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  1. My experience of conti SCs was that they wore very fast and that was just on my old bog standard civic. I may give the goodyear's a go when the time comes based on his review...and the fact that a full set of 4 is likely to be £220 at costco on one of their offers. Very cheap.
  2. Interesting - how long did they last?
  3. New Civic Type R - fails on the chavtastic grade but otherwise meets your criteria I think. We had civics for over 10 years before moving to the R and my wife was very firmly against the type R because it looks such a mess but we did test drive one and we were both torn because its an amazing car to drive. Still a 4pot but sounds great. FWD but honda seem to have performed some black magic because its grip was astonishing, more fun to drive than an R IMO...but those looks, try one, you might decide you could live with the looks - we were very close. Also theres a new version coming out soon which looks less of a dogs dinner...The boot is huge too btw. Otherwise M340i xdrive is a great shout.
  4. +1 hopefully these animals get caught.
  5. Yeah the interior plastic was not anything to write home about and not really on par with the golf - which it should be for the money obviously. That said it didnt rattle when we drove it and it wasnt one of the points that pushed us to the golf. TBH Im not a big fan of all the gloss black in the golf - too much effort to keep clean but it seems to be the trend atm.
  6. Ive seen one on the road, we actually did a couple of test drives in one before we bought the Golf R - Mrs wasnt sure if she wanted something with a bigger boot. We really like it actually, drove really nicely and handled surprisingly well for something tall, but in the end the wife decided she preferred the driving position in the golf and we could manage with the boot size - it was the right choice
  7. I would agree with the advice above about considering an all season tyre. When I bought my civic I replaced the mismatched rubbish on it with Michelin Cross climate + tyres in the same size as your car. I was very impressed with them and I never had any issues with noise. They are a summer biased all season tyre and seem to be a good option for the UK: https://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/Summer-All-Season-and-Winter-Tyres-Tested-at-0c-15c.htm
  8. Our R has done nearly a 1000 miles since 23rd March. Wife's still commuting 3 days a week 70 mile round trip. Currently 300 miles left in the tank - itll be getting filled up again next week for sure!
  9. Ive been debating getting a second set of alloys for this purpose later in the year too. I think the sort of tyre you want probably depends on where you are living in the UK. I think if your somewhere you are likely to see heavy snow then I would opt for winters but if its less likely (like most of the country) I would go for some good all season tyres like Michelin CrossClimate+. This review gave a lot of good info on the pros and cons of each: I have run winters for many years on our 350z where it was a must and my old civic where it was noticeably better esp in the snow. More recently I was running crossclimate+ on the civic and I didnt regret changing and using them year round but it was a 1.8 and not a high performance car. I wouldnt run crossclimates year round on the R as wouldnt want to lose the summer performance of a dedicated UHP tyre. Cant help you on wheel size though I look forward to some more info as would be happy to run 17's myself if its feasible.
  10. Hawker1986

    Fuel Prices.

    Wife still commuting as shes a keyworker so the R is doing best part of 50 miles/day - were enjoying the fuel prices for sure, £1.109 here for Momentum
  11. Ours is currently averaging 33.5mpg - but the wife is doing a lot of commuting atm...Not using eco mode though - i may get her to switch it on and see if it makes any difference. Its brilliantly economical really!
  12. Another one here for keeping cars long term if theyre doing the job. The Golf R is actually the wifes, but we share our cars, ill do her history first (from 2009): 1999 Nissan Micra 1L 2005 Nissan 350z 2007 Nissan 350z 2020 Golf R (current) And Mine (from 2004): 1998 Corsa Breeze 1.4L 2009 Honda Civic ES 1.8L 2014 BMW F10 M5 (current) 2014 Honda Civic ES 1.8L
  13. Thanks yes the colour is really nice. Options are always very subjective, I quite wanted to have the sunroof but some complaints about rattles and leaks put me off having it. We wernt fussed about anything else, the car is well specced to start with.
  14. The cards do have photo ID on them and they take your details when you order tyres. Expect youd have to sign up Barry. That said its only £35 for the year so youll get that back easy just with what you save on the tyres. My local costco also do an excellent job changing tyres, very careful.
  15. Its definitely a problem - I think most modern garages are too small really too. The wife and I once looked at renting a house and the garage was only 3m long! why even call it a garage.
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