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  1. Hi folks I'll keep it brief. I've got 3 questions. 1. Got a creak from suspension and hoping it's the dry lower arm bush issue that's common. Creaks at low speed when I turn the steering wheel (both ways and sounds both sides) doesn't knock or bang or do it when moving. I've lowered on ED springs....question is what grease do you recommend to try? 2. I have Spielberg reps and the centre cap sticker is peeling on one and fading on a couple others. Any recommendations where to buy replacements? And can someone confirm the size...guessing 56mm. 3. I have all I need for stage 2 but wont get a chance to fit the cooler or downpipe for a few weeks yet going away to work. I want to service before I go. Any suggestion on spark plug upgrade pre mapping? I will change to the 7438-9s before the map just looking for a stop gap. Cheers
  2. Wasnt sure if it had a differnet effect to a fwd but sounds similar...good to know...doubt I'll track it tho. Cup 2s are excellent have them on the Ed30 just now...when its dry anyway..wet not so good. Dog bone mount make any difference on these? I work in Faslane.
  3. Cheers mate not going too crazy stage 2 then stop tbh. Yeah il always love the Ed30 too much time, blood and sweat put into it. Looks good mate. How has the ARB affected the handling on your R?
  4. Well the cooler turned up rapid must say I'm impressed at delivery speed. Unfortunately I'm hearing a slight creak when the car is just about to move off and I turn the steering...hoping it's not these ED springs. If I can get some free 2poster time gonna need to investigate that first then fire the Wagner on.
  5. Cheers much appreciated. Your golf looks great btw! Is your R on coilovers or your old Ed30? Stance, colour and 3dr looks minted very nice mate👍 Number 30 would be great to have for resale right now!! Yeah get people wanting to buy it off me a fair bit tbh, I'll be keeping it tho the Ed30 is mint inside and out just had it resprayed in August with brand new OEM front wings, grills and badge. Had it for years now and done everything from standard so I'd find it hard to let it go. Mines number 2297 It's on H&R V2s height/dampening. Actually had it out today to wash it....feels so fast compared to the R. Assuming stage 2 will sort that tho.
  6. Went for some baseline dyno runs today. Ran them at Ecotune Glasgow as I know the boys well. Car has TT inlet hose and R600 intake. Happy with the graph even tho the scale makes it look erratic as fck lol. And yeah I k kw the numbers can be flattering etc just want a baseline as I'll use this dyno again once my cooler comes...hopefully befor the weekend then ill run the car again out of interest. Going straight to stage 2 once I get a downpipe.
  7. Took the car for a baseline set of dyno runs today. Tied in with the lads at Ecotune Glasgow again. Currently have TT inlet pipe and R600 intake. And yup I know the old dyno debate and the differences harsh/flattering etc just looking for a baseline as I will use this dyno again after going straight to stage 2 and try and do it soon with the weather temps etc similar. Apologies for the photo. Bought a Wagner cooler so I'll whip that on at the weekend when I've got some free time....just need the downpipe and map now for stage 2 ...can't come soon enough lol 😀
  8. Apologies for the long posts but just getting this up to date. So I was doing some forum skulking and you tube investigations into what I can change on this car with my VCDS. So first on the list was to switch off the seatbelt chime which is annoying as I work in a military base and need to get in/out for security checks every 100 yards in some areas so can be a pain. Done this. I put the car in race mode and deactivated the exhaust valves. They are now always open in every mode. I will keep it like this until it annoys me or I fit a downpipe then code it back in. I also turned the soundaktor off completely as I'm not into the piped sound into the cabin or electrical simulation or whatever it is. Just my personal preference. Went to activate convenience windows but it already had it so happy days...never even checked first lol. While I was in I was curious how many launches it had before I owned it. Now I have had it a month and I done 1 the day I got home with the car then 3 times within the week to show a couple mates etc so that is 4 in total.....checked the counter and it was reading 4 so delighted with that well happy it hadn't even been done once before I owned it.....was dreading it was gonna say 200 or something😅
  9. Cheers mate much appreciated. Yeah I'm liking the car to be honest. It's my first DSG and is a taking a little getting used to its quirks and what not. I had a post up thought it was slipping a little whilst slow moving from a standstill but I believe this is a DQ381 DSG trait. My Eddy has an upgraded heavy manual clutch so still getting used to the car. Meant to add I also like the Prets it was a 50/50 what I was gonna go for. All round the car is brilliant...dead easy to drive and real life terms is a much quicker car especially in Scotland with the constant rubbish weather. The springs are faultless and great quality so far and I have had no issues yet. I'm just about to put another post up of things that I have changed with my VCDS etc that I found I wanted to change on the car.
