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  1. Agree with everyone else here I would avoid this from the sound of it. Our early 2020 car’s service schedule states annual/every 10k miles not flexible…its done nearly 26k miles and had 3 services + brake fluid and haldex service and filter clean. I would be concerned about warranty, the dealer may sell it with warranty but if you need to claim will it be honoured in view of service history? - I’ve heard horror stories with other marques in the same situation. A recent discussion with my dealer regarding the ‘All In’ suggested they wouldn’t sell it if the car wasn’t serviced to schedule.
  2. Here's your answer: Personally in the UK for many years I ran summer/winter split but since reading the review ive moved to summer/all season currently running cross climates on the R. Your original post implies youre not in the UK so depends what the weather is like where you are, if you get very little rain youre likely to be better off just sticking with good summer tyres...
  3. +1 for this, personally I just bought a cable that plugs into the OBD port to take power to the dashcam, literally plug in run wire to camera position.
  4. Weve got DCC and 18" wheels on our car, personally think its well worth having, gives you the choice for excellent round town comfort or sportier feel when you want it. Lots of people have commented surprise at how well the car rides as passengers in comfort mode.
  5. My issue with this isnt the time its the fact that if theyve made the effort to get past all the other security ive got I would worry they will realise the ghost is installed and then come back and threaten me or my wife for the code and frankly I would rather they didnt do this and just took the car!
  6. I’ve been round the houses on this over the years, I think it really depends on what your use and needs are. Currently with the R we are running summers and a set of all season (cross climates) over winter. I think this is the best compromise for us in the midlands. We do get some snow, but rarely heavy and we need to remain mobile for our work. Despite this I want to maintain summer performance so we swap in summer but I have just run cross climates year round and would do again on a ‘normal car’. Currently our other car just has summers as we can manage with one car on the odd occasion it’s bad enough for me to leave the bmw in the garage! Historically my wife and I were doing a lot of driving, she had a 350z and at times was on call over night and had to go out into the middle of nowhere 50 miles +. Back then we ran a summer/winter tyre split - didn’t want to take any risks and make sure everyone was as safe as possible as that car was useless in the snow! For me all season tyres are excellent for England but if you want to retain performance you need to switch back to summers when the weathers better. Equally if you don’t notice it causing you a problem and you can manage with out the car on the rare occasion we have serious snow, probably don’t bother. Also someone mentioned them being a significant expense. I would temper this, there is a big initial outlay but actually you don’t spend more on tyres as you just wear them slower and I never had a problem getting my money back on the second set of alloys.
  7. To be honest we went through some of this when we bought the R too. Weve no history with VW cars and the Golf is actually my wifes car but we bought it to consolidate our 3 cars into two. It replaced a 350z and honda civic, in effect trying to offer the practicality and performance, but IMO it lacks the driving experience and character of the 350z. But we dont regret the change (mostly), it is an amazing car in terms of both practicality and performance. I would give it a bit of time, the more I drive it the more its subtle character grows on me. That said if the new Civic Type R wasnt such an abomination to look at we probably would have bought one of those!
  8. Im running 18" Cadiz Alloys too with Michelin Cross Climate + tyres as a winter option. I was very lucky to find someone here in the classifieds selling them not 10 miles from me. It was exactly what I wanted so didnt mind paying a premium but there will be cheaper options. As NRW says though I expect the Cadiz to pay me back when it comes time to sell.
  9. From my experience all the pouches eventually wear out and lose their effectiveness if you’re using them day to day but they’re pretty cheap so I just accept it as an expense.
  10. BMW M440i Xdrive Gran Coupe announced starting at £54k...Of the two I wouldn't be giving VW my money! Even with that terrible grille on the BMW
  11. Seems pretty decent, isnt the extended warranty itself about £270/year so £33/month for MOT and servicing too seems pretty reasonable.
  12. Always use Momentum, have done for many years with no issues. Previously we were using V-power but never noticed any difference so just stick with the cheaper option (also much nearer to work which is a bonus). Never tried the Esso option.
  13. +1 to this, end of the day this is the most important thing, the car can be replaced. Very sad to hear this though, I know I would be raging if one of our cars was taken.
  14. Any chance of a part number or link to one of these that will fit please?
  15. Weve been running a summer/winter combo for many years on our cars (my wife commuting with a 350z as her daily made this necessary some years ago when the snow came!). Having seen penguins video when it came out I swapped out to Crossclimate's on our Civic at the time and was very happy with their performance year round. Since getting the R my intention was to have some as winters and very luckily someone here in the classifieds was selling a set on Cadiz alloys literally down the road to me! What a brilliant piece of luck, needless to say they got bought and are on the car doing a fine job in this horrible weather :). Usually I try and get some variation in my summer/winter alloys but I like the Cadiz and means I dont need to tell the insurance anything which is a bonus.
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