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  1. Cheers mate much appreciated. Yeah im happy its a dq381 the problem is im having trouble online finding any on ebay etc as there are different variants of the 7 speed dq381 apparently....i dont want to buy the version for the 1.4t or whatever it is. I know it will be on the sticker in the boot however im away just now and cant get access to it. Hopefully im wrong or getting mixed up but there are several versioms i think..im based in the states for now and their isp messes with my searches etc
  2. Hi folks been a while since ive updated this im currently working overseas and doesnt look like ill be home anytime soon. Cheers covid you dick. Anyway to update. I will be up front with where i am at with the car in as much detail as i can. This will be a long post so please stick with me. I had the car in at VW that my mate works at....its mapped both ecu and tcu so it was a chance on my part mainly for diagnosis. Now before i go on I know my warranty was void as soon as i mapped the car and im content to have taken that gamble like a lot of us do so please no comments on pay to play ive been doing this a long time and fully understand this and i am not complaining about it. My gripe is the stupidity of some of the techs out there. Anyway the "master tech" took over from my mate who then also said he has never fully worked on the dq381 so bad start right there. I told him not to do anything until i consent...so he scanned it...showed no faults but did agree something was wrong. He then decided to reset the adaptations which i was unaware of and said it fixed it....it didnt..he wiped my tcu map from the car lol then gave me it back "fixed"😅...nope. so i get it back and drive it 100 yards and go back in to say its not sorted do they have any other ideas....the guy knew it was mapped and said it didnt matter he wld look into it...happy days....i said well dnt scan it to VW germany cos it will flag a td1 he said it wldnt and guess what....he did and it did..shocker😂😂. So he said he had no idea what to do next but its mapped so no more checks under warranty...i said cool but can you dig further and ill pay. He said my options where mech unit or full gearbox lol. I said how did you come to that with no further work on the car....shrugged his shoulders and said its mapped so what you want me to do...aw man i nearly launched myself at the fckn wee worm... i said me paying isnt an issue i just want a diagnosis or more info. He then said maybe a dsg oil change will help...fck me the guy is clueless and just guessing. I got the dsg oil change done for the sake of it and it didnt sort it. I took the car back because i was due to be deployed overseas. I took it to the great guys at Ecotune who agreed there is something defo amis. I have said from day 1 the slip at approx10mph in 1st and 2nd was terrible and they agreed. Ive booked the car in mid oct with Ecotune tonhave a look amd hopefull the boys can at least point me in the right direction. Good thing is they are flashing the TCU map back on for notjing since it was APR software and they are rhe providers. One of the boys will take it in for me since i wont be back till december. Ill update again when i get more word. In the meantime do people know what my gearbox code is....mk7.5 7speed? Just in case i need to look at a second hand box online. Sorry for the long story.
  3. I agree Dave im going to get mine done next week either way. VW did tell me its at 80k now they are due but feck that
  4. Thanks mate much appreciated i will use the vcds tonight and stick up what it shows... I must admit ive not been overjoyed with the tcu tune from the getgo. I even took it back to the apr dealer to show me if it was actually mapped as i cldnt get the 3 stage luanch settings and tbh didnt feel that much different from standard...a bit of placibo on intitail review I think. The rotating dry noise and the clunky crunchy selection of 2nd to 1st when stopping is hurrendous....i dont think passengers would notice but with the music off its bad. Ill get the scans up asap
  5. Cheers mate that would be a win. I'll update this thread with whatever I find out and what steps im taking
  6. cheers mate aye im thinking down those lines also. Ive got it booked in VW friday. I agree with you and think a dsg oil change and service first and take it from there...was hoping if this was common and a culprit already widely known i could at least plan for it. Also forgot to add no not had a dsg oil change as yet
  7. Was thinking that myself. Im unsure if id need to pay full beans to reflash...but if it helps diagnose it may be an option i need to take anyway...
  8. Got it about 8 months ago. 17 plate Its got full sevice history and i got it at 16k its now on 24k. I also got it standard and im 2nd owner. Ive done all modifications. Your right mate not looking good Meant to add it had zero launch3s and has now done approx 12-15 (if that makes a difference)
  9. Hi folks ive got 2 issues. Ive done a search on here to no joy. Car is 7 speed DSG mapped APR stage 2 and has the APR TCU tune also. 1. When at low speeds under 20mph and coming to a stop i can hear what sounds like the gears selecting from 2nd to 1st and grinding it also kind of judders....the gear changes from 3rd to 4th are crap now and jerky at certain rpms 2. There is also a slight grinding sound when turning at low speeds and worse when crawling uphill at say 15mph. (Flywheel/diff related?) I know there is a definit issue with the box in some manner...clutch packs, mechatronic unit, flywheel i dont know but its not right. I was hoping the grinding noise was the pads or sumn which i changed (no joy). But i can tell the noise is from the gearbox....if it was pads or discs or even a cv joint id be happy but its defo deeper. Naturally ive voided my warranty by mapping im more concerned with finding the issues and rectifying them (the dsg part of the car is the only aspect im not very clued up on)...i must say im not the biggest fan of DSG as it is. Great when on the go...absolutly garbage at low speeds. Any opinions would be appreciated. Im booked in at VW friday to see what they think....my VCDS doesnt show any faults. Cheers Chris
  10. Hopefully the V3s are similar in comfort. Its a weird one with the DSG it may or may not be seperate issues. Its getting jerky from 3rd to 4th at certain rpm changes. Also im getting a almost dry/crunch noise when i slow and come to a stop like i can hear it selecting gear say from 2nd to 1st...strangely its stopped doing it or does it less when its been raining so not sure what that is....was hoping it was the brake pads at first but changed them to ferodos and still doing it....kind grindy noise at low speed and worse when turning...think the gear selection and dry rotating noise issues may be seperate....difficult to explain.
  11. Cheers mate its getting there just a few small issues and ill be happy.
  12. I must admit it goes well for comparitively little tuning. Still need to do some 100-200kph between the Ed30 and the mk7. Clubsports will be amzing for the track id imagine. Im just hoping these are comfy enough. Got a seperate issue that is just my luck....DSG problems🤦‍♂️
  13. Thats good to hear mate cheers hopefully it resolves the issue. Got another issue to deal with typically after this but ill start another thread.. one issue at a time😅 Ill do a review of the KWs once i get them on. Should arrive tmoro so i might put a late shift in and fit them..if not hopefully fri/sat On another note ive read a lot of reviews on the 034 mounts now and i think ill stay clear.
  14. Got myself a dragy to measure the R against the Ed30....interested in the 100-200kph time...think it will be close btw. Once ive took it to a private road ill post my findings. 0-60 the R will smash it naturally. Done about four/five runs and this is my quickest so far. 0-60 -- 3.33s Not bad slight incline and over half tank of fuel. Room for improvement.
  15. Nice brief mate i think ive seen it about or one very similar....You looking for another? Yeah your right thats the costa at Dumbarton was just passing back from work.
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