  10. Right next on the list was a small upgrade to scratch an itch. The R is great and feels pretty quick potting about and especially in the wet however it does feel a bit tame in comparison to my Eddy. I'm trying to hold off on mapping it just now whilst under warranty.....which is up in July but I've got the urge. So to tide me over I bought an R600 Racingline intake and a Turbo Technics inlet pipe. Doesn't make any significant difference other that I can tell just now other than a bit better noise with spooling and a blow off back through the intake you can hear at certain loads with the music off. This is all in prep for when I do map I wasnt expecting to notice anything btw. Again apologies for the rubbish pics these are all taken whilst on nightshift....I am working hard honest 😅
  11. So didn't want one massive post so I'll add this to get it up to date. After the springs and wheels I bought new reg plates that are the gel style with a simple black border to match the Ed30. I wont post the reg for obvious reasons. Looks OEM ish but gets rid of the dealer logos I bought it from etc. No logos or adverts or slogans etc I like the car ultra OEM. I then bought some wheel bolt caps as the reps dont allow the fitment of the standard lockers and covers. I had to buy some slimline lockers also to fit. Needs to be under 22mm OD for anybody wanting to buy a set of lockers for Spielberg reps and still fit covers. The covers where bought off amazon and are gloss black. Approx £8 a set. Apologies for the crap picture I took it last night on nightshift in the dark...with the wheels dirty. I will stick better ones up.once washed and in daylight.
  12. Hi folks thought I would start a build thread just to keep tabs on my golf. Owned it about a month and started with some changes straight off the bat. Have a previous intro thread about that I'll take some info from so apologies if you have already read it. I wont add further to that one. As stated the car is a 17 plate FL 7.5 3 door DSG in black with 16K on the clock. Hunted for months before finding the right car. Had to take the hit on the wheels as it only came with the 18" cadiz which I'm personally not a fan of....and it sat like a bus imo. However the car was low miles one owner and immaculate inside and out. Had the car 2 days and changed the wheels, tyres and fitted springs to sort out the stance. I'll update everything I buy and do to the car on this thread and keep it in order in which i do it. The R will be my daily so wont go too daft. I also have a Mk5 Ed30 black 3 dr manual running stage 2+ that I have built myself from standard as the 2nd owner also (apart from mapping this was brilliantly done by Nicky at Rtech and worth the long drive to Nuneaton currently running approx 370bhp)...some ed30 forum members may recognise my username. This will still be my toy cant bring myself to sell it. So anyway picked the R up from a dealer in the north of England and bought some springs online before I even got back over the border. Picked them up the next day from Ecotune in Glasgow who I know well. I opted for Emmanuelle Design springs and kept stock shocks for now. After research online these looked to be what I was after as they had a low enough drop, gives a good stance imo and are aimed at comfort. I bought a set of Spielberg reps the next day from a place in Glasgow and fitted some brand new MPS4s tyres to complete it. I used my mates unit to fit the springs and wheels that night. Here is a before and after.
  13. Forget the question above regarding the Wagner pipes and OEM.....im on nightshift and shattered so asking silly questions. Naturally the OEM pipes wont fit as the cooler will come with larger end tanks and inlet/outlet diameters. 😴
  14. Cheers for the info. If I find the car is as it should be and there are no issues then I will hold off on the TCU tune until I'm ready to get the car mapped I'm thinking. From what I'm hearing it's a quirk of the 7 speed which is a bit annoying but I'll have to live with it...hopefully until the TCU tune. Again thanks for the info. Grand plan for now is to fit my TT inlet hose, R600 intake and Wagner cooler...gonna ask another question on that before I start stripping the car and fit the cooler but dnt know if I shld start another thread or not. Basically can I swap standard intercooler hoses back on if I need to take the car in under warranty? I'm swapping everything that can be taken back off the car in short order and I'm hoping that if I ever need to take the car in under warranty then I can put the OEM intercooler hoses on for concealment as I doubt VW would notice the cooler otherwise...assuming they dont scan for charge pressures etc?? Plan is to go straight to stage 2 mapping and TCU tune once warranty is up in July albeit I will fit the downpipe a day or so before mapping (probably fit BCS as that's what system I run on the Ed30 and very impressed)...only fitting parts just now that I can remove quick or conceal easily enough and wont flag anything. Apologies but that's probably a separate thread that's needed.
  15. Cheers mate I'll have a look into it good to know. What benefit would eliminating kickdown have? If they can custom it then possibly enabling 1st and 2nd to bite sooner would be good for me. Yes mate I know the lads at ecotune well I use them for independent RR runs for my Ed30..I have use of another so like to use multiple RRs for averages etc. I'll speak to them and see what they say...again good to know cheers. Interesting they do their own custom tune I'll get in touch. Appreciated I'll look into this however I'm currently on stock mapping (ecu) so I wonder if anybody has done this without extra load demands etc..if I do decide to map the TCU once I'm happy there is actually nothing wrong with the car then its pay to play time and ill get it mapped as well (ecu) and hope nothing major goes wrong.....👀
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