and very luckily someone here in the classifieds was selling a set on Cadiz alloys literally down the road to me! What a brilliant piece of luck, needless to say they got bought and are on the car doing a fine job in
  7. I expect there will be a variety of opinions on this. Personally over 2 350zs and M5 and the Golf ive never noticed any difference between Shell and Tesco 99RON - not tried Esso. I stick with the Tesco because theyre nearer and cheaper than Shell. That said I think we have an Esso just round the corner so I will give that a look now :).
  8. I think this will depend on what you prefer from the tyres, between the PS4 and Eagle F1 A5 I would chose the PS4 because ive used them before and was very happy with them. As Stobsie pointed out you can get the Goodyear Supersport in 18" which is more of a direct competitor to the PS4S and I think should be higher performance option than either you have mentioned...Ive never driven on them though. If it was me I would probably end up deciding based on price - atm costco are selling PS4 in 18" for £70 a corner - i would need a lot of tempting to go elsewhere at that money
  9. How can you not be worried about depreciation, if you lease the car you are literally paying for the depreciation with no asset at the end...
  10. Been using momentum for many years in the R but also my M5 and our previous 350z without any issues. For us tesco is every so slightly further than the nearest Shell but for the price difference well definitely be sticking with Tesco!
  11. Thanks Lenny - will give that a look too
  12. We also park in the garage and thats exactly what ive done next to my cars drivers door - its not needed for the Golf as the drivers door opens into the centre of the garage. This happened while I had pulled up next to the edge of the house and I dont stop anywhere particularly specific - perhaps an option but wont stop this sort of thing anywhere else Thanks Hitman - but looking at the pics and descriptions/comments, I expect that will be too thick and foul the door seals too :(. Thanks both - I will look into those two options.
  13. Yeah this is what I have been doing since but a gust of wind recently took the door into the edge of our wall while the wife was doing something 😐 It has meant the use of touch up stick which is never brilliant! Hence my revisiting this. Yeah ive thought about that - will look into whether I can get some just for the door edge.
  14. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has found anything useable as door edge protector for their Mk7.5 Rs? This is a mod I usually do with my cars just to avoid damage but I have found that the front doors sit so close to the seals that if you install the usual push on "U shaped" type edge protector they wont close! Thanks
  15. Im presuming the seats are leather but if so how is this not standard on an RS4? This is a flagship car for them.
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